Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: A Disaster In The Making As President Drumpf Expected To Sign Bill Authorizing Illegal "Safe Zones" In Syria!

I have been like most everyone else in holding my reservations about incoming President Drumpf and his policies.... I said it was going to be "wait and see" if he continues the criminal actions of the previous regimes and continue to supply and support the criminal murderous and fraud "terrorists" that are doing so much damage to foreign nations, especially Syria.... Many said that he was going to make drastic changes and actually STOP the criminal US involvement in trying to have the innocent nation of Syria destroyed.... But knowing full well that Drumpf has said that he has "Israel's back", I indeed was worried that he would not change the direction that the US was going in regards to Syria and may actually make the situation worse..

Well, it did not take long for Drumpf to make a serious error in regards to Syria and its sovereignty... For according to the following very important report from the Activist Post website, at, apparently Drumpf is going to sign a bill in the US Congress calling for the creation of very illegal "safe zones" in the sovereign nation of Syria!  First, here is the link to that article in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  OK, Lets not pull any punches here... If Drumpf is stupid enough to sign this into action, then this will turn into an unmitigated disaster and could indeed lead to further escalation of the conflict within Syria itself...

The idea of creating "safe zones" in a FOREIGN and very SOVEREIGN nation is absolutely against every aspect of international law and basically is an open declaration of war against that nation.... The legitimate and very legal government under Bashar al-Assad in Damascus is NOT at all supporting or calling for these "safe zones" within their own nation, and for the US to try to impose these zones is indeed an act of WAR!

As one of my fellow Canadians, Penny, over at Penny For Your Thoughts, says about this outrageous act... How in the hell will the US "enforce" these fraud "safe zones"?  The ONLY way that they can somehow stay "safe" is to have them under the control of the US Military themselves through either direct intervention into Syria or by the illegal imposition of "no fly zones" over sovereign Syrian territory... Once again, this therefore leads automatically to the US ILLEGALLY coming into Syria and that again is an open declaration of war on Syria itself!

It is also therefore no wonder that the Russian Federation is reacting to this possible move by the US by refusing the creation of these fraud "safe zones".... And if the US is stupid enough to carry out this plan, then it could lead to war with Russia itself!

OK, This is indeed a DISASTER for President Drumpf if he signs this diabolical "bill".... I for one am crossing my fingers that someone with common sense comes forward and alerts Drumpf that this is a very bad idea and that he should NOT sign the bill, period.... For if he does, then we finally will see that Drumpf is indeed absolutely NO better than his predecessors....

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Greater Israel will stretch from the Euphrates to the Nile. This requires that the population of Syria be disposed of, either threw expulsion or extermination. The Syrians have always served as a block to Israel's expansion in that area. The very first second I heard of the "civil war" in Syria I knew that the US Government acting on behalf of the Israel Lobby was behind it. I knew Israel had to dispose of Syria so I was expecting something like that was coming.

As this affects Trump. First, he is a Crypto-Jew. Second, he is part of the Jewish criminal cabal that actually governs the United States. Third, he has repeatedly and publicly pledged his devotion to Israel. And fourth, they, that is Israel, would have never let him anywhere near the White House if they were not absolutely sure of his reliability. As a result Trump will have to finish off Syria by one means or another since Obama couldn't get the job done.

The only question is, are the Israeli's determined enough to risk their own destruction to achieve their dreams? I believe that they are.