Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Am Back... Time For A Mini Rant

Yes, I am back.... Well almost... I still have a bit of a fever and still have a bit of body chills.. But apparently the worse is now behind me...

I figure that since I have missed out so much over the last few days, that I would start by putting up a "mini rant" to give my own thoughts on what the hell is happening right now around the world...

About Jill Stein and her vain attempt to disrupt the US election process...  Lets be honest here, for this  Jewess is indeed in this for not only the money but for her friend and fellow Jew, Killlary Clinton... This is indeed an act of desperation on the part of the Jewish criminals in America to put their queen Killary into the oval office by a "back door"... Apparently they are indeed trying to manipulate the Electoral College by disrupting the Electoral rules for the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and even Pennsylvania... However, this attempt seems to have hit the proverbial road block for a judge in Pennsylvania has now thrown out crazy Jill's attempt to disrupt Pennsylvania and possibly force its 20 votes out of Drumpf's 306 total... That and her trying to ruin both Wisconsin's and Michigan's number of 26 total would have possibly knocked Donald's total to around 260 electoral votes... Anyone can do the math and now realize that with this "switch" to Killary for these electoral college votes, this evil witch will now have her 270+ electoral number and she will be the President!

Well lo and behold, but I just read today that some "25000" missing votes for Killary Clinton have "miraculously" been found in Pennsylvania supposedly today, and with that astounding and magical find, and if someone is actually stupid enough to think that they are legitimate, then Killary wins Pennsylvania and is within striking distance of stealing the entire election..... Honestly if the American people are this stupid to allow this to happen, then they deserve to have their entire republic destroyed at the hands of the Clinton crime family......  The only hope for America if Killary steals the election is indeed a revolution and YES, I will state it here... If Killary Clinton somehow becomes the President, then the American people must rise up and overthrow their illegitimate government!

About Russia influencing America's media and people.....  Lets face the reality here, for the Russians had absolutely nothing to do with the American election and the fraud process to begin with.. All of the manipulation was being done by George Soros and other evil Jewish pricks that want America to continue to be a slave nation for Jewish criminal enterprises.   The American people have finally realized that their own media is nothing but crooked liars along with their own  corrupt government and it has nothing to do with the Russians at all.... It is in fact so laughable that the American people would somehow fall for the bullshit that the "Russians" are behind Donald Drumpf's election victory, and it is a sad excuse for the fact that most Americans realize how truly evil and insane Killary Clinton truly is and that the nation did indeed need a brand new direction..... Therefore to blame Russia is nothing but reaching for the lamest excuses possible for evil actions by crooked people....

About Donald Drumpf and his cabinet choices.... Look, I am still no fan of Drumpf at all (one of the reasons why I still call him by his original German family name of Drumpf rather than "Trump") for I look at him as a Jew controlled lackey that will be under their control as the next President... I for one am not too happy by some of his choices for his new cabinet, and I like others do not like the idea of criminals like Mitt Romney or even Rudy Giuliani anywhere near the White House... If Donald does indeed want to prove himself as a man of the people and really wanting to "Make America Great Again" then he must steer away from crooks, Jewish pricks, and other neocons for his team.... We will indeed see very soon who he chooses as his Secretary of State and other key offices... And for god sake, he must work to curtail the insane machinations of his own Vice President, Pense, who sometimes comes across almost as crazy as Killary Clinton!

About Syria and the imminent fall of Aleppo....  OK, the good guys are now in the process of wiping out what is left of the American bought and paid for murderous mercenaries holed up in the ever shrinking pocket in eastern Aleppo, and with that victory, Assad and the people of Syria can indeed rejoice for the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal has been soundly beaten.... But once again the cabal are sore losers, for we find the US Jewish criminal Secretary of State, John Kohn, trying at this very hour to save the US mercenaries in Aleppo from being slaughtered, by almost begging the Russians for a ceasefire... Good luck to that, John, for you are playing a high stakes game of Poker with the Russians and the best hand you have is a busted flush!

I am indeed waiting for the word that the eastern part of Aleppo has finally fallen to the Syrian government forces, and will gladly post up a congratulatory article here when that happens... Everyone who wants to see the criminal cabal get their asses soundly beaten should applaud when that happens as well...

About Turkey and Erdogan's stupid statement on Assad...To me, Erdogan has a big mouth and shoots from the lip without even thinking first about what he is saying... For him to make such a ridiculous statement that he has invaded Syria to overthrow Assad is so bewildering considering that he is supposedly desperate to make peace with Syria's major ally, Russia and has been in talks with the Russians for months now.... The man is indeed risking direct confrontation with Russia where Turkey will be the loser.... And supposedly the Russians did not take too kindly either to Erdogan's ridiculous statement for even today they have demanded that Turkey explain themselves and exactly where they do stand in regards to Syria....

I too was just as bewildered as everyone else by Erdogan's stupid statement, for if it is true, then Turkey will indeed be at war with both Syria and Russia soon and it could lead to a world war due to Turkey being a NATO state!   BUT I began to look elsewhere for the reasoning for Erdogan's statement, and it may lie in Turkey stupidly wanting to join the failing European Union.  Erdogan may indeed have threatened Syria's President Assad to try to show the European Union's leaders who have long wanted Assad removed that he was on their side and "one of them"... He therefore is  hoping to gain favour with those EU leaders so that they will welcome Turkey into their fold.... If this is true, then Erdogan had better be careful of what he is wishing for, for the European Union has long been nothing more than the criminal Rothschild's first attempt at a one world government, and right now most members are watching their own people vote for their freedom from its criminal control!

About The "Battle For Mosul".... I am standing behind my statements already that this entire 'assault' on Mosul is a sham and for nothing more than pure propaganda to perpetuate the entire fraudulent 'war on terror'..... As I said before, anyone with any intelligence can see that there is something wrong to begin with when the city of Mosul, with its 1.8 MILLION inhabitants supposedly fell some 4 years ago to a "rag tag" force of fraud US controlled "ISIS" forces numbering less than 2000!   And I am still waiting for someone to explain how such a small force of "jihadists" were able to run a city with again 1.8 MILLION inhabitants for the last 4 years?  Who brought in the supplies for these people including food for the last 4 years?.   And now we have this news of the impending "liberation" of that city from "ISIS" with all the news showing the US backed Iraqi forces moving into this city that has now some "15000" ISIS fighters.  I am still wondering WHERE all of these '15000' ISIS fighters have suddenly and magically come from when they supposedly evacuated out of the city and high tailed it over to Syria about two months ago?  The numbers alone do not add up, and what I see here is indeed pure propaganda bullcrap and something that the LIARS in the Jew spew media and our crooked governments are using to again perpetuate the fraud "war on terror".....  Therefore again until someone can answer these facts that I have presented, I am calling bullshit on this 'Attack on Mosul'.

Well,  I guess that is it for now..... I am going to go and get some much needed rest, and continue taking some great natural medications and of course never ever going to get a poisonous 'flu shot'..... I am crossing my fingers that I will be so much better by tomorrow....

More to come



BuelahMan said...

If Killary Clinton somehow becomes the President, then the American people must rise up and overthrow their illegitimate government!

Why? There is no real difference between them! Just look at his back tracking and administration picks. Virtually the same.

Trump will be POTUS no matter what the Kabuki does to keep people thinking there is still a race going on. It is just red meat antics.

Trump is the hammer, NTS. When the SHTF next year, he will be the one who brings about what you keep warning us about Clinton for.

I am baffled why people are still believing what he said. What he is doing betrays everything he said (just like I told you and your readers he would do).

truthnow82 said...

Glad you're doing better NTS.
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