Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Mystery Of The Disappearances Of Malaysian Flights MH370 And MH17 Continues: SELECTIVE EVIDENCE Suddenly... We Can Get Voice Recorders Off Airplane Crashes Again. What Gives???

For the last two years I have stated clearly in this blog that I do strongly believe that when Malaysian flight MH370 "magically" disappeared off of ground radar on March 8th, 2014, that the aircraft was absolutely hijacked by the US military and diverted to their Indian Ocean military base at Diego Garcia.... I have NOT seen any evidence to this day that has changed my opinion..... Yes, we have seen many reports of debris "washing up" on the beaches of many islands in the Indian Ocean including Madagascar... But after all of that "evidence" has been carefully examined, almost all has been determined to have originated elsewhere or from another source.....To this day, there is absolutely no proof that MH370 went anywhere else other than to Diego Garcia, and I am sticking to my guns on this one until proof positive shows otherwise!

And of course we have the most peculiar mystery surrounding the last flight of Malaysian flight MH17 that supposedly took off from Amsterdam Netherlands, on July 17th, 2014 on a scheduled flight to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.... That aircraft most strangely flew a wrong course over the eastern Ukraine and suddenly was blown out of the sky that afternoon..... Initially all of the Jew spew media went hog wild with their reports that "the Russians" blew up that aircraft, but further evidence clearly showed that it was NOT the Russians at all, but either the Ukrainian airforce or Ukrainian ground based missiles that did the deed......

What has been so amazing to this day about the mysteries behind these two flights was the reluctance of the United States and some of its allies to refuse to allow proper independent investigations into both mishaps......  There has also been the equally puzzling reluctance of the US to allow the flight data recorders and the voice recorders in the cockpits of both of these flights to be revealed for the world to listen to help determine exactly what happened in the minutes before both of these aircraft met their mysterious doom....... This is one of the biggest puzzles behind these last flights, and leads everyone to the strong suspicion of a cover up.......

I want to present the following very important article that comes from a fellow real truth seeker from right here in Canada, Greencrow, who of course writes the blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at, that takes a hard look at both flights MH370 and MH17 and asks the question as to why suddenly we can get voice recorders off airplane crashes again, when they were strangely not allowed for these two flights back in 2014!  Here is Greencrow's article right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Saturday, December 3, 2016

SELECTIVE EVIDENCE Suddenly....we can get voice recorders off airplane crashes again. What gives???!!!

Flight Path of MH370 

It's funny about modern jet plane technology...well not "funny ha ha" but "funny weird".  Sometimes the flight recorder will present audio evidence of the last moments in the cockpit...with the communications between the pilots and the Air Traffic Control Towers illuminating the final moments before the crash...and sometimes that precious evidence will, for whatever reason, simply not be least to the main$tream Media and the Public.  Now, I ask myself...self?  Why does the greencrow have to go and dig up three blatant weird happenstances about air crashes and present them to the (albeit) tiny fraction of the blogosphere that reads my posts?  Why isn't this weird "selective evidence" quandary presented in a "60 Minutes" prime time TV documentary?  It's THAT weird.  But anyhoooooooo, here goes.

Exhibit #1 for the Prosecution of the collusion between Black Ops and Main$tream controlled media

First we have the example of the 2014 MH370 Air Disaster  A recent BBC report discusses how
the bereaved families of the crash victims are still mourning the mysterious loss of their loved ones:
Relatives of those who died on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 are travelling to Madagascar to lobby for the search for debris from the missing aircraft to be expanded.

They said in advance of their trip that if necessary, they would take the search into their own hands.All debris thought to be from the plane has so far been found in east Africa.
The plane disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014 with 239 people on board.It is thought that missing jet is most likely to have crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.
Now, the weird thing about this crash is there was no audio of the last minutes of the flight.  One would think, and expect, that the ATC would have audio recordings of what was going on in the cockpit...not evidence at all.  But, wait....

