Monday, December 19, 2016

Russian Ambassador Assassinated In Ankara Turkey: What We Have So Far, And I Smell The Mossad Again In This One!

I was hoping to spend a semi quiet day and not have to put up any other articles today, when news came out via the alternative media and even the liars in the Jew spew media, of the assassination of the Russian Federation's Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, just after a speaking engagement at an Art Gallery exhibit in Ankara, Turkey earlier today....

The reports have been coming out pointing fingers everywhere... The 'assassin', Mevlut Mert Altintas, supposedly was shot by the Ambassador's security service personnel on site.. But not after the gunman supposedly screamed out "Alahu Akbar", and supposedly "Remember Aleppo"..... THAT and everything about this assassination, including how the Jew spew media is purposely trying to mislead everyone and pointing fingers in the wrong directions as usual, means that this was most probably a Mossad hit!

First, I want to present here a great report from a fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who of course writes "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at, that gives some great initial information about this shooting with evidence that points to this being indeed a Mossad hit.. .Here is Greencrow's article here:

Monday, December 19, 2016

Usual Suspects Assassinate Russian Ambassador in Turkey

Latest Usual Suspect Patsy
conveniently dies immediately 
after shooting

Faster than a speeding bullet....the world analyses and solves the latest False Flag Hoax.  This time, according to the reliably unreliable BBC "Voice of Satan" the Manchurian patsy shouted "Alahu Akbar" and slogans about "Remember Aleppo" as he shot the Russian Ambassador at an art gallery exhibition (about Russia) in Turkey.

Conveniently killed immediately afterwards in a "gunfight", the gunman allegedly got into the exhibition bearing Turkish Police ID (did they have to kill an entire busload of Turkish soldiers the other day to get one ID?)

The dubious source blog Veterans Today is saying that Netanyahu was behind it and is in cahoots with Turkey's Erdogan.  No.  The Mossad is behind it...they're running behind a bit on their assassinations these days.  And the goal is the Ziofascist imperative to break up the Turkish/Russian recent geopolitical détente. As a side serves as a distraction to the Electoral College defeat today of the Ziofascist wet dream of getting Hillary elected in the USA...A Trump Presidency finally brings to an end the use of the United States as Israel's personal battering ram against the world.
OK, I agree with Greencrow about how strange it is that the world has already "analyzed' and "solved" this false flag attack by trying to point the fingers elsewhere to make sure the US/Israel are not found to be the perpetrators of this murder..... But they are failing miserably.....

I have several questions right off the top of my head that I want to ask everyone:  HOW did this gunman get a hold of a Turkish Police ID?  And what the heck ever happened to a "weapons check" or even a damn "metal detector" for the crowds attending this event? And where the heck were the "Security police" that should have noticed that this individual would have looked suspicious as he moved closer to the podium where the Ambassador was speaking?

There is so much more than meets the eye here.... This smells of a set up from the get go, and I do indeed see it as definitely a Mossad hit.....

I will indeed be updating this report as more facts come forward.... And I want to ask commentators to come forward with any additional information they have come up with, and I will indeed add it to this article with full kudos for their efforts.... The truth must be told about this shooting and exactly WHO is indeed responsible.. Stay tuned..

More to come



greencrow said...

Thanks for sharing the link to my post about the Assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey. Yes, the security was very lapse in this case...and the "over the top" celebratory coverage by the M$ particular the Jew York Times has "Mossad" written all over it.

wallflower said...
Russian Ambassador Assassinated (Comedy Gold) - Winner of 2016 Worst Hoax Award
Peekay Truth

Anonymous said...

Talking of the NY Times, I was watching John Oliver on Youtube last week. He was getting hot and bothered about Trump (I was pretty much in bed with him on this. Trump is as dangerous as Clinton in my opinion) ... but he said people should read from proper news sources ... like The Washington Post ... and The New York Times. Hilarious. Almost funny as Darkmoon posting an article by Paul Joseph Watson recently.

Anyway, I smell something funny here. I posted on Greencrows blog about it. But there are really peculiar things about this. The way you can get a really clear, good old look at the perpetrator (when does that happen, ever? ... before they're shot dead ... or put in an orange jump suit??). Why does the "disco inferno" pose (see comment on Greencrow) look so much like "As above, so below"? Why does the body of the ambassador have it's arms so outstretched like that? People do not tend to fall like that when they're shot, do they? It's just a bit too ... tidy.

Anyway, something bit whiffy here. You can't trust anything or anyone, anymore (could you ever anyway??) ... so a great deal of salt and cynicism should be onhand for any major news event like this.

wallflower said...

...adding to my last comment

On further reflection of the CNN video in Peekay's link and observations, I considered the fact that the shooter had full range to shoot the ambassador in the head. So why didn't he? Also he shot him from behind and the amb. fell backwards instead of going forward. I considered also the fact that diplomats possibly/probably wear body armor.

It looks too staged. And I agree with Peekay...(where are all the people, plus the actions of the cameraman).

...and "no blood"

greencrow said...

Of course, some entities might just be trying to delegitimize and confuse the alternate media....along with the more obvious goals of the false flag assassination.

Anonymous said...

Some very intriguing questions were asked by NTS. If it was the Mossad the Russian Secret Police will be able to ferret out the culprits and, if so, it could be a good thing for everyone because, Ischreel, it's not nice to mess with the Russian Bear. Nevertheless, I'm sorry for the man and his family. Now, if it had been an Amerikan ambassador the JewMedia would have blamed it on some poor tosser hiding in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan. Like 9/11 was pulled-off by Wo Fat and his gang of Chinese mercenaries according to Alex Jones.

wallflower said...
Russian Ambassador Assassination - "Daily Fail" Comedy Piece
Russian Ambassador Assassination - TOTAL GARBAGE

Some people just don't have the 'common sense' inherent in all DNA to believe that this wasn't staged (and poorly I might add). To believe and worship any country and its leader(s) as holier than thou will step into the mire before they can think with any common sense. All men/women come short of it! It is a horrible game being played on the gullible crowing alt media not to mention msm viewers by the elite NWO that goes beyond boundaries, laws, and limits to f**k with your mind.!/image/2970844001.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/2970844001.jpg

...never shake hands or ally with the devil...Israel/US/EU/NATO (which also includes Canada!) Unless of course it is to do business...

Leslie .C said...

Definetly a Hoax no blood spatter from the exit wound you would think after being shot a number of times in the back there would be blood Even when he is lying on an immaculate white marble floor you can see there is no blood at all even while his so called attacker is ranting away No truth seeker there was NO HIT here and if it's a hoax then he is alive so therefore the Russians are in on it too