Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Berlin Market Attack: This One Does Smell Like A False Flag Attack!

Two days ago, we all saw the reports via the Jew spew media and of course the alternative media, of an "attack" in Berlin, where a truck slammed into a market killing (allegedly) some 12 patrons and wounding some 50 others....Over the last few days, I have indeed been watching the reports as they flowed in, and noticed very quickly how the liars in the Jew spew media were very quick to call this one a "terrorist" attack...

I for one waited for one key word to come out before I called this one a false flag attack, and lo and behold that word came out yesterday when the Jew spew media suddenly reported that the fraud called "ISIS" had claimed responsibility for this "attack".... And with that proclamation, we now know this "attack" indeed stinks to high heaven, and something is amiss....

OK, So what we have in Berlin is definitely a false flag attack with the fraud of "ISIS" now claiming responsibility.... But there are so many questions that have to be answered about this "attack" and we can not trust the FAKE NEWS of the Jew spew media to give us the real facts... Therefore we have to turn to the alternative media for answers...

I therefore want to turn to a fellow real truth seeker, who writes the blog "Aangirfan" at, for some REAL details on what we have so far on this attack in Berlin... Here is Aangirfan's report here for everyone to view for themselves, and I have further comments to follow:

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Anis Amri

The attack on the Berlin market on 20 December 2016 looks like a 'false flag, inside job'.

The ID of Anis Amri, a 21 year-old Tunisian, "has been found under the seat in the lorry."

dailymail 21 December 2016. 11am.

In other words, certain security services have planted the ID of the 'patsy' in the truck?

Why did it take so long for the authorities 'to find' the ID?

Anis Amri was "apparently arrested for GBH but vanished before he could be charged."

How could be vanish, if he was a dangerous man?

The False Flag attack in Berlin has been blamed on ISIS, which is run by Mossad and its friends. CNN was able to report live from the attack even before the German media.

First we read:

"According to Michael Behrendt, crime reporter for Die Welt, Berlin: 'The police have no idea who they are looking for. They have no weapon, no DNA traces.'"

dailymail. 21 December 2016. 6am.

Then we read:

"Police are believed to have found Anis A's blood in the truck's cab."

dailymail 21 December 2016. 11am.

The police first blamed Naved Baluch, 23, for the attack.

"Detectives, who flew Naved Baluch out of Berlin and across the country to Karlsruhe to question him, took 18 hours to realise Naved Baluch, who had no blood on his clothes and no injuries, did not drive the lorry..."

OK, This indeed does stink to high heaven.... And unlike the Russian Ambassador assassination in Ankara, Turkey the other day that appears to be legitimate for the simple fact that "ISIS" has NOT claimed responsibility for that attack, this one is definitely a set up and a false flag attack...

And apparently as Aangirfan points out, we have not only a set up, but obviously a "patsy" to take the blame for this "attack".....

BUT... I have again to ask the following questions.... (a) What is the motive for this attack?  (b) And what is to gain from this attack?   This one, unlike the Ankara assassination, does not make any sense... It does make one wonder what Angela Merkel and her other cronies in Berlin are wanting to gain from this attack....

I am indeed trying to keep an eye on this one, and will have more further articles to follow as subsequent information comes forward... Stay tuned..

More to come



Ayfer Shah said...
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Ayfer Shah said...
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Ayfer Shah said...
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I have seen films of blood running in the street as well as blood splattered all over the grille of the truck. However no blood was seen around those who allegedly got run over by the truck. This one may have at least to an extent been real but they are trying to frame somebody for it to distract attention away from the real culprit(s).


As far as Islamic Terrorism within the United States is concerned I have taken the extreme position that there is in actual fact no such thing. It is all either false flags or outright hoaxes. I have to wonder if the same thing may also apply to Europe.