Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester England Arena False Flag Bombing: What We Have So Far On This Latest False Flag!

I finished my last article blowing up Donald Drumpf's "speech" in Riyadh Saudi Arabia late last night, and just as I was turning in after a long grueling day of taking care of my ailing mother, some personal business, and then writing that article last night, I saw on the local Jew spew media news this latest "attack" in Manchester England at an arena that was hosting a "Ariane Grande" concert....

After watching several minutes of the "live" reports coming in from England in the aftermath of this "attack", the Jew spew media commentators were all calling it a "terrorist" attack... That alone meant that this "attack" was indeed another false flag due to the fact that TERRORISM ITSELF IS A FRAUD and every terrorst attack that we see in this day and age is run by the US-Israel cabal....

Well, I figured this morning since I had some time to surf the Internet to gather information about this latest false flag, I would post up an article here to cover some of the facts that we have so far about exactly what just happened in Manchester... And I figure that I would start off right now by a report that has come forward from a great fellow truth seeker, Aangirfan, who of course writes the blog "Aangirfan" at www.aanirfan.blogspot.com... This article is entitled: "Manchester Arena False Flag Attack - Ariane Grande Concert Attack", and I have it right here for everyone to see for themselves... I have further information to follow:

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


On 23 May 2017, British Prime Minister Theresa May said that police and security staff believe they know identity of the apparent suicide bomber who attacked people leaving an Ariana Grande concert.

She did not mention ISIS.


On 22 May 2017, there was a false flag, inside-job attack at the Manchester Arena, where Ariana Grande was performing.

As happens in false flags, the security services had held a practice drill.


Ariana Grande would appear to have been mind controlled by the elite.

Her manager is Scooter Braun.


Before the attack, an unverified Twitter account posted Tweets showing the ISIS flag alongside the hashtags #IslamicState and #Manchesterarena.


ISIS is run by the security services of the West.


Rita Katz is tweeting that ISIS is likely to blame.


Andy Burnham is the newly elected Mayor of Manchester.

Andy Burnham had his latest trip to Israel sponsored by Labour Friends of Israel.

Manchester has a very large Jewish population.


After the attack, we see people fleeing in panic.

On 22 May 2013, Lee Rigby was allegedly killed in Woolwich in London. On 22 March 2017, an attack took place on Westminster Bridege.


The purpose of Operation Gladio attacks, like the one in Manchester, is to get people scared so that they will vote for politicians who work for the Deep State.


The Manchester attack may be a preparation for a Theresa May government invading Syria.

Former Assistant Chief Constable of Manchester, Rebekah Sutcliffe. Shamed 'boobgate' rant cop

Should we trust the Manchester police?

Manchester and Salford Police's Chief Constable, W J Richards (centre), with Jimmy Savile.

Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd's 'murder' refuses to be cleared up.


OK, I too smell a rat in regards to this latest "attack" in Manchester, and that rat does have of course a "star of david" on its ass....

Now, I want to present some interesting facts that have come forward thanks to Jim Stone over at his website at www.jimstone.is.... Jim is of course right on top of this latest attack and he too does smell a rat... Here is Jim's report on the situation in regards to this "false flag" so far, starting with the initial report suggesting that this was NOT an "attack" but caused by a patron causing the initial explosion:

Explosion in Manchester England

There was a large explosion at the end of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester England. Details are sparse right now, but one possible scenario is that a metallized balloon floated into a high voltage transformer and caused an electrical explosion. The explosion itself was harmless but very loud, and it sparked a stampede that killed at least 20 people and injured at least 100.

Details are sparse, but I have been through the reports, and that is my conclusion at this point - metallized balloon caused an electrical explosion which caused a stampede. this type of explosion would be incredibly loud, but not dangerous.

Let's see where they take this one, and how they use it. Obviously it could have been a bomb, but at this point the balloon explanation is most plausible. Additionally, there are other reports that a balloon popped into a microphone and got amplified by the PA, and sparked a panic. I doubt this, and see it as secondary confirmation of a metallized balloon hitting electrical lines. This could change, this is an early report where no one knows anything solid yet.

