Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Manchester Arena Bombing False Flag Fraud: Important Video Updates On This Sham!

Well... It has been over a week since the fraud "bombing" in the Manchester Arena that happened right after an Ariene Grande concert, and honesty I am still shocked that people still do not get it?  I have spent some time over the weekend talking with friends and relatives and most of them are as brain dead as the rest of the dumb ass sheep out there... Most have given me such a peculiar stare and dirty looks when I tell that that this "bombing" is a complete fraud.... In fact a couple of them answered me with the usual "You are nuts" response while one relative actually laughed in my face saying "You have not a clue what the fuck you are talking about".... It is so unnerving to see how people just do not get it that these "attacks" are nothing more than "fear porn" to keep people afraid!

Well, I honestly did not want to do another article on the Manchester arena fraud simply because I had hoped that by this point most people would have done their own research and seen the blatant hoax for themselves.. But from what happened to myself over the weekend in dealing with relatives and friends, I figured a few key videos exposing this hoax were in order...

First, I want to present the following video from Peekay22 out of Australia that has been all over this fraud from the beginning.. This one has a great over all summary of this hoax and concentrates on the recent updates and the video from the "foyer" area where the supposed "bomb" went off... Here is that video here:

Yes, I fully agree with Peekay on his analysis of the area where this supposed "bomb" went off... WHERE exactly are these supposed "141 victims" that the Jew spew media reports were killed and/or injured from this supposed blast?  The video footage from the foyer area of that arena shows NO EVIDENCE to back up that extraordinary and impossible claim!

And what about the crisis actors used for this staged event?  Well, we have a few real clowns out there that absolutely were so laughable and ridiculous that I figured I would take a close look at a few here...

Here is another video from Peekay22 that shows two of the most ridiculous crisis actors that you would ever see in your life.. These two claim to be the parents of 'bombing victim' "Martyn Hett" and in this video you will hear them during this "interview" give some of the most ridiculous statements about their own son who was "blown to bits" from that Manchester bombing... I have that video here, and do pay close attention to what these two idiots say, especially about their own son:

OK, WHAT kind of parents would make such ridiculous statements about their son if he did indeed die from that "blast"?   For them to say that their son Martyn to die the way he did was "So Martyn" alone is so absolutely ridiculous and something that NO grieving parent would ever say!

Next we have the report about a phenomenal "nurse" who supposedly was some type of super woman at this charade in that she was able to attend to "victims" and then miraculously loaded a severely injured "victim" into her own vehicle and somehow raced across Manchester doing "100 miles per hour" to get to the north Manchester hospital..... Honestly, you cannot make this shit up, and please watch this video also from Peekay22 that blows holes in this clown's ridiculous story:

Well, I could actually go on and on to present the videos out there that show how this "bombing" is indeed a fraud and does indeed stink to high heaven.... I do recommend that people visit "Peekay22"'s own Youtube channel and see his fabulous work in the exposure of this hoax for themselves...

Lets face reality here... This "bombing" makes no sense at all, and obviously the "bomber" this "Salman Adebi" was set up purposely to take the fall for this fraud.....And people have of course now seen via the Jew spew media all the reports and the pictures of this patsy wearing his "black overcoat" via supposed CCTV footage, even though at the time of the "bombing" the temperature in Machester was hovering around 25 degrees celcius.... And we still have NO explanation as to how this "bomber" was able to even get into the arena area considering that at ALL modern concerts there are security at every gate and even the use of metal detectors... If he was carrying a 'bomb" in a "backpack" as the liars claim then HOW did that pack get past the security gates???

But now comes one more little tidbit from Peekay22 that shows that they have indeed used acpiss poor photoshop program to give us our supposed "bomber" and yet blew it big time with the "bomber"'s cap!  Watch this one here:

Yes, this short video alone blows big holes in the "bomber" story.....

I hope that readers now see what is happening here... The criminal British government needed this type of "attack" to put a lockdown on the British people and to possibly give criminal Prime Minster May her excuse to possibly "postpone" the upcoming election due to the fact that every poll shows her about to be trounced by the Labour Party in the UK.... AND we must not forget that since this 'attack' there have been some 5000 fully armed British police and military now on the streets of British cities.... A push for a totalitarian police state in the UK?  Possibly.....

More to come



Nana Baakan Agyiriwah said...

I attempted to post this in my Twitter feed and it would not post. I took the round about way and posted it to Facebook which would bounce it over to Twitter and this is the message I got.
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Now that is really, really interesting. I was able to post it on Facebook.com and Minds.com but Twitter is giving me the blues.
I googled to see if twitter is censoring certain tweets around the Manchester Bombing or what. But for sure the warning does not apply to your blogpost.
Have you gotten any other response like this one from other folks who tried to repost your blog?

Penny said...

It may interest you to know that MI5 is going to investigate itself regarding connections and information on the Manchester bomber

"Asked during the interview: "Are you happy that MI5 should be investigating themselves?" Rudd replied, "I think it is right that they do this. In the future, we can look at anything else that might need to be done. As a first step, it is absolutely right."

Of course British Home Secretary Amber Rudd feels it's perfectly OK for MI5 to investigate itself!


Unknown said...

I remember many years ago seeing a picture of the aftereffects when a member of the IRA had thrown a nail bomb into the middle of a British Army Patrol during the so-called "Troubles" in Northern Ireland. Obviously the same type of bomb should produce similar results. That is not what I am getting from the Manchester event. I see absolutely zero indication of the explosion of a nail bomb.

