Thursday, January 12, 2017

Is This The Coup In America? Are US Troops On Russian Border To Possibly Start A War Before President Drumpf's Inauguration?

Over the last while while most people have been asleep via the Jew spew media with their fraud reports on the shooting hoaxes in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Istanbul Turkey, and even the fraud "truck attack" in Berlin, Germany, very quietly the criminals in the outgoing Soetoro regime have been working in cooperation with the criminals in the Rothschild controlled NATO organization to rapidly move a lot of men and military ordinance to the Russian Federation border.... This rapid build up of force has been reported by these LIARS as a "means to combat Russian aggression"....But since the Russian Federation has absolutely NOT been aggressive with anyone, while the US has long been the real aggressor, I do wonder if something much more sinister is afoot!

Right now, I want to share with my own readers a most interesting report that comes from the SHTF website, at, that brings forward the question" "Is This The Coup In America? "US Troops On Russian Border" To Start War Before Inauguration"... This is a must read by everyone and clearly should alert everyone that something serious is being planned before that outgoing criminal, Barry Soetoro,, is forced out of office by the 20th of January..... Here is the link to that article here for everyone to see for themselves... And of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I have been watching all the real reports via the alternative media over this last while about this massive movement of force to the Russian border, and I too have been asking what the hell these maniacs have planned?

Lets be honest here...Barry Soetoro and his cronies absolutely wanted that hideous and evil witch, Hillary Killary Clinton in the White House, and they will stop at nothing but to make incoming President Drumpf's first term in office a living hell... They may indeed force this war and invoke the US war clauses in their own constitution and therefore "delay" President Drumpf from getting in the White House by a declaration of martial law....

As I stated before, what we may be watching is these lunatics actually launching a war against Russia on false pretext and therefore 'gift' Drumpf with a nice little global war.....But to do so would definitely require a new 'false flag' to vilify Russia and to persuade the American people that their only course of action is war..... BUT they have failed so far, and I can guarantee that President Vladimir Putin of Russia will NOT bite no matter how many troops are aligned on his border.... It is my hope that Putin does the smart thing and just sits by and waits until Drumpf is finally in the White House as of the 21st of this month...

The big problem that I see here is that these forces that have been "rushed" to the Russian border are only numbering in the thousands along with their supporting equipment... There is NO way in hell that they can in any means invade the Russian Federation.... It is therefore very possible that they are using those forces to try to "provoke" the Russians and get their nice little war going through the use of such provocation... That provocation could also be in the form of a new 'false flag' to once again claim that the Russians were the aggressors!

THIS is therefore a warning that there may indeed be a brand new false flag coming this week that the American government will try to blame on Russia...... And if it does happen it will dwarf all of this ridiculous "Russia Hacking" bullshit that we have been seeing over the last while... Be weary America, for it may be coming...

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There will be no real change of government in the United States between Obama and Trump. Both are functionaries, not decision makers. The real government remains in the hands of the Jews. Thus whatever happens, it was always part of their plan.

Now I will put forth a hypothetical scenario by drawing an analogy between the US entry into WW2 and the present day.

In both cases the Jews are in firm control of the country. The present Russian Federation, just like National Socialist Germany was, is the chief obstacle to the Jewish Global Imperium. This threat must be eliminated, which can only be done threw war. The Jews never fight their own battles, rather they trick some group of Goys into doing it for them. This is done by deceiving those Goy into believing that they are acting in self-defense. Obviously they must control the press and keep themselves hidden for the process to work. It is therefore essential that they get their intended victims to make the first move against their tools. Just like they did with Hitler they are trying to get Putin to attack first. But Putin just like Hitler knows their game and refuses to take the bait. So therefore the Jews put into operation their fallback Plan B. That is maneuver a vulnerable ally of their intended victim into a position where they are forced to attack first. This puts their target into a position of either entering the war in support of their ally or abandoning them. Their victim must either honor their treaty commitments or lose all credibility in front of all of the world (Real and potential allies and trading partners and the world at large.)

The US managed to cut off the supply of oil to Japan. This put paid to Japan as a modern state unless they quickly acted to restore their oil supply. Thus you had the attack on Pearl Harbor followed by the American Declaration Of War. Thus in order to honor his treaty commitments to his Japanese allies Hitler was forced to declare war on the US himself. The rest is as they say history.(This part is fact, not speculation.)

For a long time I thought that there would be an attack on Iran on some trumped up pretext in order to eliminate Israel's old nemesis and drag the Russians into a war. However, due to the Iranians development of a force of medium range ballistic missiles (MRBMs) with conventional warheads large enough to flatten all of Israel this became to risky for the Chosen People.

So they had to find another Russian ally to provoke. Thus we now see the confrontation with China. Strong as Russia is, they can't survive without their Chinese partner. For their part the Chinese must control those "islands" in the South China Sea or the US will build bases for their strategic forces so close to the Chinese mainland that it will make any defense against a nuclear first strike a joke. A nuclear first strike on the part of the United States has been on the table for some time and Trump has said nothing about taking it off.

I apologize for taking up so much space but I felt like it was something that needed to be said. I welcome any comments or questions.