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Understanding Our Real Enemy: Responding To Charges Of "Anti-Semitism"

Over the last 10 years (Has it really been that long now?) that I have written articles here at this blog, I am constantly getting "complaints" in either the form of emails or rude comments claiming that I am a "Jew Hater" or even more laughingly.. An "Anti-Semite"..... I again and again must always point out that the information here is based upon FACT and not fiction, and that I am always pointing out exactly who our real enemy is, and how these criminals are indeed wanting to see themselves as masters over the planet... I for one will never sway from the truth and I call a spade a spade....

Just the other day, I came across a wonderful article from "Birth Of A New Earth" at, that indeed answers those critics that call myself and others "antisemites" and of course "Jew haters".... And I do want to share that article here with my own readers to view for themselves right here... This article is entitled:"Responding To Charges Of Anti-Semitism" and I will of course follow up this important article with my own thoughts and comments:


Dear friends - What I am about to share with you is an important data base of information that people should keep on hand. This information has been compiled in response to a woman I recently met who was generally very impressed by my work, but who did not appreciate the information I share about Jews. She is half Jewish herself and was obviously bothered by some of the facts. And so she asked me if there was a way I could tone it down a bit so as not to put people off. Below you will find my response which clearly indicates there is no way to dilute this information. It absolutely must be shared because lives and souls are in danger.

Please do explore the links below and pass them on. Everyone should be privy to this information.

PS - Please keep in mind that most Jews are NOT Semites. Palestinians are true Semites. Most Jews are not. The charge of "anti-semitism" is just another mind fuck used to control discourse.
* * * * * * * *

Dear friend - I wanted to respond to you at some length in the hopes that we can have a meeting of the mind and heart. This is such a difficult topic and yet I feel it is one of the most important topics of all time. I hope you will take the time to hear me out and explore some of the information I share with you below so that you can better understand my perspective.

I want you to know that when I first began to hear about this thing called "the Jewish issue," I was completely put off by it and refused to give it any attention. I grew up with many Jewish people in my life and both my best friend growing up, and later, my best friend on Maui, were both Jewish. I never had a bad thought about Jewish people in all my life as this is not how I was raised and not something I would have ever found acceptable. 

I am telling you this in the hopes that you will understand that the things I speak about today have not been easy for me to integrate and accept. In fact, it has been incredibly difficult. For years, I had people bombarding me with information about the Jews but I refused to look at it. Finally, I read the Howard Rosenthal interview and my eyes were opened. I knew that I must begin to look more deeply into this topic. Please consider reading the interview for yourself so you can better understand what I am talking about:

Please also understand that the reason I speak out so passionately and without censoring myself on this topic is because I think non-Jews are in grave danger. This is especially true in the United States but is also true for countries like Germany and Sweden, where Jews have seen to it that dark-skinned, Muslim refugees flood these predominantly white Christian nations because (i) they despise Christianity and want to destroy it, and (ii) they have an agenda to destroy the white race. They believe (and Howard Rosenthal mentions this) that filling these countries with brown-skinned, Muslim people will cause inbreeding and the ultimate demise of both the white race and Christian culture and values. If you have not heard anything about this topic before, please take a quick look at this very important blog which I created to warn people about the Jewish agenda to destroy the white race:

Regarding Hitler – he did not just want the Jews out of Germany because they had power. He wanted them out for the same reason that 109 other countries wanted them out (see, i.e., because everywhere they go they steal the wealth, bankrupting nations through trickery, deceit and usury. They also pervert sexuality in the most extreme manner. Please have a look at this article to learn more about what Jews did in Germany prior to the rise of Hitler – and note that this is exactly what they are doing in the United States today.

To understand the full extent of what is happening in America, and to grapple with the fact that this is not the only country that has experienced such a fate at the hands of the Jews, please check out the following:

Jewish Sexual Perversion Being Used to Destroy America

Jewish Hollywood and the Promotion of Incest

The Devil has a Name – Who’s Behind the Antics of Miley Cyrus?