OK, and here is Jim's follow ups to that initial report, with the first being a response to this 'attack' from an anonymous poster to Jim's site:

MANCHESTER: Anonymous sent:

Typical modus operandi Jim of a staged event in Manchester. Manchester police and emergency services were conducting terrorist drills in the days preceding this event for this same event...Always the same drills before these attacks as 911, Sandy Hook, London police stabbing etc. etc. If it smells a bit at the start it usually ends up being rotten

My response: I have not been able to look into anything related to drills yet, but RT ran a segment on crisis actors, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY: I have seen a PILE of photos from Manchester, and there simply is not sufficient photo evidence to support this story. There was one photo with a bunch of crap lying around, but no bodies, no blood, nothing indicating people were involved in the mess that got made. Maybe they censored the photos? Aside from one photo that looks like something might have happened, All I can see is an amazingly clean totally undisturbed train station from many angles, with not so much as a Snickers wrapper out of place. It does not make sense. Nothing to bite into. Maybe I missed something?

Or how about this: I don't believe this terror attack because it was just too conveniently timed with Kim and Hannity and also Trump being in Israel. Sort of like getting worn out with the same old theme and not wanting to play the same music for the Nth time? How about those upcoming British elections? Why believe this BUNK, I am sure that is what this really is. Why study it when it always ends up being B.S.? I bet a big balloon really did pop, to signal the start of a spewed crisis act.

And next is Jim's own thoughts about what we have so far about this attack:

I am skeptical of the Manchester bombing

There is simply not enough photo documentation. Also, the dash cam footage has to be completely fake - this is the footage where supposedly a dash cam caught the flash from the explosion. I doubt it, according to the story line the explosion was inside and too concealed for that. Now two dark and grainy photos are making their way out, that are from totally sub standard 2005 vintage cell phone cam. Yep. That. Crappy Arab video stuff, (unless it is ISIS, they at least have a camera compliments of Site Intelligence Group.) You'd think that with thousands of cell phone cams on the scene, as well as many security cameras compliments of Britain's "eyes everywhere" attitude we'd have more footage of this, but NOPE, lonely 2005 cell phone will have to do, and when you see the color balance in the two photos of the actual bomb scene that got released so far, they are BOTH FROM THE SAME CRAPPY CELL PHONE CAM. WHY??!!??

To see what I am talking about SEE THIS, this is all that was posted as of 6 AM CST. Anything of the actual bomb scene is from an old cell phone and there are only 2 pictures total as of 6AM CST. I call B.S.


Not ONE PHOTO from 10, 000 Iphones and the pile of security cameras in SEE EVERYTHING BRITAIN. Yeah, Yep, RIGHT. Camera in every corner Britain has nothing on this, in a TRAIN STATION. Yep.

NTS Notes: OK, I too am a natural skeptic,and I am puzzled by the LACK of cell phone pictures or videos considering the fact that almost EVERY patron at that concert has a smart phone... Therefore something does not add up at all....

OK, there is indeed a lot more to this latest "attack" than what meets the eye.. BUT because the Jew spew media so quickly has called this a "terrorist" attack and because we all know by now that the US-Israel cabal are the ones that create and run these "terrorist attacks" as nothing more than false flags, I am calling this for what it is... Another false flag attack.... And I will not change that stance until definitive proof positive shows it to be otherwise...

I will continue to add to this article, and once again I ask readers that if they have ANYTHING new to add to this story, please send it my way and I will add to this article and/or post further reports to blow this one wide open... Stay tuned..

More to come


*Update, May 23rd, 2017:  Russianvids already has an interesting video out covering this "attack" that I want to share with readers here:

OK, I may have my differences from time to time with "Russianvids" including the fact that he does promote the "flat earth" fraud and nonsense... But this video does indeed bring forward so many questions about this Manchester city "bombing" that more and more looks similar to the fraud Boston "bombing" of a few years back...

*Update #2, May 23rd, 2017:  Well this cinches it ... The US-Israel fraud known as "ISIS" has now officially claimed responsibility for this "Manchester bombing", which means this is a bonafide 100% fraud!  Here is the link to an article where ISIS claims that responsibility right here:



Unknown said...

