Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Sandy Hook Shooting LIE 4 Years Later: Even More Evidence That This Was A Staged Operation - Many Of The Supposed "Victim's Families" Visited The White House BEFORE The "Shooting"

Today marks the 4th anniversary of that alleged "shooting" in Newtown, Connecticut, at the alleged "Sandy Hook Elementary School" (That was actually closed years before this "shooting"). that allegedly took the lives of some 26 children and teachers (Including "Noah Pozner" who apparently died one more time in Pakistan!).....To this day, I and others in the real truth movement still cannot understand how most people actually think that this was a real event...It does puzzle myself that even after 4 years and so much evidence that it was indeed a staged event, there are so many that cannot even fathom that this "shooting" was complete and utter bullshit!

Right now, I want to present some startling new evidence that I came across the other day in the form of the following video from Youtube user, "Barry Soetoro" .... In this video, you will see that some of the "shooting victims" fraud parents were at the White House just before the alleged shooting... First here is that video, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  The question that everyone should be asking considering this evidence is ... WHY were all of these "parents" guests at the White House just before this "shooting"?

So, we now have some damning evidence that these alleged parents were guests of Barry Soetoro himself at the White House just before this operation at Sandy Hook was conducted....  And we cannot forget about how after this "shooting" so many parents, including the fraud Lenny Pozner and his equally fraudulent wife were directly involved with Barry's administration to push gun control legislation...

Again, I am so puzzled that after all of this time, now 4 full years, that most people still do not get what happened at Sandy Hook... It was indeed a staged event using piss poor crisis actors and government officials for the purpose of selling the gullible American public on the idea of having them give up their main defense against a criminal government, which is of course their guns.....

And as "RickB" and others have pointed out to myself.. We have so many FRAUDS in this so called "truth movement" including that troll out of Idaho that writes the "TUTankhamen" website, and that "spin" doctor out of Illinois, continuing their lies and falsehoods that  this was a real event.... These two rejects from clown college and their associates should be ashamed of themselves and everyone should no longer even bothering with their "websites" full of lies.....

The fraud of the Sandy Hook "shootings" continues... Eventually everyone will understand that this was indeed a most elaborate hoax and operation..

More to come


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wallflower said...

Hey NTS...

I have no doubts about the SH hoax.

I did see something however in the video that seemed out of sync.

@3:55 where he shows BENJAMIN WHEELER (in all caps) looks inserted. The date is out of sync with the others and the name is written in all caps and the others are not.

Other than that...who knows? I don't believe nor watch drains my mental capacity to operate. The sad reality is that these msm and alt media liars are creating a virtual lie out of every truth when discovered...and that is sad. Thanks always.