Investigators reveal MH370 co-pilot tried to make a call from his mobile phone after the aircraft 'vanished' but 'was abruptly cut off' as U.S. deny reports the plane landed at their remote military base

Read more:

Yup!  The copilot tried to make a phone call from his mobile phone shortly after the plane took off. but was cut off.  Surely there must be more evidence about why the call was "cut off".  The entire story of MH370 is full of evidentiary gaps and doppelganger anomalies....why the UN didn't demand the right to search Diego Garcia for evidence?...or even more stunning...why the US didn't OFFER to permit a neutral country to come and look over the Indian Ocean covert operations base for evidence of the missing absolutely flabbergasting!  Especially considering the loss of life involved....and the connections to possible technological sabotage...with some of the passengers travelling to China with their new invention...a secret military high tech gizmo.  But there you have it.

So, isn't it a relief that, with the latest crash of a Chapecoense airline over Columbia, with the tragic loss of life of almost an entire football team of young least the relatives were spared the kind of mental torture the MH370 families have had to endure for three years now?  At least the audio recordings survived the crash.  Here is the BBC report:

Audio Anomaly

Chapecoense air crash: Leaked tape shows plane 'ran out of fuel'

What the audio tells us

The leaked conversations between the flight crew and a Colombian air traffic controller give a glimpse of the frantic, final moments of the doomed plane.

The pilot and can be heard warning of a "total electric failure" and "lack of fuel". 

Just before the tape ends, he says he is flying at an altitude of 9,000ft (2,743m). The plane slammed into a mountainside near the Colombian city of Medellin late on Monday.

That there was no explosion when the plane came down also points to lack of fuel, with one Colombian military source telling the AFP agency its absence was "suspicious".

It is not known why the plane was out of fuel: whether it was because of a leak or because there was not enough on board.

Investigators have yet to announce any single cause for the crash and a full analysis is expected to take months.
Well, I hope the investigators will do their job and at least come out with a "full analysis" at some point in time, unlike the so-called British/Dutch "Investigators" of Flight MH17 that went down in 2015 over war torn Ukraine:

Exhibit #2 for the Prosecution of the collusion between Black Ops and Main$tream controlled media

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17: Cockpit voice recorder 'in good condition'

Black box damaged, but memory intact, Dutch Safety Board reports

Main$tream Media reports immediately following the downing of MH17 over war torn Ukraine in 2015 indicated that the flight "black box" recorders were recovered and in good condition.  Well, they couldn't really say otherwise because the Novorossian military recovered the boxes and publically presented them to the taken showed they were in good condition:

The cockpit voice recorder is in good condition ... the digital flight data recorder is still under review," ICAO said in a statement.

The Dutch Safety Board, which is leading the international inquiry into the crash, said earlier in the day there was no evidence the voice recorder had been tampered with. 
Assessing risk of airspace 
Britain said on Wednesday it had taken delivery of the two recorders, a day after a senior rebel leader in Ukraine handed them over to Malaysian experts.

ICAO, which groups 191 countries, has no operational role and does not issue advisories about the dangers of armed conflict.

Sadly, for the families of the MH17 victims, the last words of the pilots of MH17 were never revealed.  The "investigation" was wrapped up and the final "cause" of the crash was announced earlier this year (2016) to be a "BUK" missile launched at the plane from the Novorossian side of the conflict.  Case Closed.  "We don't need no stinkin black boxes....or their evidence" said the Dutch investigators.

Summary and conclusions:

It is really not up to the experts, the investigators or the Air Safety authorities whether or not the families of the crash victims ever find out why their loved ones died.  That decision is left up to mysterious Deep State military black ops perpetrators and the controlled main$tream media that is in criminal collusion with them. The message to the public is:

"Modern Technology be damned.  You will only hear the voice recorders if WE want you to...if whatever the pilots are saying in their final communications with the Air Traffic Control towers fits our Agenda...and our Official Story."

No matter how preposterous, as in the case of MH370 when the jetliner vaporized into thin air and the governments involved spent years of time and billions of dollars looking everywhere but where the Jetliner might have gone....and the poor co-pilot had to resort to trying to call someone on his cell phone!  No matter.  Case closed.  "Cry us a river...." say the perps to the passengers' heartbroken families...or in the case of MH17 where the Novorossian military meticulously publicly presented pristine black boxes to the investigators in Britain and in The Netherlands....who then arrogantly and stupendously ignored the evidence (including eye witness evidence of two fighter jets tailing the passenger airliner)...and never even referred to the voice box evidence in their final report...instead blaming Russia.

