Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Russian Ambassador Assassination In Turkey: Is This An Elaborate Hoax?

I have received some interesting comments over the last day concerning the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey by a supposed member of the Turkish security forces.... In my last article, I questioned so much about this shooting, especially the fact that the Jew spew media is obviously misleading everyone and pointing the fingers in all the wrong directions.... My original assumption from seeing the initial evidence presented was that the Israeli Mossad were the most likely perpetrators of this shooting..

But something has indeed been gnawing at me for the last day.... What if this is another elaborate hoax?   Yes, we have seen so many of these frauds and false flag attacks over the last few years, and being a skeptic myself, I decided to wait until I get some hard evidence of this being a hoax before I put those facts here....

Right now, I want to present the following very important video from Peekay Truth, out of Melbourne Australia, that looks closely at this shooting and basically rips it to shreds.... I first want everyone to look at this video, and I have my own thoughts and comments about the findings Peekay presents to follow:

NTS Notes:  OK, the first question that I have is of course... WHERE is the blood of the supposed shooting victim?  I must again remind everyone that the average human body contains some 4-5 liters of blood, and if this Ambassador was indeed shot supposedly 8-9 times in the back, he would indeed be spewing out blood and there would be an ever increasing pool of blood under him as the video progresses with the alleged shooter screaming his rants!  But we see NONE, and that should be the first red flag raised by everyone...

The second question is how the Ambassador's body falls BACKWARDS after being shot supposedly in the back... OK, there is no perfect way that any body or person will fall, BUT I would sure like someone to explain how he not only falls backwards, BUT also has his arms spread out the way the video shows!   Can someone explain how this alleged shooting victim spreads out his arms as he hits the floor?

The third question, and just as Peekay points out,  is where is the cameraman that was shooting the video as the gunman rants on that stage?  We do not see the cameraman anywhere in sight!  So WHO was shooting the video?

The fourth question, and this one raised the first alarm bells with me, is WHERE are the windows?   We see a supposed video shot from outside this "art gallery" that shows the "gunman" standing next to a window! .... BUT clearly we can see that this "gallery" has NO windows at all where the gunman stands, period!.... Therefore the video and pictures shot from outside the building showing this "gunman" standing in a window is IMPOSSIBLE!  Again, this raised the first red flag for me, and it should automatically for others...

The fifth question.... Who is taking those angle shots?  We have the video from the front thanks to that video camera on a tripod, so WHO is the photographer taking those shots from the side angle?  And is it not perfect that we have this cameraman or photographer RIGHT THERE to take the shots from an angle of all this... Why has not the gunman taken any shots at that guy as well?  That was the second alarm bell for me that there is something terribly wrong with this "shooting"....

Lets face it... There are so many things wrong with this "assassination" and readers will have their own comments to add to this article....  I again must reiterate that I am NOT yet calling this a "hoax" as I am looking for the reasons now that anyone would want to pull this off.... What is to gain?  AND the other question is what is Russia's involvement in this if it is a hoax?

The bottom line... I am looking for further evidence before I call this one a hoax.... But the facts presented does call into question this entire scenario, and its motives....

I again will leave it up to readers to judge for themselves... If they have any further evidence to add to this, I again am "all ears" and will update this article accordingly with any new evidence presented... Stay tuned..

More to come



greencrow said...

Hi NTS Here is a first hand report of the photographer who took the close up photos.


Photographer worked for Associated Press....which is one of the criminal main$tream media

NOTE: Associated Press photographer Burhan Ozbilici who said he went to the gallery because it just "happened to be on his way home from work. I believe the assassination was real but they are setting up a "hoax" meme around it to suck in the alternative media. It is also a hit on the alternative media as well as the Russians and Turks.


wallflower said...


Wasn't the Orlando shooting debunked as a "hoax"? Look at all the money made on these "hoax's"...

Also just want to remind anyone the cozy relationship of Israel/Russia...(not discounting the criminal US/NATO/EU).


["The Israeli government has signed an agreement with Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, for cooperation in space for peaceful purposes. Areas where the two countries may work together are exploration and research, remote sensing of Earth from space, materials science, space biology and medicine, satellite navigation technology, and launch services. Israel also has similar agreements with NASA and the ESA.

The two countries have already been cooperating extensively in development of high-tech hardware, and Russia has purchased Israeli-made unmanned drones for its security services..."]

