Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The 107 Year Plan To Destroy America. PS: Your Wages Will Be Cut 60%!

Yes, this Friday is the day when the US gets their newest Jewish controlled puppet sitting in the White House... On that day, Donald Drumpf gets sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, and the US will have to endure another 4 full years of Jewish controlled enslavement... People are saying that things will 'change' with this new President, but in all honestly, it will be business as usual as the Jewish elite continue their quest to have America destroyed..

There have been so many high hopes this time with incoming President Drumpf actually making a difference for Americans...But there will be NO change until the American people are able to destroy the one criminal organization that has put their once great nation into unpayable debt enslavement...That organization is of course the criminal Jewish controlled Federal Reserve.... And yes, that privately Jewish controlled and run central bank has had a plan in place since its creation over 100 years ago to again destroy America!

To help everyone once again understand the diabolical scheme that the criminal Federal Reserve has in place to ruin America, I want to turn to a most interesting article from "Horse237" who of course writes the blog "Video Rebel's Blog" at The article is entitled: "The 107 Year Plan To Destroy America. PS: Your Wages Will Be Cut 60%" and I have the link to that important article right here for own readers to see for themselves how these most diabolical Jewish criminals have their sights indeed set now on the demise of the American republic... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Lets face it... Incoming President Drumpf will indeed have his hands tied by his Jewish masters and if he truly was wanting to "Make America Great Again" he would indeed make the first order of business to end the Federal Reserve and return the printing and issuing of all American currency to the government itself.. And of course he would demand by law that all currency is issued DEBT FREE.... But, and this is a big BUT.. I doubt that Drumpf would ever upset his Jewish masters knowing full well that they would simply have him assassinated, or removed from office by other means, and they would put another of their long line of puppets in his place..

The problem in America is that there is presently a $20 TRILLION national debt thanks to the criminal actions of the Federal Reserve, and unless that debt is ended by the simple stroke of a pen, these criminals will indeed allow the entire system to fail and have America come crashing down as a result...  AND if these criminals were ever threatened, they would indeed threaten to crash the entire system by having their DERIVATIVES time bomb of some $300+ TRILLION 'exposed' and absolutely bring down the American republic instantly.....

Therefore as Horse237 has always stated, the only real choice left to save the republic is to have these criminals arrested by the US military and definitely to seize their assets to pay off their odious debt that they have forced on the American people.. And this is indeed the right action that incoming President Drumpf must take to save the nation from the Jewish planned demise....  But will he take that action?  I seriously doubt that,and I can indeed see the massive debt enslavement continue until these criminals do indeed have everything in place to collapse the entire system....  And sadly that collapse may come sooner than anyone may think...

And for my fellow Canadians.. Do not think for a moment that this economic disaster is only happening in America... Canada has the same form of odious debt that has been created by the Jewish criminals that control this nation as well... And when the collapse does come, Canada will be in just as big a mess as the US!

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Baring some totally unforeseen wildcard appearing Trump will win reelection in 2020 regardless. There is ABSOLUTRLY nobody anywhere along the political spectrum being prepared to replace him. That was all part of the original plan. Beyond that we'll have to see. Trump is of the type which when once they get a taste of power they refuse to give it up. I've dealt with his type before.
Just this morning I am starting to hear reports that Trump is planning to put massive tariffs on Canadian goods imported into the United States. He is tired of Canadians undermining the US economy. And you people thought he only hated the Mexicans? This oligarch is going to wage economic war on both the Mexican AND the Canadian economies in what will amount to a hostile takeover. People so wanted a successful businessman in office who can defeat all of those evil socialists (Every Trumpkin knows that Canada's problems are because it has gone communist. Their duty as devout Trumpists is to bring the glories of the freedom and democracy of American Capitalism to the entire planet.) and it looks like that is just what they have got. ENJOY! (I hope everybody understands that I am using sarcasm here.)