Have a look at this video of a conversation held online somewhere https://youtu.be/tVZRbfmZlZI

Unknown said...

Watch this video showing an alleged conversation but no link to the page https://youtu.be/tVZRbfmZlZI

Unknown said...

On two different videos of the "attack" the sound of the "explosion" is heard. The difference in sound being due to the different locations of the microphones. One produced a popping and the other a cracking sound. There was NO bomb explosion; the sound wasn't right.

American MSM are showing the film of the drill and claiming it is of the results of the attack. They are blurring the video so that people don't recognize what they are seeing. I saw it right off as bullshit because the bomb is supposed to have gone off in the arena and this video was obviously taken in a lobby.

There are the usual scenes of people allegedly fleeing in panic, but actually just walking rapidly, while others are standing around watching them like nothing is going on.

Then here is one that actually made me bust out laughing. After the "bomb" had allegedly gone off and people were "fleeing in panic", somebody comes over the public address system and announces, I swear I am not making this up, "Everyone evacuate the building immediately but don't panic, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG."

By way of anticlimax after that last one I will add just one more thing. They interviewed an alleged eyewitness to the aftereffects of the bombing. They said all that was left of the bomber was a mangled heap of unrecognizable flesh. I had to ask myself, "Then how did they know who it was and who their associates were almost immediately?"

This was obviously just another amateurishly put up job. If it is true that some innocent people actually were killed in some kind of real panic, then I feel bad for them and feel deeply for their families. More innocent victims of the ZioAmerican Empire.

There is something truly sinister going on in this case. That all of us truth seekers must remain cognizant of for our own safety. The American MSM was going on about how there were no known connections of this individual to ISSIS in spite of their claims he was one of them. He was likely to have just heard their message and taken it upon himself to act on it they said. At which point they, ISSIS, claimed credit. The authorities could accuse us of anything including have connections to certain acts of terrorism and then to prove our guilt they could have ISSIS or whomever claim, or at least claim that they claim, we are their soldiers. This "bombing" is amongst other things a psyop designed to condition the general population to accept such accusations.

I for one feel particularly vulnerable because on this and other sites I have made it plain that I am sympathetic towards Iran. I have greatly angered certain Jew(MOSSAD?)trolls as a result. When the attack upon Iran comes, which I view as ultimately inevitable, then there are going to be "Iranian" terrorist attacks within the US that will be used to stir up the population to support the war. They are then going to link Pro-Iranian elements, especially vocal ones to those attacks.

Unknown said...

Re: “OK, I may have my differences from time to time with "Russianvids" including the fact that he does promote the "flat earth" fraud and nonsense...

Dear NTS,
I’d agree that not all “Russianvids” videos are easy to swallow but when he lets the NASA astronauts (the “scientists”) expose themselves as frauds by using digitally masked harness wires to fool us that they are floating in "space" during their alleged live feed transmissions from ISS, we shouldn’t suppress this information only because it contradicts our belief system or the “scientific” point of view on our falsified reality, which we were introduced to when arriving to this world. Ignoring this type of evidence is as wrong as believing in authenticity of false flags being fed to us through the same media. The deception of the matrix is enormous by its cleverness and complexity. Therefore we shouldn’t be selective in our critical thinking. If Flat Earthers are so wrong, why giving them the ammunition. I propose to watch two examples of such videos from “Russianvids”, so we can judge their merit independently and without bias. I take full responsibility for any “nonsense” they may contain but at the same time I also have no intention of disrupting or changing equally important topic of this post.
Let’s take a look:
NASA ISS "Astronaut" Caught Using A Harness During Live Feed With Boise State

NASA Astronauts Faking Space Techniques Revealed By Penn & Teller Skit & "Ok Go" Music Video

I have finally figured out the problem that was causing the code error I was concerned about a week ago. Fortunately it was on my end :)
Oh, and as always my best wishes to your Mom.

Earthman said...

Hey. I'll buy this but...question
Is this being done to prevent Corbyns from winning?
If so what happens when he tries to negotiate with ISIS calls their number and the Israeli embassy picks up the phone?