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A Real Holocaust Back During World War II:Remembering The Mass Murder At Dresden

Yesterday marks the 72nd anniversary of one of the heinous crimes ever committed by the Jewish criminals... I am of course talking about the fire bombing of the German city of Dresden on February 13th, 1945....  On that fateful day, some 250000+ innocent civilians were murdered when Allied bombers dropped incendiary bombs on that city... It truly was a REAL Holocaust!

To help remember that day, I want to present the following report that comes from Incogman's website, at www.incogman.net... This article is entitled: "A Real Holocaust Back During World War II" and gives an excellent summary of exactly what happened 72 years ago.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

A Real Holocaust Back During World War II

HERBERT SMAGON DRESDEN HOLOCAUSTAt the very end of the war, for absolutely no strategic military reason at all, at least 130,000 White war refugees were purposefully blown to bits, or horribly burned alive in the allied firebombing of Dresden. It was a truly hellish scene. Unfortunately, few today have even heard of this war crime because mainstream media wants the brainwashed masses to only think of Germans as evil (and by conflation White people as a whole). Detail from a painting by the PC-censored German artist, Herbert Smagon.

I Cried Tears For Dresden

Essay By Louis Beam (2/13/97)
Though I never knew them, though they died months before I was born, I can not help but to still feel the pain of those innocent people of Dresden who suffered so unjustly, unfairly, and totally without fault February 13, 1945. They make me think of abused children suffering for something that they do not understand. Abused children in a small way share with those now departed souls of Dresden the total unjustness of this world. Innocent people would not in a fair world, a decent world, be made to suffer.
They died this night. So many of them. Bombs raining down upon their heads like manna from hell — the heads of defenseless women and children for the most part. Babies in their cribs. Sobbing children in their mothers arms. Little girls without blemish, little boys full of anticipation at the excitement life promised them. The girls became blemished heaps of burnt flesh. The promise was broken by life to the boys. There would be no future for them.
Even now, across time, distance, culture, language, and ocean, I hear their cries. Ten thousand per second raising their helpless, tortured voices for mercy. No mercy. No relief. Only painful death from planes with United States written on them.
Why did my father’s generation do this? How could they kill all these people — then not know about it?
My father a decorated, battle field commissioned, combat hardened infantry veteran of Roosevelt’s army, told me as I lay at his feet as a small child listening that “Hitler was bad but the German people were good.” The Germans were “very smart” they just had a bad leader he said. He was proud of his role as a soldier in defeating Germany. And if soldiers are without responsibilities for their role in history then he had more right then many to be proud of his many decorations.
Then in 1984 after discovering the horrible truth about Dresden I spoke to my father about it. I told him more people were killed there in a single night of fire and bombing then in England during the entire war. He said “that is a lie.” He refused to believe me. I stressed to him that they were innocent people. He became angry with me. I asked him why they were killed. His anger boiled over and he said I was believing Nazi propaganda. I said to him “there are no Nazi’s daddy you killed them all, there are only people who study history” while pulling an Encyclopedia Americana from the shelf. The encyclopedia while only admitting to a numerical fraction of the dead at Dresden was yet sufficient to exceed England’s total bombing dead.
“These were refugees fleeing the communists” I said, becoming angry myself. “Why did Roosevelt order it done?” I demanded of him.
He read it and became silent. He read it again while running his fingers along the words carefully touching the numbers as if to make sure they were there and real. It then dawned on me. He did not know! He had lived through this time and because of a constant flood of propaganda from America’s news media this horrible war crime and others like it had been kept from him.
I could see this troubled him, for it was from him that I acquired the proclivity of taking up the fight for the down trodden, those abused unfairly. He was a kind man and would have never knowingly participated in such cruelty. I left for home then feeling sorry for Dad. I left him to think in peace. My anger at his being a part of those who did this horrible thing abated.
I swear I will not forget the crime against innocent people at Dresden. I will not forget who is responsible. I will not forget! I am but one small life. One dim light in a world covered with the darkness of cruel machinations by evil men. But this little light of mine, I will let it shine! For only by doing so do I serve my reason for existence, for life, for eternity.
I read as a young person that “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Those words became a part of my soul, my life. Love is put to the test when one takes on the suffering of others — when one becomes a voice against evil for those who have none, a target of abuse for doing nothing but standing for justice.
There is no reward save knowing you have done that which is right. And there is hope. Hope that others will make the light that truth is a part of their life, their existence, so that together we become a bright ray for the future. A light unto the feet of all our fellow men who stumble.
In distant Dresden park they lie in their graves now. Rest my unknown friends, you downtrodden and despised of this world. Though we could not speak the same language if we stood before each other, though I never knew your names, and while your faces I can only imagine, you are my departed loved ones. My heart beats for yours. My mind remembers for yours. My tears for yours…