A Look at the Jews Who are Behind the Homosexual, Lesbian (and Pedophilia) Movement

In addition to the above, pornography now floods the U.S. and it is wholly owned and controlled by Jews. For more information on this topic, please see the following links:

Jews in the American Porn Industry

Jews in Porn

Pornography and the Destruction of Society – The Jewish Influence

Pedophilia is now being normalized and promoted through the Jewish-controlled American Psychological Association. It began with Sigmund Freud (Jew) claiming children want to have sex with their parents and are anally fixated and has advanced to the point where it is now being argued that children are sexual from birth, that they can benefit from having sex with adults, and that pedophilia is a “sexual orientation” rather than a mental disorder and should be made legal. I have outlined much of this in my talk on pornography, which link I sent you earlier today.

Here is some additional information:

Normalizing the Rape of Children – Pedophilia now Classified as a Sexual Orientation – Talmud Supports the Rape of 3 Year Olds,

Not surprisingly, the United States has become one of the most sexually debase countries in all the world and this is, in huge part, a result of Jewish influence. The dastardly Common Core curriculum was masterminded by Jews (see, and has succeeded in moving pornography and all forms of sexually debase information into the schools where it is being peddled to children as young as 3 and 4. I have documented this extensively in my talk on pornography.

On top of all this, it must be noted that Jews have a very long history of human and animal sacrifice, and this is another reason they have been kicked out of so many countries. Wherever they go, children tend to go missing. Some are later found having been ritually murdered, with holes punched in their bodies in the shape of the kabalistic tree of life. The Jews responsible for these atrocities drain the blood of their victims (just as they drain the blood of animals) and there are many pictures to attest to these horrifying acts.

Just last year, in September of 2015, some 50,000 chickens were sacrificed on the streets of New York City for a cruel and sadistic Jewish ritual called kaporot (see The streets of Brooklyn were running red with blood as a result of this very sick, cult activity – and it was all completely “legal” because Jews also control the legal system in the United States (see and

Here are some additional links about these issues:

Jewish Occult Rites and Jewish Ritual Murder

Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited – the Hidden Cult

Blood Libel – Jewish Ritualistic Murder

Ritual Murder of Children by Jews in Russia

Jewish Murder of the Russian Imperial Family

In addition to human and animal sacrifice, some Jews are also involved in cannibalism and blood drinking. These extreme satanic perversions are not that uncommon and are alive and well in places like New York City, where more than a dozen infants got herpes from a mohel who sucks blood off the infant penises after he mutilates them (see These rabbis are aware that they have herpes yet persist in sucking baby penises as part of their “service.” Naturally, they are passing on herpes to the infants, several of whom have died, while others have gotten permanent brain damage. And, of course, it’s all perfectly “legal” because these same satanic forces control the legal system.

Even worse are Jews that fight over infant foreskins because they want to eat them believing it will make them fertile and have a baby boy (see

As if all of this were not enough, I also feel compelled to mention that Jews are responsible for at least three genocides in the last 100 years alone. They are wholly responsible for the Bolshevik revolution in Russia (see and which killed more than 66+ million predominantly white Russian Christians.

Additionally, 15+ million Germans were starved, tortured, and slaughtered during and after WW2 by the Jews and their allies, yet somehow the Jews have been able to invert the facts and make themselves out to be the victims (see The idea that 6 million Jews were murdered in gas chambers is a complete fabrication (see and and Jews work tirelessly to keep the facts hidden so they can continue to reap millions of dollars in “reparations” from the very people they worked so hard to destroy (i.e., Germans). See and

In addition to attempting to genocide Russians and Germans, Jews are also responsible for attempting to genocide the Palestinian people while simultaneously stealing their land and claiming “God” has ordained for this to happen.

All of this evil has happened in just the last 100 years, and if you look closely at the Bible you will find that land is repeatedly stolen and entire civilizations destroyed and burned to the ground again and again wherever members of this particular race/cult happen to go.

Furthermore, the history of America is wholly intertwined with this type of evil because its beginnings are connected to Jews. Christopher Columbus himself was a crypto-Jew (i.e, a Jew pretending to be a Christian) and his “discovery” of America was financed by Jews who were in search of somewhere to go as they were being kicked out of yet another country. Christopher Columbus was a complete and total psychopath who played a huge role in the genocide of Native Americans. In fact, it is said that he murdered 500,000 Native Americans himself.

