Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updates On Situation In Syria As Syria Is About To Win Its Greatest Victory In Its War Against Evil!

I have been following the progression of the Syrian government forces and their Russian and Arabic allies as they are now rapidly putting an end to the so called eastern pocket of "resistance" in eastern Aleppo city.... Even as I type this report, the good guys are now moving from the northeastern side of the pocket and have now squeezed what is left of the criminal US murderous mercenaries and their operatives into an increasingly shrinking area of resistance.... I said yesterday that the fight for Aleppo will be won within the next few days, and apparently I am right in my prediction.... It will indeed be a very glorious victory for the Syrian people and one that will signal to the entire world that the Jewish run criminal cabal that has wanted that innocent nation destroyed can indeed be beaten!

First, I want to present here a link to a fellow truth seeker out of Canada, Penny, who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, where she has put forward some late breaking news on the situation in Aleppo that shows that the situation for the criminal murderous mercenaries and operatives left in the eastern Aleppo pocket is so dire now that they are pleading for an immediate "ceasefire" to allow them to surrender or to evacuate eastern Aleppo immediately... Here is the link:

OK, Penny may have just "jumped the gun" a bit by saying that the city of Aleppo has been "recaptured" by the Syrian government forces.. The reality is that as of this point the good guys have seized only the "old city" part of Aleppo, and the "terrorists" and "rebels" are now jammed into the southeastern corner of Aleppo itself....But she is correct with the facts that these fraud "rebels" are now pleading for a ceasefire...

And about that "ceasefire".... I cannot understand how these criminal "rebels" are having the nerve to still call for a 5 day "ceasefire", when in reality they would use that respite to pause and possibly to get rearmed... We have seen this type of fraud "ceasefires" before in this battle for Aleppo, and in each previous case, the criminal cabal has indeed used that pause to rush in reinforcements and rearm their operatives!

I came across the following report from The Real Syrian Free Press, at, where the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, is willing to consider a ceasefire, but NOT on the terms that the US and the other criminals that have supported these fraud rebels want... The only terms will be to allow these frauds to evacuate the eastern part of the city, or they refuse they will be destroyed.  Here is the link to that article:

OK, In my honest opinion, the time for a "ceasefire" is long over, and the Syrian army should finish the job and refuse any ceasefire what so ever.... We all recall so many times in the past where these murderous mercenaries and operatives have been slaughtering innocent Syrian civilians and have caused heinous crimes against humanity... The time for compassion for these murderers is long over and they should be either forced to surrender immediately, or be slaughtered to the last man.... There should be no bargaining with pure evil, period!

Yes, the final stages of the great victory for the Syrian government forces at Aleppo is now at hand... And with this victory, the criminal US/Israel/NATO EVIL cabal will have been soundly beaten.... This victory will also signal to so many nations around the planet that have suffered from the criminal policies of the US and Israel that they no longer have to live in fear and can stand up against such evil....

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Penny said...

Hey North- I had to shorten the headline of my post- so I had hoped once anyone read the body of the post they would understand it was the old city section of Aleppo.
I had to get the ceasefire and the Israeli strikes mentioned
By all accounts the SAA and allies hold 85 percent of eastern Aleppo.
I'm hoping they take the rest shortly and btw the US is working to get it's thugs out.. Kerry is at wits end
and that report on the airstrikes on Syrian Army is full of holes as expected

Anyway.. thanks for the link too - so much news- so little space to get a readers attention

Penny said...

Read this one North:

You and I know the US and company struck the Syrian Arab Army on purpose
to assist ISIS
to end a ceasefire they never wanted