Friday, January 6, 2017

Some Good News Out Of Canada: Fraudulent "Canadian Museum Of Human Rights" Is In A Death Spiral, Fueled By Debt

OK, a few years ago, I called it right... The Canadian government in "cooperation" with the Province of Manitoba, and the city of Winnipeg, built a monstrosity in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada called the "Canadian Museum of Human Rights" and even before the hole in the ground was dug to build this waste of taxpayer dollars, I called it a museum of LIES and FALSEHOODS that would not only bleed the Canadian taxpayers out of millions (cost so far to this date is estimated at nearly 1/2 BILLION) but that nobody with any common sense and critical thinking skills would actually attend the monstrosity!  I predicted then that it would be a "white elephant", an "eye sore", and turn out to be a dud... And apparently I am indeed right...

Right now, I want to bring forward an interesting article that actually first came out back in September 2016, that saw this fraud "Museum of Human Rights" for what it really is, and predicted that it would not only be a dud, but that it would eventually die from its own making through endless debt... This article comes courtesy of the "Black Rod" website, at, and I have it right here in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights enters death spiral, fueled by debt

Can supporters of The Canadian Museum for Human Rights handle the truth?

* $80 million in debt with no hope of paying it off
* begging the federal government to raise its $21.7 million annual allowance by at least 50 percent to buy more time
* a report that seems to indicate the museum's fundraising arm can't collect $24 million, or almost one in four of the $151 million dollars the Friends of the CMHR boasts it has raised.

Last week the CMHR announced what should have been good news ---it settled its tax bill with the City of Winnipeg. The museum owed $2.7 million for this year's property taxes, much much less than the $5-to-$8 million they expected their taxes to be.

The federal government, which is ultimately on the hook for what's called "payments in lieu of taxes" for federal institutions like museums, paid the $2.7 million plus arrears of $6.7 million. It then put the total - $9.4M - on the CMHR's tab.

The museum is already $70 million in debt for the emergency funding they needed to open in 2014, two years late. The CMHR was flat broke and didn't have enough money to finish building the facility and paying for exhibits.

The federal government "advanced" $35 million (interest free) with the alleged expectation that the government could get the money back by eventually reducing the annual funding it gives to the museum until they were even.

Everybody knows that's camouflage and will never happen but everyone is pretending that's a real plan.

The museum also needed a loan of $35 million to meet its costs. The loan, from sources never identified, went to the Friends of the CMHR which doled it out to the museum while managing to keep secret the donors and terms. But a loan carries interest cost.

Add the $9.4 million plus $70 million plus interest and you're touching $80 million in the red. And that's not counting $10 million in operating funds that the federal government let the museum spend on construction instead. It's never been made clear whether that $10 million has to be repaid or if the federal government just boosted their "contribution" to the cost of the museum by that amount.

The CMHR says it has squirreled away a few million dollars to pay part of the city tax tab. As for the rest, well...

The museum wants---needs---the federal government to swallow most of it. The deal is for the CMHR to have its annual funding reduced starting in 2018 to pay off the federal "advance." But given that the CMHR is spending every nickel of the $21.7 million its receiving each year, that is impossible. In fact, the museum wants more money, not less each and every year in the future.

Apart from getting the federal government to forgive the $35 million advance in $7 million increments, the museum wants the city taxes paid, starting at $3 million (including frontage fee) and rising per year. Oh, and it needs $3 million or so to replace the entire computer system, which has a useful life expectancy of only three years that's up, uh, next year.

Anyone who still thinks the Friends of the CMHR is supposed to cover these expenses by its fundraising is in for a sick surprise.

Charity Intelligence Canada is a charity watchdog. Its latest report on the Friends of the CMHR has some unsettling details.

The Friends, which is a registered charity, spends 43 percent of its revenues on administrative costs and 18 percent of donations on fundraising costs. Given that "revenues" is made up of donations plus interest, which last year was negative one thousand dollars, in reality 61 percent of the money donated to Friends goes to overhead.

