Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Exposing Donald Drumpf: America, Your New President May Indeed Be Just Another Jewish Controlled Lackey - Heads Of Mossad Just "Briefed" Trump Staff!

Well, America, you now have your next President of the United States... Donald J Drumpf just survived the "coup" by the criminal Democratic Party that was trying to get their Queen, Killary the psychotic Clinton, into the White House.... But that "coup" failed miserably as the Electoral College just confirmed Drumpf as the 45th President of the United States as of his inauguration come January 20th, 2017....

Lets face the facts here... America had no real choice in the last "selection".... The only choices were between a psychotic lunatic that would have had America into World War III within months, and Donald Drumpf..... With those sad choices, the people basically voted in Drumpf to prevent war and to possibly save their nation....

However, I have stated clearly here that Donald Drumpf will prove to be just another Jew controlled lackey who will bow down to the criminal Jewish elite that controls America's wishes.... I have found NOTHING that shows that to not be fact, and right now I want to present further evidence that Drumpf is indeed a Jew lackey...

According to the following report, from the Jewish Press, originating out of the centre of evil, at www.jewishpress.com, apparently that arch criminal Benyamin Miliekowsky (Netanyahu) just sent the heads of the sinister Mossad to meet with Donald and his staff to "brief" them.... I have the link to that report here for everyone to see for themselves here, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  I have already shown the fact that Drumpf is NO friend at all to the Palestinian people as he sides with the criminal and psychotic state of Israel on their want to have ALL of Palestine for their greedy selves and to see the Palestinians destroyed...

And now we have the psychos sending their agents to America to "brief" Donald?   Honestly, if Drumpf was truly a man for America and truly wants to "Make America Great", he should have refused this flat out!

Yes, when I saw this report, red flags rose instantly.... We are slowly seeing Drumpf's true colours with this and the action to not support the Palestinian cause.... And what this means is that Drumpf is slowly exposing himself as exactly what I and others had predicted... Just another Jew controlled lackey that will abide by the psychotic Jewish criminals' wishes....

And yes, I am beginning to see what others, including Buelahman, had warned us all about Drumpf.... And now America has him for the next 4 years to boot!

More to come


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BuelahMan said...

Thanks for the callout, NTS.

What continues to baffle me is why there is still a remote question with anyone of who controls him. Its like I am yelling at the mirror, "It's a NOSE!". And everyone says, no, buelahman, it is a persimmon.

Seriously. This is so blatantly obvious it takes a huge disconnect (or "belief" in the man) to not see it. And when you do see it, you have to admit that he is serving jewish interests.

Pitting him against Hillary made him a shoo-in. They knew what they were doing. This lack of discernment is going to cost us big time.

And I would also caution about him not leading anyone to war. He has said some nutcase things about nukes and Iran. And let me tell you, if you want to know precisely which jewish faction has most control? It is the Likudniks like Netanyahu, who IF they tell him to attack, he may damn well try. He will do basically what his son-in-law is told to tell him to do. That is the way this will work.

This man isn't very bright, no matter what his idolators claim. If he is POTUS (and he is), he is subservient to those that control (the jew). The sooner people understand and admit that. The better.

Again (sigh) it is too late this sElection and those with their huge investment into the Trump image will not likely change because of the cost. It is the same with a Bushie and Obama Maniac.

There is zero difference between them and a Drumpfter.