Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updates On Present Situation.. Aleppo Will Be Liberated, Just NOT Yet!

I have been pouring over all of the reports from the alternative news sites (I have long given up on the liars in the Jew spew media...) about the ongoing situation in the war to free Syria from the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal... And the news is positive in regards to the situation in Aleppo, but now has become a bit disturbing in the outskirts of Palmyra....

Many reports have come out today claiming that the city of Aleppo has now been liberated... I have already warned several authors of these reports at their sites "not so fast..." as the US criminal murderous operatives and mercenaries in the southeastern part of the city have NOT yet surrendered, and in fact according to the following link, have "agree" to a "suspension of operations" to allow civilians to be evacuated from the ongoing bloodshed.. Here is the link to that report from Russia Today:

OK, I am not sold on this "suspension of operations"  which is basically another term for a "ceasefire" at all, for all previous "ceasefires" in that conflict have been a bunch of lies and have been used by the criminal cabal to rush in resupplies and ordinance to their enbattled "rebels"... BUT with these mercenaries in Aleppo now hopelessly surrounded, the chances of "resupply" to try to turn the tide are now slim to none... I do wonder however if the US may yet try something diabolical to still save the situation in Aleppo...

*Update, December 8, 2016 @ 1455 EST... Supposedly the thought of a deal for a "ceasefire" in Syria has now been rejected.... The fighting to liberate the city will therefore continue and the situation for the "rebels" still holed up in that 10% of territory they still hold in eastern Aleppo is now hopeless.. They will have to surrender or die...

*Update,December 9, 2016@ 0845 EST... As it stands right now, the Syrian Government forces have halted their attacks on "humanitarian grounds" to allow for the safe passage of civilians out of the eastern Aleppo pocket.  The US/Israel/NATO criminals are as it stands this morning looking for a way out for their operatives in Aleppo.  But apparently the Syrians and the Russians are still demanding their surrender.

*Update, December 9, 2016@1030 EST... Well, that did not take long.. The Syrian government forces have now relaunched their offensive against what remains of the eastern Aleppo pocket this morning due to the so called "rebels" NOT honoring the terms of the temporary truce (no suprise here..).  The final offensive is finally underway and hopefully the good guys will not stop until the pocket is finally eliminated.

Yes, Aleppo has NOT been "liberated" as of yet, for there is still about 10% of the city held by these scoundrels in what is left of the eastern Aleppo pocket... I will hold off on any celebrations on the "liberation" of Aleppo until that pocket is destroyed and the FULL city is returned rightfully to the Syrian people....

But elsewhere in Syria, something is indeed brewing in the vicinity of the liberated city of Palmyra... For according to the following report from the Southfront website, at, apparently the US operative/mercenary group known as "ISIS" has now magically reappeared and has launched an offensive on the Syrian held corridor to that important city... Here is the link to that report:

OK, everyone should be asking this important question.... With the fraud of "ISIS" on the supposed run everywhere across both Syria and Iraq, HOW in the hell did this supposed "ragtag" force get the manpower and even the weaponry to launch this new strike against the city of Palmyra?

Here is the answer.... Remember all of those supposed "10000" or so "ISIS terrorists" that were "allowed" to flee out of Mosul, Iraq and hightail it over the Syrian border under the full guidance of the criminals in the US government and military?   Well, now we see where those "terrorists" have been "redeployed" in Syria itself!  Those are the forces that are now conducting this Palmyra attack!

Yes, even with the upcoming fall of Aleppo to the good guys, the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal has always had a "Plan B" up their sleeves and this new war front at Palmyra is part of their insidious plans to keep the war in Syria going....

We should all hope that the Russians see this game and now turn some of their attention to keeping Palmyra secure and destroying this fraud "ISIS" attack..... I will indeed cover the situation there in future articles, AND of course will indeed have that article here at this blog when the city of Aleppo does indeed fall... Stay tuned..

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