Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Upcoming War Against Iran: US And Israel's Leaders' New Claims About Iran's Non-Existent Nuclear Weapons Program Are Worthless!

OK, Apparently the most evil and diabolical criminal on planet Earth today, Benyamin Miliewkosky aka "Netanyahu" was indeed in Washington yesterday to "visit" President Donald Drumpf.... And apparently this arch criminal and mass murdering freak of nature was at it again, trying to push Donald Drumpf's buttons and show exactly WHO is really in control of America, and America's foreign policies...

In fact, a fellow real truth seeker, Greencrow, wrote a most excellent piece the other day that takes a shot at this Drumpf/Miliewkosky fiasco, and right now, I want to present the link to that report here for all of my own readers to read for themselves:

Yes, I do agree with Greencrow in that the mass murdering freak, Miliewkosky (Netanyahu) is the real one controlling America's policies, and is once again trying to direct that policy towards a confrontation with the innocent nation of Iran....

But once again, we are being sorely misled by the criminals in our own governments, the Jew spew media, and the Jewish power elite, in terms of the reality about Iran.... All three facets are again trying to regurgitate the same lies about Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program.... And of course as Greencrow points out, the Israelis are deflecting all recent criticisms of the REAL ISSUE which is Israel's criminal and illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, by having attention focused exclusively on Iran....

And for those who wonder what the Iranian response is to all of this sudden saber rattling and push for a war against their nation... Well, I want to present that answer here, thanks to the Aletho News website, at Here is the link to that article here for everyone to read for themselves:

OK, Lets face the reality here... Obviously the US President is either naive or he is again just another Jew controlled stooge... We all had hoped that with Drumpf in the White House that all of this fraud rhetoric about Iran's phantom and non-existent nuclear weapons program would have been put to rest...  But over the last few weeks, we have seen an alarming increase of American false accusations against Iran, and more and more the war hawks in Washington wanting a war to "take out Iran"...

The reality is that once again the Israelis are trying to dictate American foreign policy and they are the ones that want this war against Iran for Israel's "protection"... The reality being that Iran has long represented one of the last bastions of opposition in the Middle East against Israel's diabolical plan for their "Greater Israel" project that calls for expansion of the criminal and satanic Jewish state at the expense of Israel's neighbors....

And again, I must remind everyone that I have already written a multitude of articles at this blog covering Iran's "nuclear program" in great detail... And the reality being that Iran is NOT building any nuclear weapons at all, period, end of story...The Iranians have always allowed full international inspections of all of their nuclear power facilities and have indeed abided by every rule of international law... They are again developing nuclear power plants and have no interest in nuclear weapons...

And finally, speaking of nuclear weapons.. Where is all the outcry that should be there about Israel's own clandestine nuclear weapons program?  For decades those bastards have developed a multitude of different nuclear weapons with the means of delivering those weapons across the planet... I do not see the outcry anywhere in the new Drumpf administration about that reality?

So once again we see another aspect of Donald Drumpf that points towards him being just another Jew controlled lackey like his predecessors.... And this issue once again has me further leaning in the direction of Drumpf being just another Jew butt kisser!

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There are four groups within the United States that are pushing for war with Iran, and the sooner the better for them:
(1) Zionist Jews and their Goy hirelings in order to remove the Iranian obstacle to the establishment of Greater Israel.
(2) The oil companies who want to steal Iranian oil. They oppose the use of nuclear weapons against Iran because it will render the oil worthless.
(3) Evangelical Christians who want to destroy Iran because they are the enemy of Gods Chosen People the Jews.
(4) Elements within the US Military who want to avenge their humiliation at hands of the Iranian's in 1979 (The botched hostage rescue attempt).

There are individuals within the government and the military who are opposed to the war, and these are being purged by the Trump Administration. Actually one should call it the Netanyahu Administration because he is the one in charge and Trump is just his frontman.

If the Trump/Netanyahu Administration can ever establish a stable regime totally under their control then an all out attack on Iran will soon follow, primarily by the Americans. Israel is prepared to fight to the last Goy American to destroy Iran you see.

Unless there is some kind of wildcard that prevents the consolidation of power within the US we are going to have WW3 in the not to distant future. Israel will have total global control or they will send the whole planet up in a nuclear holocaust (The Samson Option). They have been forced to gamble on one throw of the dice. They will either gain the world or see it destroyed, in what will truly be The War To End All Wars.