So, Folks...take all 'official investigations' with a grain of salt.  There is no justice for air crash victims or their families anymore.  Jet Crash investigations and their causes have moved to another level of "the Matrix" and you don't have access to it!

NTS Notes: Why am I NOT in the least bit surprised that the US continues to cover up the evidence from these two flights, even now 2 years later?

Lets face the facts right here... Of course the Jew spew media colluded with the US government to cover up what happened with the disappearance of flight MH370... Heck, I even remember when the criminal liars on that Jew spew channel calling itself "CNN" would stand on a map of the Indian Ocean trying to show their dwindling viewership where the last flight of that doomed aircraft may have gone.. And yet, if anyone watched where the show's hosts were standing (especially that ultra Jew, Wolf Blitzer) , they strategically and purposely stood DIRECTLY on top of where Diego Garcia was on that Indian Ocean map and purposely tried to lead their viewers to thinking the craft went elsewhere!  Propaganda at its best!

I am glad that Greencrow now sees what I and others have seen for the last two years in regards to the disappearance and "shoot down" of these aircraft.... It does not take much to take the scenario a bit further with the realization that once MH370 landed at Diego Garcia, the passengers were off loaded and most were murdered (not before Philip Wood was able to get that one last cell phone call off from his Diego Garcia captivity, and that call showed that he was indeed at Diego Garcia!)... Afterwards, that Boeing 777ER aircraft was obviously taken into a facility at Diego where it was repainted to look like one of the US transport aircraft at that base, and it was sent off with other transports to a US military base in the United States....  Once that aircraft was there, the criminal US/Israel cabal planned a brand new false flag attack, this time directed at the ongoing UN/ Iran nuclear talks at The Hague, Netherlands.... The US/Israel cabal then decided to use this Boeing aircraft as a flying bomb to attack and blow up that meeting to have it blamed on Iran!   However, and luckily, the Dutch airforce intercepted that flying bomb on March 31st, 2014 and diverted it out of Dutch airspace where it was forced to land at a US base (most probably in Germany...).... But these criminals were not done, for they then decided to try another false flag attack, this time to have the Russians blamed... They launched the aircraft once again on July 17th, 2014, this time loaded with the remains and bodies of the victims of the MH370 flight (dispose of that evidence at the same time..) and had it purposely flown (robotically?) over Ukraine where the Ukrainian airforce would shoot it out of the sky... The idea was to blame Russia for that shoot down, but when the remains of that aircraft crashed,  everything went wrong, especially when the first rescuers on the scene stated that the bodies they pulled from the aircraft were already LONG DEAD and stunk to high heaven... Long dead corpses do that...... And of course the markings from the aircraft and the window configurations showed clearly that this aircraft was NOT MH17 but was in fact MH370!

It is therefore no wonder that the US has constantly blocked and refused to allow any investigations into MH17 or to have any further independent investigations into MH370.... For if a real factual and independent investigation was allowed and all evidence was presented to that investigative team, they would indeed come to the conclusion that foul play was at hand, and quite possibly come to the same conclusions that I have had for two years that indeed MH370=MH17!

Yes, almost magically now voice and data recordings from airplane crashes suddenly do work again and are once again being used as evidence in any investigations into said crashes... Tragically, especially for the victims of MH370, they were NOT allowed two years ago, and everyone must demand an explanation from the criminals in our governments as to WHY???

And thanks again, Greencrow, for bringing this information to my attention...

More to come


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greencrow said...

Hi NTS. Thanks for the repost and thanks for filling in some of the gaps in my post which focused almost exclusively on cockpit voice recordings or lack thereof.

These two crashes are right up there with the most evil government acts of all time. and the finger of justice is pointing right at the Obomber administration...or one of the clandestine fractured black ops thereof. May the victims and their families find justice some day....if there is a God in heaven!