Friday, February 17, 2017

THIS Is Interesting: Russian Pranksters Show World What Can Happen When Ordinary Citizens Have Two Brain Cells To Rub Together

I want to present a most interesting article from a fellow Canadian researcher that hails from the wilds of British Columbia... I am of course talking about Greencrow, who of course writes the excellent blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at This article is absolutely hilarious and shows how a couple of phone pranksters hailing out of the Russian Federation have done us all a service by using their prank calls to expose some truths about the criminals in charge of our planet today.....  It is a must see by everyone, and I have it right here for your viewing.. I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Friday, February 17, 2017

Russian Pranksters Show World What Can Happen When Ordinary Citizens Have Two Brain Cells To Rub Together

Lexus and Vovan did have multiple officially confirmed pranks before, i.e. negotiating with Poroshenko as "President of Kyrgizstan" , negotiating with President of Belarus as "son of Yanukovich", with Elton John as "representative of Vladimir Putin", etc. etc. 

When ordinary citizens aren't brainwashed and zombified by Western TV, "Fake News", fast foods and vaccines...they can be absolutely dangerous to the neocon, globalist cabal.  This has been revealed recently by two Russian "hooligan" pranksters, who, operating out of Russia...have been able to make phone calls around the world--and cause folks in high places, like NATO, The US Senate, and the office of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, not to mention aging celebrity Elton John, to crap their pants.  Below are two videos of recorded conversations, the first between the pranksters and the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.  Watch it for hilarious begging on the part of "Poroshenko" to join NATO...and patience of Stoltenberg as he gently tells the Ukraine PM that it will happen "when Hell freezes over".  In the above video, the prankster duo insist that since Poroshenko, despite boasting to the contrary, has NO communications with world leaders...they have to do it for him...and would like his [Poroshenko's] appreciation for their efforts in the form of a bottle of alcohol, perchance?

Phone Prankster Poses as Poroshenko, 
Negotiates with Head of NATO - Actual Recording 

Most amazingly, Wayne Madsen has a post today where he discusses the prank call made to US Senator (and former candidate for US President) John McCain.  Shockingly, McCain is caught on record offering lethal weapons to the "Ukraine leadership".  Hey, isn't talking without permission to foreign leaders an offense in the US?  Isn't that why General Michael Flynn had to resign???

Pranksters get Senator McCain 
to commit to sending "lethal weapons"
to the Kiev Junta in Ukraine

McCain told the fake Groysman that he favored sending lethal weapons to Ukraine to fight against Vladimir Putin in eastern Ukraine. McCain also said he sent a letter to President Trump urging increased sanctions against Russia.  Here is a further quote from the Madsen post:

The most interesting aspect of the call is McCain's interest in the pranksters warning that Putin ordered the Russian secret service to reveal details of McCain's being "recruited" as a "collaborator" by Russian intelligence during his time as a prisoner-of-war of the North Vietnamese. McCain appears to be genuinely concerned about such a revelation and asks to prankster to keep him informed of further details. McCain asks the prankster to provide further information on the POW story to him through the Ukrainian ambassador in Washington. 

Most informed truthers know about the story long circulating that McCain...instead of mouldering away in a North Vietnam prison cell...was actually feted in the Russian outpost city of  Voronezh...where he...wait for it..."sang like a canary" to Russian intelligence officials. This is just a rumour, mind you...but McCain seemed very interested in it during the prank phone call...and didn't regard the bringing up of this "false rumour" as a red flag and "time to hang up the phone".

Watch how the Main$tream Media Deep Sixes this Blockbuster Story

The main take away from this otherwise humourous and innocent diversion from the normal, depressing "downward spiral down the planetary swirly geopolitical news stories" is that we can be assured that the average zombified North American will never hear about it.  This is the kind of story that the Main$tream Media invariably "Deep Sixes".  There will be a total blackout on it.  Why?  Because: first of all they don't want to prosecute someone like aged John McCain for being a total idiot (and risk him again "singing like a canary").  Secondly, they don't want to wake up the sleeping zombified sheeple to the realization of what absolute dolts are running the show at the top. Lastly they don't want to give any remnants of normal, intelligent citizens in western society any ideas for peaceful resistance and activism.  And towards this end, they don't want to reward the Russian pranksters with any more notoriety.

NTS Notes:  I indeed have watched the videos... IMHO They are fabulous and very revealing...

I especially like the part where that arch criminal, Senator John McCain, puts his big fat foot in his mouth and breaks every US law imaginable with his outright desire to send weapons, especially deadly weapons, to Ukraine in clear violation of US law!.... That video also exposes some truths about his blatant lies about his so called time as a "POW" in "Vietnam"..... I am surprised that the US government has not used this video as a means of having this criminal put into a cold jail cell.....

As Greencrow states.. These two pranksters have indeed done the world a service by exposing the actions of criminal John McCain, and exactly what the leaders of "NATO" really think of Ukrainian President Poroshenko's want to join their organization..... Yes, these pranksters have indeed exposed what kind of idiots and fools run our planet today!

So, as Greencrow says... The Jew spew media is running away and wanting to bury the truth about what these pranksters have revealed.... They do not want the common people to wake up and see what fools are actually in control, and to give the people any hope for resisting their tyranny....

In terms of notoriety for these two pranksters? I hope that they continue to do it, for they have done a service for us all!

More to come



greencrow said...

Thanks, NTS, for sharing the work of this excellent Russian duo.



I saw a report just this morning that the US and Ukrainian Navy's are soon going to be staging joint maneuvers in the Black Sea. This would indicate that the US has some kind of alliance with Ukraine independent of NATO.

Individual American politicians negotiating with foreign powers outside of normal channels isn't at all unusual. I don't think it is technically legal, but it has been tolerated for a very long time.