IMOW...how is it that Palestinians that have been heinously oppressed for going on 70 years (theft, torture, murder in cold blood, imprisoned without trial, used as cannon fodder and to "test" weapons of mass destruction on...have been utterly ignored by Russia (Putin)? And to THINK that Russia's cozy relationship with Israel will bring about "Peace" in "space"?

There are too many images that can easily be seen on Google the friendly, smiling, handshaking schmoozing of Israel and Russia. To ignore it...is stupid and a willful negation of blatant crimes. Crimes against humanity all in the name of peace.

Jody Paulson said...

It's certainly suspicious. I found out from American Everyman that "Tass is reporting the gunman is Mevlut Mert Altintas, a former officer who had been fired after the CIA’s attempted coup 6 months ago." And Scott says: "I don’t buy it. How slack does their security have to be to allow an already discredited cop, kicked off the force for being on the payroll of the CIA, that close to the Russian ambassador?" I agree with you and Peekay, it just doesn't look right.

wallflower said...

Trump’s Nazi Supporters Aghast as Mossad Chief Joins Trump Transition Team
By Press TV on December 19, 2016

First time a foreign spy (hostile to the US?) has been welcomed into presidential inner circle

(imo...it's not the first time nor the last until Israel is destroyed) So sad for Palestinians, Iran, and whoever else they deem to control, oppress, destroy and occupy.

The picture of Trump/Netanyahu/Putin is becoming even more clearer...

Northerntruthseeker said...

I am truly torn on this one... My suspicions are that something is NOT at all right about this one...

But again, I and others will be asking... WHO BENEFITS?

Thanks to everyone for their input... There is more to this than meets the eye, definitely!

Penny said...

Hey North:

The ambassador was shot twice- not 5 or 8 times

check the wsj link
check the video
RT Live as the incident unfolded confirmed two shots hit the Ambassador
I was listening for a couple of hours to the coverage as it happened

I 100 percent agree with GC here "I believe the assassination was real but they are setting up a "hoax" meme around it to suck in the alternative media. It is also a hit on the alternative media as well as the Russians and Turks"

What with the media pushing the 'false news' meme hard- It's a hit on people like us-
Alex Jones is pushing fake (he's disinfo)
Veterans Today, which is a complete disinfo site, pushing it
Duff is off his rocker!(disinfo)

The assasination is real and for plenty of good reasons

Northerntruthseeker said...

I see your point, Penny.... And as I said, I am NOT going to say this was a "hoax"... I am simply asking the question......

There is so much info pro and con about this one... I am still personally leaning on this being real, but a SET UP.....

Northerntruthseeker said...

And... I am indeed looking at this as being real for the simple fact that the usual dead giveaway of fraud, US ISIS, has NOT claimed any responsibility for this attack...

wallflower said...

@ Penny's quote...

["Veterans Today, which is a complete disinfo site, pushing it
Duff is off his rocker!(disinfo)"]


["...It's a certainty that Bana and her mother are fictional creations used as propaganda tools by the US and company! They have the most reason to do this... And it's not just to malign Syria and Russia- It's too manipulate the masses. Dupe the gullible. Wrench your hearts and make you irrational and malleable... Mold your minds..."]

Well Penny...there are certainly three fingers pointing right back at you!

wallflower said...

@ Penny

VT also reports from Southfront...


I seem to recall you doing the same thing...

Again, 3 fingers pointing back at you.

Penny said...

wallflower- Of course they do- they mix good in with bad.

VT is overall not credible- IMO
Gordon Duff- I heard him interviewed on Red Ice Radio- it was an eye opener
Listen to the entire interview

the man is incoherent/rambling/ didn't answer questions- couldn't believe it!
I had it posted at the blog years ago

Gordon Duff (according to many just another jew)

And Alex Jones- I've no use for either of them

Coincidentally both pushing disinfo wrt this shooting and many other instances
So you point all the fingers you want at me. Makes no difference to me what so ever
My opinion is all my own., And it stands based on years of experience and time spent reading and writing
Where your blog Wallflower? Where are your writings for the entire world to read?
I'm already on the hook- YOu aren't

Penny said...

Hey North!
I understand where your coming from for sure..
Willy Loman just left this comment at my blog- I'll share it here

"willylomanDecember 21, 2016 at 7:11 AM

I don't believe the shooting was staged either. If you look at the photo taken from the side,you can clearly see a little blood beneath the ambassador's head. His collapse seemed odd and his stillness afterward, but if he had been hit directly in either the heart, spine or the back of his head, that would be the result. Seems to me the only staged thing about it was the way the AP videographer zoomed out right afterward so as to record the shooter's little scene, his statement about "ISIS and of course the dead shooter photo. All of that was staged for sure, but the killing? More than likely not"

The video I had up clearly showed the man had been struck twice
Sadly youtube has taken it down
This fake news meme can be wielded against you and I and greencrow very easily

wallflower said...