Christopher Columbus was a psychopath and a Jew (see and

Jews and the attempted genocide of Native Americans

Moreover, Jews are hugely responsible for American slavery, although they have enjoyed blaming “the white man” for this atrocity and getting others to believe this nonsense. See, and

There is much, much more that I could share with you as I have barely scratched the surface in this email and have not even touched on the devious and methodical way Jews took over the American medical system and have been using sorcery and deceit to systematically poison and slowly kill non-Jews – but not before draining all of their wealth and subjecting them to myriad tortures, including circumcision.

The United States is hated around the world because of the evil that our government is involved in. However, at this point, our government is almost wholly controlled by Jews.

Israeli Dual Citizens in Congress

Jews Control America

Jews Who Control American Government

Jews in the Barack Obama Administration

Jews are responsible for the creation of nuclear weapons and for giving birth to other abominations like Monsanto. They have also financed both sides of every war for the last several hundred years.

Sarah - I have been very, very honest with you here because I would like to be your friend and I think it is important for you to know that I am not "a racist," but rather, a very well informed individual that cares greatly for Mankind and our planet. I see the Jewish agenda as a major threat to life and although there are likely many Jews that would prefer that I shut my mouth, I cannot, in good conscience, keep this information to myself. I would be negligent if I did and a traitor to my own people, who are in grave danger because of everything I have outlined here. This is especially true for non-Jewish children who are being groomed for pedophilia and encouraged to engage in perversions of all kinds.

I realize that, at some level, you have identified yourself with this Luciferian cult and therefore feel the need to defend it and its members. However, when a person is born into a Luciferian cult, it is urgently necessary for them to (i) separate themselves from the cult; and (ii) speak out about what its members are doing. Many, many people have been born into Luciferian cults and subjected to myriad forms of mind control which are necessary to keep them loyal to the cult. However, more and more of these people are breaking free of the spell and speaking out in an effort to alert others to the danger. This is what I feel the Jewish people also must do, lest they too be held accountable for what this wicked cult has done and continues to do around the globe. People like Henry Makow, Miko Peled, Gilad Atzmon, etc. – all are Jews who are speaking out about the evil, and in so doing, have separated themselves from the cult and aligned themselves instead with The Good. This alone has the potential to save their soul.

Please know that Jews have been kicked out of countries 109 times not because non-Jews have an irrational hatred of Jews. Rather, they are being repeatedly expelled from country after country because of the evil they bring with them everywhere they go. If things keep going the way they have been, it is only a matter of time before the next pogrom happens. And it would not surprise me in the least if this pogrom takes place in the United States where an avalanche of Truth is now being disseminated.

I earnestly await your feedback on this material hoping we can find a way to still be friends.


NTS Notes:  I do want to thank "Jeanice" over at Birth Of A New Earth, for laying this out very well and including some fabulous links for everyone to see...

Lets face the facts here... We in the real truth movement will ALWAYS be slandered periodically by those who do not like the fact that we are exposing their criminal actions.... My response to these criminals is to basically try NOT to be criminals and actually try to be human beings for a change!

And as Jeanice does point out in the article, there are indeed many good Jewish people out there that do see the crimes of their "tribe" and are disgusted and have indeed fought against their evil criminality... But again, they are so few and far between...  Most of the Jewish people are well aware of the criminal nature of their own cult, but many do NOTHING to stop that evil....

As for the constant claims that I am an "Anti-Semite", I again ask those that are hurling those accusations to first PROVE that they themselves are actually "Semitic"... Many of them are actually either unaware or simply want to hide the fact that 95% of the Jews on planet Earth are NOT Semites at all, and instead are actually Indo-Turkish Asiatic Khazars that originated from the central Steppe region of what now is Kazakstan and Russia.... They therefore have not one drop of Semitic blood in them at all, and yet here they are screaming "Anti-Semite" at everyone that exposes their crimes.... I again dare them to come forward and again show that they are indeed Semites first and foremost before they scream their lies....

The other twist about this "Anti-Semite" slander is the fact that the real Semites are actually the Palestinian people that they have been stealing land from to form their glorious "Jewish state" of Israel.....Therefore in a real twist, when they scream "Anti-Semite" at anyone they are actually claiming that the recipient of their accusations is "Anti-Palestinian"!   Is it therefore amazing how this accusation is so distorted?

Again, I have no real hatred for anyone other than to hate criminals and criminal activity....And therefore I will continue in exposing the CRIMES of this cult and "tribe" as much as possible......Stay tuned...

More to come


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