Piles of dead German civilians stacked on funeral pyres lined the bombed-out streets afterward. For selfish Jewry even to this day, dead German victims like this means nothing but payback simply because of Hitler exposing the stinking bastards. They also fully expect Americans today to feel the exact same way, or the creeps will screechingly call you an evil Nazi to everyone around — and idiots will believe them!
THE FINAL DEATH toll of Dresden will forever be unknown. The ever-accurate Germans estimated over 200,000 dead (with an unknown number burnt to ash, possibly upwards of another 50,000). Many cellars filled with bodies were simply burned with flamethrowers and covered over, because the Germans did not have the manpower to clear them out (as a American POW, the Jewish writer Kurt Vonnegut took part in the body clearing operations and his later in-depth research after the war showed the totals to be at least 130,000).
Some people blindly discount these figures as mere Nazi propaganda, or blithely label it “fringe group” or conspiracy talk. Funny how they never do the same over Jewish holocaust claims, eh? Even though evidence is strong that it was definitely over 100,000, historians kow-towing to the Zionist-controlled media will only say it was 25,000 to 35,000. In recent years, Zionists and Shabbos goys in the media have been trying to rewrite history to say it was less than 20,000. This is patently ridiculous.
Maybe we should insist on censorship or even jail time for these Dresden death deniers like they do about people who express doubts about the holocaust?
The one thing we do know is that the city was jam-packed with over a half million refugees fleeing the raping-murdering hordes of Stalin. The political and military leadership of Britain and America knew that when they ordered the combined air fleets to drop unbelievable amounts of incendiaries and high-explosive bombs (to ignite the firestorms) right on top of the huddled masses below.
Strategically and militarily, it meant absolutely nothing in ending the war. By that time, Germany was virtually defeated and everyone knew it. Some in the West now try to say Stalin forced Churchill and Roosevelt’s hand, as if that makes a difference.
From what the Allies did to the Germans after the war, we also know the Jew-manipulated American and British governments expressly wanted to murder as many Germans as possible. Somewhere between 800,000 to 1.1 million German POWs were left to starve and die from exposure in muddy fields after the war. Hundreds of thousands of women were gang-raped and over 500,000 innocent German civilians were herded aboard trains by the Soviets to live short lives of terrible slavery in the colds of Siberia.
Overall, approximately 5 million Germans were purposefully allowed to starve to death over the next few years by the Zionist Jew-controlled occupiers. The original plan to turn Germany back to the Stone age was quietly dropped (look up the Jew Morgenthau’s plan).
Because of the Jew control of the Western media then and now, Americans generally know almost nothing about Dresden or any of what happened to the Germans. The Jew just cannot allow anyone else to be as big a victim as them and works vigorously to downplay any horrors of other races. Especially Whites. You can see this in how they demand people like the Ukrainians not to equate the “Holomador” victims (at least 7 million dead White Gentiles) with the holocaust. They did the same thing over the Armenian genocide of 1.5 million.
This is because Jewry in those countries had so much to do with both events and knowing this, do everything possible they can to keep it from common knowledge in the public.
Another big reason for the Zionist Jew-Israel brainwashing is that they want us to look the other way as they terrorize and kill Palestinians in the present day. Right the hell now. They expect us to “understand” the Jews need their own “homeland” (which is bogus since most of them are not really the descendants of the ancient Hebrews). Plus, the holocaust industry makes tons of money for Jews all over the world — look at the blackmail operations and how many holocaust museums, movies, books, political groups, etc., etc. they have going on.
One of my biggest breaking points over the “Jew Question” was the release of Steven Spielberg’s blatant Jewish propaganda movie, “Schindler’s list.” This movie had so many patent historical lies and anti-White scenes that I was left infuriated. Unfortunately, the Jew holocaust schtick continues unabated to this day. HBO replays Schindler’s list once every two weeks now and the History Channel is always scheduling Jew anti-White brainwashing.
There’s not a minute that goes by where the Jew does not go on about the holocaust. I’m GD sick of it and I’m sick of them. It’s long past the time for these liars to shut the hell up.
For ten years, German government covered up mass grave of bombing victimsand then acted like it was just discovered (German translation).