@ Penny...

Here is the latest on the fake Syrian girl Bana...

Bana Alabed, Aleppo's tweeting girl, meets Turkey's President Erdogan

["Bana Alabed - the seven-year-old Syrian who tweeted about life inside rebel-held east Aleppo - has met Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Bana and her little brother have been pictured sitting on Mr Erdogan's knee in the presidential complex in Ankara.
President Erdogan sent a special representative to Syria to collect Bana and her family after they fled east Aleppo, the BBC has been told.
Bana's plight came to light after she joined Twitter in September.
The account captured everything from the death of her friends to her attempts to live a normal life..."]

Please watch video for confirmation...

Sorry NTS...but this is continuation of blowing open conspiracies esp. pointed to certain groups to absolve another...when the 'other' is clearly involved...(Erdogan)

Northerntruthseeker said...

Wallflower... I am not in defense of Penny in regard to Erdogan at all, but she does have some valid points as well...

I see that idiot Erdogan as a player and a con artist... One one hand, he is trying to make deals with Russia, and yet on the other hand he comes out and states over a week ago that Turkey is in Syria to oust Assad! The guy basically speaks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time and can NOT be trusted..

Erdogan is obviously playing both sides in the Syrian conflict.... And it is a dangerous game indeed...

Northerntruthseeker said...

And about that "Bana".... I honestly look at that as pure propaganda bullshit... Just something to get a "tear jerk" reaction from the gullible people that still watch the Jew spew media...


For the man to have landed on the floor like that he would have to have been shot from the front. This would be the result from the kinetic energy from the bullet(s) striking him from the front and knocking over spread eagle backwards. I am tending towards a real assassination being covered up by a false narrative.

John Smith said...

So, here we are, in 2016... almost 2017. And nothing has changed. It might as well be 1917, all over again.

That the general public STILL so much as even CONSIDERS that the endless stream of DRIVEL and LIES the Jewish Propaganda Machine incessantly bombards them with, is in ANY way credible, absolutely befuddles me. It entirely defies logic. It makes me

What's worse is that you/we have allowed it, essentially entirely unabated -- in some cases for hundreds of years -- to entirely consume us to the point we are now on the verge of extinction... Just as our [formerly-sovereign and oncece-beautiful]nations are.

The parasites [OFFICIALLY] took control of England in 1694; the U.S. in 1913. And what have we done? NOTHING. Not a g*ddamned thing... Well, that is, other than foolishly allow them to play us against one-another, such that we kill each other en masse, like a bunch of bumbling idiots. Just as they have REPEATEDLY played us, time and time again, since time immemorial. Has no one learned anything?


God help us.

In the WWII time frame the World was fed the false narrative of the "Good Guys in the West/Bad Guys in the East", when of course, in reality, the Jews controlled them both from behind the scenes, and their respective regimes were quietly in bed together. Is it so hard for people to fathom that now you are being fed what is essentially the same false narrative, with the roles simply reversed?

Are we to forget from where the 1917 "Bolshevik Revolution" was conceived, funded, and launched? (Nice job, Jew York City, USA); or by whom? (JEW Banker Jacob Schiff and his rabid lapdog, JEW Leon Trotsky [real JEW name LEV BRONSTEIN, by the way]).

Hmm... "Revolution"... the word has an almost noble-sounding ring to it, doesn't it? Fools. It's just another candy-coated turd, designed to appeal to the emotions of IDIOTS, and is used to disguise what is nothing more than a another JEWISH Coup d'Etat. And, let's see... that one cost at least 70 MILLION LIVES IN RUSSIA ALONE.

So, go ahead... Believe this video, of a so-called "assassination", is actually real. Knock yourselves out. I really don't much care who devours this fetid Jewish tripe at this point. But, be warned:

Those of you who decide to do so ARE FOOLS OF THE WORST KIND.

wallflower said...

@ John Smith

Totally agree...and thanks.

