Thursday, May 18, 2017

Breaking News As US Has Illegally And Criminally Bombed A Syrian Government Forces Convoy In Southern Syria

OK, lets get this straight... Many people have been sending me some comments and emails asking my opinion about this "escalating" Russia-Gate bullshit that has been targeting criminal US President Donald Durmpf... It is pure FLUFF and a distraction from what is really happening elsewhere in the world, and I am standing firm behind this statement..

Well, lo and behold, but I am being proven correct about how the American public are purposely being diverted away from their own government's criminal actions across the planet.. For I found the following report to be a real shocker and once again shows how the US government is hell bent on having Syria destroyed... For according to the following report from the AMN (Al Masdar News) online source, at, apparently while the Jew spew media across America has been filling American citizens' heads with this Russia-Gate bullshit almost 24/7, apparently the nice little war that the US wants against Syria is escalating even further, with reports that the US "coalition" in the Middle East has illegally and blatantly bombed a Syrian government forces convoy in southern Syria today!   First, here is the link to the Al Masdar news site that gives the latest updates on this atrocity here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I have also been looking at another site's report that is so laughable and claims that this attack was conducted because according to these liars, the Syrian government forces were "too close" to a "deconfliction" (what ever the fuck that term is?) zone in southern Syria!  Yes, this one comes from the liars over at CBS News, and here is the link to their lies:

OK, Lets not kid ourselves here.. There is no such thing as a "deconfliction" zone simply because the

The US was never ever invited into southern Syria and their presence at this so called "Al Tanf" base is an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation... For the US State Department and these liars in the Jew spew media to use this stupid excuse is an insult to everyone's intelligence..

Well, apparently the US is no longer going to even wait for a new "false flag" attack to be blamed on Bashar al-Assad to launch their planned invasion and direct conflict with Syrian government forces in southern Syria... What we have here is another of the criminal US government's long list of atrocities conducted against a sovereign nation and to the people of Syria....

I also am puzzled about why the US is now pushing the envelope in their want to have Syria destroyed at this time?  It should be apparent that such actions such as this illegal and criminal air strike could have Russian forces being attacked as well that are now embedded with the Syrian forces... That would mean a direct war against Russia itself!

Yes, dear readers, lets call this Russia gate propaganda for what it is, a DISTRACTION from the ever increasing escalation in Syria.... And sadly too many gullible Americans have swallowed the bait!

In conclusion... I do not like what I am seeing happen now in southern Syria... With the collapse of the fraud US backed "ISIS" forces and the Syrian government forces moving rapidly towards victory in Syria, the US and the Israelis have become more desperate to have the situation escalated and have themselves directly fighting the Syrians.. And lo and behold here comes this illegal and criminal air strike against Bashar al-Assad's forces.... This could get very ugly and very quickly....

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Greg Bacon said...

"deconfliction" (what ever the fuck that term is?) zone in southern Syria!

Deconfliction--even the dictionary doesn't know that that is--is an area in the ME that Israel fears is getting too peaceful.


The term "Deconfliction Zone" was created to refer to an area where only US and US supported forces are allowed to operate. This insures that there is no conflict over who controls the area. Thus it is deconflicted. This is the official explanation being given. George Orwell in "1984" calls this sort of talk "Doublespeak". "Oceania" in the story is what the United States has now become.