Monday, January 30, 2017

Quebec City Mosque Shootings: This Stinks To High Heaven - First Reports From Canadian Researcher, Penny, Calls Into Question This Shooting!

I am still recovering from my bout of severe throat/nose/ear infection and am slowly catching up today on what has been happening around our sick world... And lo and behold here comes yet ANOTHER "mass shooting", and this time it occurred at a Mosque in Quebec City, Quebec here in Canada....

The initial reports that the Jew spew media are throwing out as of today is that a "lone gunman" (always seems to be the case it seems..) went into a Mosque in Quebec City last night, while Muslim patrons were in worship, and proceeded to pull out a gun and shoot up to 14 people... The reports are that this "shooting" has resulted in 6 people dead and another 8 injured.....  I am still reading over so much of the details from the liars in the Jew spew media at present, and even what is coming fast and furious via the Alternative media, and as usual everything about this "shooting" does not make any sense at all.... And being an eternal skeptic and one that has already exposed so many of these fraud shootings before, I smell a rat.....

OK, I came across the following two reports that my fellow Canadian researcher, Penny, who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, that brings forward some serious questions about this "shooting" in Quebec City.... The first report that I have the link to here has the criminal Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, coming out almost immediately calling this a "terrorist attack" (How can he make that judgment so quickly when all of the details of this incident are not even out yet?)....  Here is that link:

OK, A few points that I find disturbing and what Penny also sees... Again, how can the Canadian Prime Minister open his big mouth and proclaim this as a "terrorist attack" even before the RCMP and Quebec City police have not conducted their own investigation?  And as Penny shows, I too found it disturbing and weird that the Jew spew media proclaimed this as an "attack against Muslims" even before all the details were officially released! And the TIMING of this attack absolutely raises so many red flags considering the moves by Drumpf with his immigration ban in America....

And here is the follow up report from Penny, where the reports suddenly went from a "few gunman" to the usual LONE GUNMAN scenario that we have seen too many times in so many fake shootings!  Here is the link to that report here:

OK, Now I have my suspicions entrenched that this is indeed another false flag event... The "lone gunman" story that the LIARS in the Jew spew media are spewing is bad enough, but the 'gunman's' antics AFTER the shooting should have everyone saying 'Hey wait a minute here!"...

AND as Penny points out, here we go with the "white privileged shooter" shooting up a Mosque of all things... I can just see the Jew spew media here in Canada now taking their usual pot shots at 'WHITES' for being to blame for this incident.....THAT alone has my red flags way up that this is indeed another fake shooting!

So, here we have this "Alexandre Bissonnette" character, with the same type of physical makeup as that phoney "Dylan Storm Roof" (What a great laughable name they come up with!) from the fraud Charleston shooting of 2 years ago  with supposedly NO background of any problems (none yet, but watch the Jew spew media create one..) supposedly go out of the blue into a Mosque and shooting like a marksman taking out 6 people and wounding 8 others?  And then he magically decides to 'feel guilty' some 17 minutes after this event, calls 9-11, and then cooperates and turns himself in?  I for one think this stinks to high heaven, and something else is afoot here!

Again, there is more to this Quebec shooting than meets the eye..... I am not dismissing the idea that anyone was killed in this incident, but I have my suspicions...... As more reports do come forward, I will indeed present that information here for all to see for themselves...Stay tuned..

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Penny said...

Hey North!
Imagine my surprise this am to wake up in Ontario and see this news- Mass shooting in Quebec:

And our dear PM was immediately on Twitter saying it was a terror attack

This went from 3 shooters- yes, three shooters down to one- they had 4 suspects arrested at one time but 3 shooters were mentioned by witnesses

Here's the quote from one witness and I find it incredibly specific:

“It was someone who mastered weapons because it was calm,” the man said. “He killed and he killed. It was really horrible.”

“It was someone who mastered weapons because it was calm”

So, we had a shooter identified as one who mastered weapons and shot calmly..
And we get the Dylann Roof look alike!
Suspicious- wrapped up in about 16 hours, pretty dam good

Cause the guy allegedly confessed so all the troublesome eye witness accounts go away!

Thanks for the link too North