Putin is a son of Bolsheviks and when learning about it and his close relationship with Israel, the most evil heretics on earth (combined with the sh*t in America)has yet to absolve him of what is now so seemingly GOOD by helping Assad in Syria. The bottom line is resources (oil, gas, minerals) that belong to sovereign nations (Putin for Palestinians?)... and the race to CONTROL ALL OF IT is what we are witnessing behind the propaganda overload. I don't trust Putin (as he comes as a christ like liberator) as the 'Jews' are trying to be and are simultaneously trying to get all eyes on the fake christ(s)et al Trump/Putin as their mask. Putin could have been there for Syria since the beginning of the invasion of Syria. I have always questioned Snowden's ability to continue to receive so-called NSA/CIA motivations and actions while being 'exhiled'...(bullsh*t)!!! I still question Wikileaks Assange and his abilities...because they are both part of the propaganda that coerced the sheep to vote for Trump (good) via killing Clinton (evil) which was part of that psy-op. The NWO has many players united in this effort regardless of the nation(s) they are leading. As I see it now, good & evil are united shaking each others hands but will never have the ability to bring about true liberation...only the fake propaganda of it, whilst the Jew agenda speeds on.

In your words...Those of you who decide to do so ARE FOOLS OF THE WORST KIND.

Amen on that.


I appreciate your comment and I can't argue with it. To me whether or not he was actually killed is actually of secondary importance. The most important thing is that there is a false narrative being broadcast worldwide and the Russian Government has to be in on it. I agree that we Goyem are being set up for something that most certainly involves two or more groups of us slaughtering each other for the benefit of the "Chosen Ones". They seek to govern threw controlled chaos rather than "peaceful" oppression like in a normal tyranny.

A little known element of the Jewish instigated Bolshevik Revolution is that in order to be able to successfully bring it about they had to insure that they also controlled the actions of the Czar. Remember they use the process of thesis + antitheses = synthesis. Essentially the Czar wanted to make the Russian Empire a major power like unto the British and German Empires and the United States. However, Russia couldn't afford it because unlike the others they had only a backwards medieval economy to base it on. So a group of Jewish International Bankers presented themselves to him and offered to fund his ambitions, and he took the bait. This enabled them to push Russia into World War One when the Czars advisors were warning him that because of their economy it was going to be a disaster to do so. They simply threatened to call in the loans unless he entered the war. With Russia soon bankrupt, the bankers started to demand repayment of their loans. The only way that the Czar could raise the money was threw the massive taxation of the Russian population who were already barely surviving. This drove them right into the hands of the Jews who controlled the Bolsheviks. It was the Czars fault that his ambitions drove himself into the hands of the bankers which insured the success of their conspiracy. Frequently as in this case the Jews do not form a conspiracy until bad Goy leadership gives them an opening to push their agenda. In other words they are the consummate opportunists.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Randall.. I agree with your 'false narrative' being used in this assassination by the liars in the Jew spew media.

Apparently we are being set up for somthing big... And honestly I am praying it is not for a new war....


There is an interesting historical parallel to what I can see going on in the Middle East. In the years leading up to the Boxer Rebellion in China there was sometimes vicious competition amongst the so-called European colonial powers, plus the United States, Russia and Japan in the carving up of the country for the purposes of economic exploitation. But when the Chinese rose in revolt against their tormentors these colonial powers combined together to put down the revolt. When this was finally accomplished they promptly went back to the same sort of competition that they had once had with each other before the revolt. It seems to me that this helps explain the confusing mixture of conflict and cooperation we see going on amongst the various actors in the Middle East. I have to feel sorry for Assad, because he has to go along with this or see himself and his family killed off and his nation totally destroyed. He has nobody else to turn to except for the very ones tearing his country apart.

wallflower said...


As soon as I saw the map of the projected gas pipelines planned to go through Syria was when I said..."What choice does Assad have?"

He has truthfully explained that Syria is small and doesn't have the kind of military it takes to stop this. I too feel sorry for Assad and the Syrian people as their sovereignty is being destroyed.

Thank you for sharing these thoughts as they inadvertently confirmed mine.


For Assad and Syria, Russia is just the best of a number of bad alternatives. A lesser evil in other words. If the US/Israel combine succeeds in getting control of the country it will indeed be the end of the Assad family and Syria. At least with the Russians they will survive, though of course in a greatly attenuated form.

I appreciate you bringing up the subject of pipeline. I knew the Russians were trying to protect their great naval base at Homs which the Americans want to get their hands on. But until I read your comment I have failed to fully grasp the significance of the pipeline. There is an economic competition between the US and Russia that is also driving events, and Syria because of their strategic location is trapped between them. Colonialism has risen from the dead it appears. This situation is all to typical of it.

AA ProperGander Morris said...

The media was created to control audience perception. Here the audience is the mass public and they do not understand that they never get to leave the theater of the absurd.