And then there's this paragraph in the Ci report:
Note: Ci Charity Intelligence has used the restated 2014 financial statements in the charity’s F2015 audited financial statements. Ci has adjusted amortization and allowance for doubtful pledges receivable and gifts to the museum affecting expenses by ($4m) in F2016, by ($18.4m) in F2015, and by ($14.1m) in F2014.
Given that the paragraph is written in a foreign language, auditorese, its hard to say what it really means.

Does it mean the museum has been counting money on its books that can't be collected?

There's been a $24 million writedown involving "doubtful pledges receivable" but it that just an accounting adjustment or a complete breakdown of fundraising?

Nevertheless, it does suggest why the CMHR's corporate reports for the past three years running have not been made public, and why no 2015-2016 annual report is MIA.

The Black Rod at 11:16 AM

NTS Notes:  Here is the reality of this fraud "Museum of Human Rights".... It was created by JEWISH interests (Asper family of Winnipeg primarily) for them to showcase their still unproven and un-researchable "Holocaust" to the gullible Canadian public... This ugly "museum" in Winnipeg Manitoba has a full 1/3 of its "displays" dedicated to that "genocide" and the entire "museum" therefore was built around that part of our "history" for pure propaganda...

AND, this and other "Human rights" museums that have been popping up across Canada do NOT even mention the REAL cases of REAL Human rights, such as the plight of the Palestinian people against the evils of the Jewish criminals in Israel....  I have checked, and to this day there is NO display in any of these frauds that even discuss the Palestinians being murdered on a daily basis by the Israelis!

The facts are that NOBODY that I know has ever gone to Winnipeg to "attend" this museum... It is bleeding money hand over fist, and apparently is needing more Canadian taxpayer money just to keep itself afloat....

What should happen here is this "museum" and other "Human rights" museums that are being built across this nation should all be closed and put out of their misery... They are being built on lies and falsehoods and are being used to try to brainwash people with the criminals' own concepts of what "human rights" should be...

And if you actually consider visiting one of these "museums" in the near future?  Do not waste your money, and put it to better use elsewhere...

More to come



wallflower said...


As soon as I saw the word "museum" I knew the culprits. And here is one thing I am keeping tabs on...

With the Holohoax being what it is "FAKE"...then anything built on that lie will fail, fall, implode and self destruct. What really is seen is how Jews are handing each other taxpayers extorted dollars and then still extort them when their lies fail. I agree with you in that these muse-ums...
(in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.
synonyms: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus; formalafflatus
"the poet's muse"
a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.
noun: muse; plural noun: muses
synonyms: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus; formalafflatus
"the poet's muse"

...are always created by Jews to showcase their achievements, imagined sufferings, and human wrongs. A fruit of their Roman/Greek worship just as they do in Jerusalem at the Roman Wall they pay homage to. Here are some statistics that are free that show the HUMAN RIGHTS abused by these museum cons.

Their muse-ums get larger because the guilt of their actions get larger, which then gets buried in the foundations of these buildings.
Illusion of Accountability in Israeli Soldier's Manslaughter Conviction
Israeli soldier convicted of manslaughter
PressTV News Videos

I hope time is coming to a close for these liars, cons, murderers, and extortionists.

greencrow said...

A decade or more ago, a money vortex called "Storyland" was built in downtown Vancouver. It was supposed to tell in diorama the entire history of British Columbia. Cost overruns ran into the hundreds of millions. No one could believe how this project could cost hundreds of millions of dollars when to look at was in an old refurbished building and was mostly underground. After operating in the red for a few years, "Storyland" finally closed down due to poor attendance. I always thought it was a government boondoggle from the beginning. I guess some culprits know the ins and outs of siphoning off "charitable" funds from the government...make it rich and then run...before the debts can be allocated. Another theory I had was that it somehow was a massive money laundering operation. Canada is known internationally as one of the money-laundering capitals of the world.

I am glad to hear that this hollow co$t museum has died. Important to find out who made money on the deal. Take the museum and give it to First Nations to do whatever they want with the space. THEN people might actually be drawn to it as a tourist attraction.


greencrow said...


Here is the link that tells what happened to "Storyeum" (not Storyland)