Friday, February 10, 2017

Illegal Migrant Workers Flooding Into Canada: Migrant Sex Attacks At West Edmonton Mall Pool, And Why Is The Trudeau Regime NOT Telling The Truth About These So Called "Refugees"?

As a Canadian, I am both disgusted and very worried about the criminal Trudeau government now "opening the floodgates" and allowing every ILLEGAL MIGRANT WORKER (what these "refugees" really are...) to come into our nation, and basically destroy this country the same way Europe is now destroyed!

OK, Lets get the facts straight... I have absolutely NOTHING against any refugees, migrants, or immigrants, coming into this nation LEGALLY, which of course means that they apply to come in, then are screened, questioned, vetted, etc, etc....Every person that wants to come to Canada should be absolutely checked out first and foremost to make sure that they have no criminal records, are able to work and have some types of talent or skills, and that they are not some crazy so called "extremists"... They should all go through the proper process of first getting their landed immigrant status, and then be allowed to apply for Canadian citizenship.... If they fail any tests, then they should be returned to their nation of origin... This is indeed common sense....

However, the Trudeau regime in Ottawa has instead basically opened wide Canada's borders, and these criminals are willing to take every 'refugee' and 'illegal' imaginable..... The facts are once again that the majority of these "refugees" are nothing of the sort, but are illegal migrant workers seeking a better life from the hell holes they originated from... And in most cases, these migrants can NOT find any work at all in Canada, but instead are given free housing, free food and clothing, and free money, all on the Canadian taxpayers, and therefore become nothing more than a further burden to the already overstretched Canadian welfare system....  This is the real tragedy of this push to allow these 'refugees" to come into Canada.....

But there has been one major issue that has long bothered me, and we can only look at what has already happened in Europe after those nations stupidly opened their borders to these so called "refugees"... It has been an absolute DISASTER for every nation in Europe!   Again, these fraud migrant workers can NOT find any employment anywhere, and they refuse to INTEGRATE with the established European societies and their customs... In almost all cases, they instead keep their own ways of life and their originating nations' religions and social standards..... We have seen the result in Europe where these migrants are running wild, destroying property, mistreating and raping women, and demoralizing societies... And now, the Trudeau regime is all for this same pattern of destruction to come here to Canada!

Yes, there are already a lot of these migrants now here in Canada, with many more to come... The question then becomes: How are they doing in terms of their "integrating" into Canadian society?... Well, the answers will shock you, and I have a video report here from the Rebel Media, where Faith Goldy reports how there has now been Migrant Sex Attacks at West Edmonton Mall pool, in Edmonton Alberta.... Here is that report here:

OK, I am absolutely NOT surprised by this report.. For right here in central Canada,  there has been some local news that did filter through the bullshit Jew spew reports that show that there has been a major upswing in crimes in this region, and in about 1/2 the cases these crimes have been committed by some of these illegal migrant workers!  This is again a tragedy, and with the further influx of these migrant workers thanks to the criminal Trudeau government's insane policies, that rate will indeed climb...

And yes, in spite of the "rosy" reports coming from the Jew spew outlets about how "well" these migrants are doing once they are settled,...They have again been unable to find proper employment, and many are getting free housing and money... This is so sad when you consider that there are hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizens right now living in the streets of most of our cities that would dearly love to have a roof over their heads....  Yes, it is disgusting that the Trudeau government will welcome these migrants in, give them a massive amount of welfare and free housing, while Canadians are living in the streets!  Does anyone else see the problem here?

I do wonder why the Trudeau regime is so willing to allow this to happen?  We are all being bombarded by the liars in the Jew spew media claiming that we as Canadians should all be so happy to "help these refugees", but the reality is that allowing them in to destroy our society is NOT helping anyone.....Honestly, is Trudeau and his regime this insane that he is willing to destroy Canada?

Again, I am not shocked by what has happened in West Edmonton Mall... It is only the beginning of worse things to come unless Canadians actually wake the hell up, say screw it to all this "political correctness" about questioning the motive of allowing these fraud "refugees" into our nation, and take a firm stand and say NO!  If we do not, then Canada will become the same sewer that Europe has become...

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