As to why most people so blindly accept the official explanations for such blatantly obvious frauds. It is actually quiet simple. They are LITERALLY BRAINWASHED. They are showing all of the signs of it. It is possible to brainwash most people without them being aware at all of what is being done to them. Especially if you are using brainwashed people to brainwash other people. That is what was done to me by certain Crypt-Jews before I Jumped Programming on my own. The Jews have been masters of the art from ancient times. How do you think they have gotten as far as they have? A few individuals are impervious to programming, whilst a few more jump programming either with or without help which leaves them immune to it in the future. Doubly so if they have done it on their own.

There is an extremely important reason that the Jews always battle for the control of the means of communication. It is threw that that they brainwash the unsuspecting masses and define a reality for them which is conducive to the agenda of the "Chosen People." Their control of money gives them the resources they need to be able to continue their program of defining reality for the hapless Goyem (Cattle!). This ability to define reality is what enables them to escape the notice of The Herd that they are preying upon as they move like phantoms threw their midst.

Unknown said...

Thanks Penny! I got a good laugh out of that one on your site. The idea of MI5 investigating themselves reminds me of the innumerable times the CIA has been investigated by themselves. For some strange reason they never find any evidence of wrongdoing on their part. Go figure! The only way they can get away with such idiocy as this Manchester thing is if they know that they are dealing with an already brainwashed population which have been robbed of the ability to rationally analyze the world around them. There is already an ingrained bias programmed into the population to automatically believe those in positions of authority and/or so-called experts. They are not trying to fool genuine truthseekers, they know to try would be useless in the end, but instead they are only trying to fool a population that is already convinced of the reality of the worldview being presented to them.

Penny said...

Hi Randall

You are welcome and what you said below?
Absolutely worth repeating- It's both as simple and as difficult as that!

Simple because an appeal to authority is the simplest, easiest way to manage the masses. Difficult, because it's so difficult for the masses to believe that it is that simple/easy to be fooled- And yet the masses fall for this simplistic illogical reasoning time and time again

"The only way they can get away with such idiocy as this Manchester thing is if they know that they are dealing with an already brainwashed population which have been robbed of the ability to rationally analyze the world around them. There is already an ingrained bias programmed into the population to automatically believe those in positions of authority and/or so-called experts"

Well said Randall. Well said.

Unknown said...

Hi to you too Penny. I am touched by your kind words. Just remember that the words you quoted were learned threw much suffering in the dark night of the soul at the hands of the self-styled "Chosen People". Their mistake was, they left me alive so that I can at least try to warn others.

There is an interesting quote I came across many years ago from an English philosopher from the late 18th Centaury whose name I don't remember. It goes something like this. "5% percent of the people will always try to do what is right because they are basically good people. 15% of the people will always try to do what is evil because they are basically evil people. While 80% of the people will just blindly follow whichever of the other two groups happen to be in charge." Judging from my long experience with humanity, that sums it up pretty well. There does appear to be a strong herding instinct that dominates most peoples consciousness. The only question for me is, is that intrinsic to what it means to be a human being, or has it been programmed into the species threw a lengthy process lasting for millennia, and which has only now begun to reach its maximum potential? I would dearly like to think it is the latter as that would mean that it is possible somehow to begin to reverse the process perhaps.

Penny said...

Randall: I'm convinced it is the latter and what needs to occur is people need to rewild- they've become to domesticated- Rewilding doesn't mean they have to run around in the jungle. Rather, It means they need to get back to that which truly sustains them

The earth- understanding the changing seasons- actually paying attention to the real world- and all that is in the real world, which is our world
so grow a garden
spend time in nature
eat wild foods- (plants/weeds and mushrooms)
saving your own food and seeds
it's good for the soul in more ways then one
and it opens up a whole different way of thinking..

I'm going to quote from one of my fave Stephen Buhner books

"If we eat the wild, it begins to work inside us, altering us, changing us. Soon, if we eat too much, we will no longer fit the suit that has been made for us. Our hair will begin to grow long and ragged. Our gait and how we hold our body will change. A wild light begins to gleam in our eyes. Our words start to sound strange, nonlinear, emotional. Unpractical. Poetic.

Once we have tasted this wildness, we begin to hunger for a food long denied us, and the more we eat of it the more we will awaken.

It is no wonder that we are taught to close off our senses to Nature"

The elites understand this- That's why they have forced us off the land and placed us in the human farm known as the city- We can get around that- we can circumvent their tyranny-

That all said this is how I know it is manipulation and programming that has changed us and we must break free of that the tyranny they began but we now perpetuate

Unknown said...

There is a movement gaining ground in some parts of Europe referred to as Right Anarchy. It seems to be taking its most advanced form amongst the college educated young in certain rural areas of France.

Essentially it is a return to the original European tribal structure. Including their relationship to the Natural World. As long as this tribal structure is maintained they are not opposed to modern technology per se. To the extent there is warfare at all it will be only to preserve the tribe.

One group in Flanders is reconstituting one of the old Pre-Roman and Christian tribes of Gaul from which they are in large part descended.

Of course we in the Western Hemisphere don't have it that simple. Along those lines I am descended in part on my fathers side from the Belgae, but that is all I know. Still I think we can use them as an example and start founding new tribes.

For organic life to survive we ultimately must have a new civilization. Because this one will end up leaving the planet as lifeless as Mars. I am a Civil Engineering Technician by profession (retired) so I know more than most what this civilization is going to end up costing human and every other form of life. But this "new" civilization will be in reality a return to the Primordial European Civilization.

The choice is a simple one; return to our authentic roots or it's curtains.