Monday, February 20, 2017

Important Health News: Americans Wake Up To The Dangers Of Vaccines And Begin Rejecting Dangerous Medicine!

Many readers at this blog are fully aware of how this winter has been absolutely BRUTAL to yours truly in regards to my being in a constant fight against a severe viral infection and sinus/throat infection.... I have indeed been a bit "under the weather" for well over a month now, and only in the last week have I actually been feeling like my old self... Lets face it, for this "virus" and infection that I caught well over a month ago has ben a lingering pain in the ass, and I am finally so glad to be almost over this damn thing...

Just last week, I ran into a colleague at work that said I "did not look too good" and I explained to him that I have been fighting this damn infection/cold/virus for over a month and that I was actually on the mend, even if I did not look it.... He then said to me that I "should have gone out to get my "annual flu shot"".... I was astounded and asked him if HE had his "flu shot" and he replied that every single member of his family and friends ALWAYS go out every year at this time to get their "flu shot"!  All I could do at this point was to say NOTHING and just turn around and walk away in disgust... I have been writing for years on the dangers of vaccines and other so called 'medications" that absolutely do NOT work, and from this experience I see that I need to keep up the fight and get the truth about vaccines and other so called "medications" to anyone that reads this blog....

Once again, I have found a fabulous report that this time shows that maybe people are actually using their brains in regards to 'vaccines" and other so called "medications".... And right now, I want to present the following report, from the "Stillness In The Storm" website, at, that is entitled: "Americans Wake Up To The Dangers Of Vaccines And Other Medications"... It is a reprint of an original article from Natural News, at, and is a must read by everyone, and especially those who still do not understand the reality about vaccines, and I have it right here in its entirety... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Monday, February 20, 2017

Americans Wake up to the Dangers of Vaccines and Begin Rejecting Dangerous Medicine

(Vicki BattsA new report from the CDC Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices has revealed that fewer Americans are getting vaccinated than ever. According to the committee, adults in the United States are not getting as many vaccines as they would like.Related 10 Vaccine Facts Everyone Should Know | That The Mainstream Media Still Refuses To Report

Source - Natural News

by Vicki Batts, February 17th, 2017

Recent data from a new Pew Research Center survey has also revealed that parents of young children are growing increasingly skeptical of the safety of immunizations, like the MMR vaccine. While the majority of Americans still approve of vaccination, the numbers are beginning to shift. For example, 17 percent of Americans supported parents’ right to choose.

Young adults, in particular, appear to be leading the charge in this new development. Adults younger than 30 were reportedly less inclined to believe that the risks of the MMR vaccine outweighed its benefits compared to older age groups. Roughly 79 percent believed MMR benefits outweighed the risks in the under-30 set, while older age groups averaged around 90 percent.

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Questioning the validity of vaccine science

Part of this is attributed to the growing number of people that are beginning to question vaccine safety and efficacy. While there has been no shortage of scrutiny for those who dare to contest the mainstream belief that vaccines are unequivocally safe, there are plenty of reasons why more Americans should be free to make their own decisions — and question the government’s protocols.

One of the most questionable aspects of vaccines no doubt lies within the fact that onlymanufacturer-funded and designed studies are required to prove a product’s safety and to win FDA approval. You can see already where that would be problematic.

A paper on the topic of industry funding of clinical trials was published by JAMA in 2003. The paper notes that industry-funded clinical trials are often subject to a host of issues that correlate with businesses protecting their corporate interests, whether they be financial or otherwise. For example, withholding the reporting of data is also not uncommon, though it is certainly frowned upon.

Bias can exist in industry-funded studies in a variety of ways, and it would be tough to argue that clinical trials of vaccines are somehow immune to something that is rampant in other parts of the pharmaceutical industry.

“Healthy user bias” is a common issue when it comes to vaccine science. You see, healthy people are more likely to be vaccinated than people who already have signs of certain diseases or conditions. Doctors often do not recommend vaccines to people who have pre-existing conditions, like immune system disorders. These people, even in the absence of vaccines as a whole, would still be more prone to disease.

In vaccine studies, groups of unvaccinated people are often compared to vaccinated people. The issue is that these studies are essentially comparing sick, immuno-compromised people to people that are perfectly healthy. Even if neither group was vaccinated, it’s clear who would be less likely to catch the flu.

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In the British Medical Journal, Dr. Peter Doshi of Johns Hopkins University explains, “Since at least 2005, non-CDC researchers have pointed out the seeming impossibility that influenza vaccines could be preventing 50% of all deaths from all causes when influenza is estimated to only cause around 5% of all wintertime deaths.”

By selecting already-healthy individuals for vaccination, one can almost guarantee the impression of efficacy, even though it doesn’t really prove anything.

Beyond the myriad of issues surrounding the actual trial-and-approval process for vaccines, and their overall validity, there are also many concerns about what is actually in vaccines. Many people are concerned about the potential for the aluminum in some vaccines to cause adverse neurological effects, among other things.

Do citizens have the right to question what they’re being told by government agencies and the media? Absolutely, and most independent research indicates we should probably do so more often.

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NTS Notes:  Yes, apparently a lot more Americans are now seeing the reality that vaccines and  other so called "medications" absolutely do NOT work, and in fact do more harm to our immune systems than good...

It is therefore no wonder that the Jewish elite criminals in control of America have now "doubled down" and are pushing state and local governments to impose "mandatory" vaccinations on their citizens... I for one am truly shocked that so many Americans have fallen for this trap and actually want to live and raise children in any state that forces fraud vaccinations on their citizens!

Yes, once again the reality is that vaccines absolutely do NOT work, period... They actually weaken our immune systems and allow the growth and outbreak of the very diseases that they are supposed to 'fight' against....

And about my colleague who goes out and gets his 'Annual flu shot'... I cannot help people who do not want to help themselves... I used to try to intercept people who were about to get "vaccinated" to give them the truth and to try to stop them from making a horrible mistake... But what I got in most cases was ANGER and many would just laugh in my face.... I therefore have stopped this method and have gone back to writing in the hope that people will read and actually think... Again, you can only do so much, and some people are indeed beyond hope...

More to come


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