Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Even More Proof That ISIS Is A Complete Fraud: Report Shows How US Helicopter Landed In ISIS Controlled Part Of Iraq To Provide Military Hardware To Its Operatives!

I have been stating for years now that the ENTIRE so called "war on terror" is a complete sham and fraud.. This sham was created by BOTH the US and Israel to basically generate FEAR into gullible people to have the effect of having gullible people panic and run to their criminal governments to seek "protection" from these fraud "terrorists".. The crooked governments offer these saps and idiots  "protection" of course in the form of taking away their rights and freedoms, and to get them to march off into wars against these fraud terrorists!  The scam of "terrorism" has worked so well in that so many innocent nations across the world have been attacked and destroyed with so many innocent peoples' lives lost.... And I can guarantee that this "terrorism" fraud will continue far into the future until people wake the fuck up and see that they indeed have been treated as fools....

The biggest fraud "terrorist" group on the planet today is of course the US bought and paid for mercenary and CIA/Mossad operative controlled and run group called "ISIS".....Our governments and the Jew spew media have been filling everyone's minds on a daily basis with constant "ISIS" bullshit, and sadly too many fools out there have indeed fallen for that crap and have allowed our crooked governments to attack and destroy innocent nations and people under the guise of "going after" these "terrorists"!

Honestly, has anyone actually paid attention to the fact that in spite of the so called "massive efforts" by the US military and the crooked US Government, to have ISIS destroyed, that fraud "terrorist" group is still out there and supposedly as "dangerous" as ever?   Could it be because the US does NOT want this "ISIS" fraud to end at all, simply because they created that fraud for the sole purpose of keeping the fraud "war on terror" continuing unabated?

I have already shown many times before in so many previous articles the facts that ISIS is indeed a fraud and nothing more than a bunch of US bought and paid for operatives and mercenaries.....  And now comes this latest article, from the South Front website, at, that once again shows clearly who is behind this ISIS scam.... This article is entitled "US Helicopter Lands In ISIS Controlled Part Of Iraq - Report" and once again shows exactly what this "ISIS" is really all about... Here is that article, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:


#IRAQEditor's choice 31.01.2017 
FILE IMAGE: Boeing CH-47 Chinook
FILE IMAGE: Boeing CH-47 Chinook
A US Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter landed near the village of Mak’houl in al-Jazeereh region controlled by ISIS terrorists on January 28, according to various pro-Iraqi and pro-Syrian sources.
Initially, the information appeared in English in the Iranian Fars News Agency which quoted a member of the Iraqi Parliament, Sattar al-Qanem. Then it was spread across various pro-government media outlets and blogs.
Fars News reports:
Sattar al-Qanem quoted sources in the Iraqi army intelligence and the country’s popular forces of Hashd al-Sha’abi as saying that an American Chinook helicopter on Saturday landed in al-Jazeereh region near Salahuddin that is controlled by the ISIL terrorists.
In the meantime, another American aircraft landed in an ISIL—held region near the village of Mak’houl North of Salahuddin.
Member of Security Commission of the Iraqi Parliament Hassan Salem said that the US army aircraft was carrying food stuff and arms for the ISIL terrorists in al-Jazeereh region near the village of al-Salam and was on a mission to take some of the ISIL commanders and members away from the region.
“We will not keep mum over the landing of US military aircraft in ISIL-held regions,” Salem underlined.
The agency added, citing Al-Waqt news website, that last October two military helicopters of the US-led coalition delivered number of weapons and military equipment to ISIS members in the Iraqi province of Diyala.
No photos or videos, confirmed aforementioned claims, have been provided.

NTS Notes: WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by this report?   I have been stating for years now that the entire war against "ISIS" in Iraq and Syria is nothing but a sham and being done for regime change in those nations and to have many innocent lives exterminated.....

Lets face the reality here... That helicopter and other aircraft are indeed landing in the fraud "ISIS" held territories in both Syria and Iraq for resupply of men and equipment for the US CIA operations that operate under the guise of "ISIS".... There can be NO other plausible explanation for these supply missions, and I dare anyone to prove me wrong here...

So once again the scam of "ISIS" and in fact the entire fraud "war on terror" exposed for the world to see... But again, the majority of people will continue to listen to the liars in our governments and the Jew spew media and be brainwashed to be scared that the "big bad terrorists" are out to get them.... Yes, stupidity and gullibility will continue until people actually stop and think!

More to come



antifascist said...

ISIS is just the latest manifestation of the GLADIO Campaign and Operation Northwoods whereby the indigenous population can be bulldozed into accepting all sorts of reductions in freedom and increases in taxation to deal with a problem that wouldn't exist unless our own government had created it. President Eisenhower warned of the creation of the Military-Industrial complex and this is just the latest re-incarnation of it.

Northerntruthseeker said...

ABSOLUTELY true, antifascist.... It is just too bad the mindless sheep do not listen!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Luckily, there are many that have not drank the mind destroying kool-aid.... But sadly we are only a few voices in the wilderness..


Early on during the so-called Syrian Civil War a number of former US military officers who had worked with them said PUBLICLY that the US had created and was controlling the anti-government rebels by whatever name in Syria. I have always thought that they were trying to blow the lid off of the fraud once they became aware of its implications and were no longer serving in the military. They were repeatedly ignored and their revelations have now vanished down the memory hole. Apparently I am one of the few people left in this lousy country (USA) who still pays attention and retains a functioning memory.

Northerntruthseeker said...

The same goes here in Canada, Randall... It sickens me on a daily basis when I overhear so many idiots out there parroting what they hear on the Jew spew media and talking about how "terrible" these "terrorists" are...

Little do they know that the REAL terrorists are our own crooked governments!


I was serving in the US military in Europe during the Cold War and I saw Operation Gladio first hand. I saw at a distance innocent Italian civilians blown and shot to pieces in one of these false flag attacks. Except that then it was the Communists that were supposed to be the terrorists. I have known of American servicemen being targets of these attacks on occasion even. I almost got caught up in one myself, but it kind of misfired and never actually took place. I am enraged that this is still going on and the government is still getting away with it.