Monday, January 9, 2017

Fort Lauderdale Florida Shooting Hoax: Great Videos Summarize This Fraud

It seems that the Jew spew media is right now spending 1/2 its time on the fraud Fort Lauderdale "shooting" and the other 1/2 on the equally fraudulent "truck attack" in Jerusalem.....  The Jerusalem "truck attack" is absolutely laughable and outrageous enough.... But for now I will once again concentrate on that other fraud in Fort Lauderdale Florida...

Earlier today, news via the Jew spew media stated that the Fort Lauderdale "shooter", Esteban Santiago (I still get a kick out of this name...) made his first appearance in criminal court to face charges for the "shooting" and may indeed face the death penalty.. This is strangely reminiscent of the Tsarnaev brothers who were the "patsies" for the fraudulent Boston Bombing and how one brother, Tamerlan, was murdered by the Boston police, while the other brother, Dzhokhar, was put in front of a Kangaroo court and was also given the death penalty.... This entire fraud in Fort Lauderdale does indeed stink to high heaven, and I for one am still shocked that there are so many idiots and gullible fools out there that actually believe this fraud was real!

Right now, I want to present the following videos in two parts that summarizes this entire fraud at Fort Lauderdale very nicely... They come courtesy of Youtube user, Sann Ingren, and contains a multitude of great videos by other Youtube users put together as one heck of a great documentary... Here are those videos in two parts here:

Part I:

Part II:

Yes, these two videos put together all of the great detective work done by other Youtube users in researching this fraud very nicely......

And... I have one superb bonus video here from Youtube user, Peekay Truth, that is so ridiculously laughable and blows the entire fraud of the Fort Lauderdale shooting wide open... First here is THAT video here, and I have further comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  When I first saw that final video that shows these young nubile very energetic and absolutely fit and trim women in RUNNING APPAREL, running across the tarmac, I rolled on the floor laughing so hard... THIS is so outrageous and "in your face" proof that the entire Fort Lauderdale 'shooting' is a terribly piss poor fraud....I mean, come on now America, what are the odds that you would have a women's track team already in place to run as directed and choreographed for the cameras to video tape and try to pass off as "airline passengers running for their lives"?

Lets be perfectly clear here... THIS fraud was done so sloppy and yet the criminals doing this act against America and the world apparently do NOT care any more that people can see the fraud... They know that there are now too many people out there that are hopelessly brainwashed and too stupid for their own good to see that these are indeed hoaxes....

Wake up, America.... The criminals responsible for these frauds will continue with these fakes until they either get what they want, a subdued public living in permanent fear and enslavement... Or until people finally put an end to their evil plans....

More to come


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