NTS Notes:  Even today, the real number of victims that suffered from that act of cold blooded murder at Dresden is still under speculation... Our fraud history books claim that some "100000" or so people perished, but after doing some real research over the years, I am leaning on the 1/4 million mark, which may be a low figure of victims...

We must also remember that Dresden had NO military value what so ever... The city was by February 1945 bulging with refugees fleeing the Soviet advances to the east of Germany, and estimates place the number of refugees in the city at the time of the firebombing was well over 1/2 million....

We can now see the truth that the Allied governments had NO reason at all to firebomb and destroy Dresden, and therefore this attack was again an act of cold blooded murder....

Yes, Dresden was a real "Holocaust" .... It is therefore important that the truths about this horrendous attack be remembered and told to everyone!

More to come



greencrow said...

Thanks for this timely reminder of what a real holocaust looks like, NTS. Although Dresden was not a military target...it was an economic manufacturing powerhouse...if memory serves. In that regard, one of the main reasons for the war against Germany and Japan was to destroy these two competing economies and install never-ending occupation. So, the bombing of Dresden in addition to being a crime against humanity...was economic warfare.


There is a footnote to this story that many outside the United States don't know about. At the time of the bombing the Germans were moving a large number of American POW's threw the city in route to permanent POW camps. The exact number isn't known because the German records were destroyed in the raids. However, the International Red Cross had been notified by the Germans of what was happening and had passed the information on to the British and American governments. Thus an unknown number of American POW's were also killed. The survivors were roped in by the Germans after the raids and were used to help them dispose of the bodies. The testimonies of these survivors confirm the accounts given by the Germans themselves.

Several years ago those former POW's who were still alive asked that the American and British governments admit to their responsibility for the unnecessary deaths of the other POW's in an attack on a city of no military or economic significance. This included the Kurt Vonnegut mentioned in the article. When this request began to be mentioned in the press the various Jewish groups around the country went ballistic and began publicly accusing the surviving POW's of being Anti-Semites and even NAZI sympathizers. The funny part about that was that Kurt Vonnegut (Bestselling author of Catch-22) was himself a Jew. He had been a bombardier in an American bomber that was shot down earlier someplace else. Many other Jews already had it in for him because he said that he had Not Been Mistreated by the Germans because he was a Jew while a POW.


For a very long time Dresden had been known for the ceramics that were manufactured there. I have seen antiques from there that are worth a great deal of money. During the war the ceramic manufacturers had converted to manufacturing very high quality electrical insulators for a large variety of applications. These factories were not targeted during the raids and escaped without damage.

The only other "legitimate" target were the extensive railyards at the edge of Dresden. They also were not targeted and came threw with only minor damage. They were hit by a few overshoots from the actual bombing which was directed at the downtown and residential parts of the city.

Greencrow brings up a legitimate point that I basically agree with. However, the raids on Germany and German occupied countries were directed not at the physical industrial plants themselves, because the Allies wanted to make use of them after the war. But instead they were directed at the populations themselves. Thus the raids were directed primarily at administrative, cultural, and residential targets.
To the extent that the raids were directed at German industry, the object was to kill the workforce while leaving the physical plants intact. At the same time the strategic bombing war against Germany has to be seen as a form of cultural genocide. That is they were meant to destroy the German Spirit and Culture so that they could be remade into something more to the liking of the Allies/Jews, since they lacked the means at the time to literally physically exterminate the German people. The same thing applied to the air war, including the use of the atomic bombs, against Japan incidentally and it would have likely applied to Italy as well if Italy had not caved in before they could get the terror war against them into high gear so to speak.

I find it quiet frankly fascinating to see the parallels here between the strategic air war against the Axis Powers and the Israeli Genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza. Could it be I wonder that the same people, not individuals of course, are responsible for both? I don't know, but I can't help but wonder.

In these raids the Americans and British used a great many delayed action bombs. Their purpose was to kill as many firefighting and medical personnel, rescue workers, and survivors as possible. As well as destroying ambulances, firefighting equipment, etc. When they would come out after they thought the raid was over. These bombs were set to detonate at irregular intervals, from like maybe an hour or two to several days after the actual raid.

I have to qualify what I have said by mentioning that there were a great many attacks on transportation, primarily railroad, targets that altogether actually did seriously interfere with the German war effort. As well as of course indirectly causing a great deal of suffering for the civilian population.

Strategic Bombing using conventional munitions is simply not accurate enough to seriously damage a countries industrial plant. This was the reason that the Allies originally resorted to so-called terror bombing. (The same thing also applied on a much smaller scale in Korea and Vietnam.) But the motivations eventually became much more sinister of course.