Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Well, America, You Get What You Voted For: Donald Drumpf States That The Criminal State Of Israel Should Keep Building Its Illegal Settlements!

Well, apparently the "honeymoon" with America going gaga over their new President-Elect, Donald Drumpf, may now officially be over.... I knew that there was more to Mr. Drumpf than what the American people were being told, especially in his policies towards the criminal Jews and their psychotic state of Israel.. And it did not take long before his true colors would come out for everyone to see..

For according to the following report, right from the evil ones themselves at The Times Of Israel, at www.timesofisrael.com, Donald Drumpf supposedly stated earlier today that the psychos in Israel SHOULD keep on building their illegal West Bank settlements in full violation of UN and all international laws.. Here is the link to that article here for everyone to see and read it for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and further comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  Well, there you have it...Read it and weep, America, for Donald Drumpf is finally showing his true colors and exposing himself as the Jewish controlled butt kisser that everyone has long suspected...

Yes, there have been so many hopes pinned on this man that he would indeed make changes for both the United States and the entire world and actually change America's horrendous policies when it comes to the psychotic state of Israel... But apparently he is indeed a Jewish controlled lackey like most Presidents before him...

This absolutely does not bode well for the Palestinians and their want for their freedom and their own nation... With Drumpf basically giving these criminally psychotic freaks the green light to continue with their illegal settlement building, there indeed is not a hope in hell that the Palestinians will ever have their nation!

Well, there you have it, America.. How do you like your "Make America Great Again" leader when apparently he is indeed answering to Jewish interests and not to the people of America themselves in regard to the Palestinian question?

I can guarantee that we have not seen the last of finding out the bitter truths about Mr. Drumpf, and I will indeed bring further information forward here when it becomes available.. Stay tuned..

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He has come out publicly and said what he had already said he would do to the Israelis in private. I fear that the Palestinians are now going to be facing a campaign of outright extermination. Trump will assure that the US stands guard to protect Israel while they do it. For the Palestinians sake I hope that I am wrong. I have gotten it from Zionists themselves that they consider the Palestinians, and the Iranians too for that matter, nothing more than vermin who inherently threaten the state of Israel. The psychological groundwork has already been laid for a policy of extermination.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Yes, America is getting an Israel Firster president, not an America Firster one.