Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Ludicrous US Presidential "Race": Further Proof The Fix Is In - Newsweek Already Has Their Next Week's Issue Ready With "President Killary" On The Cover

Lets face the facts here... America is so screwed....

Yes, I have been under constant fire over the last week by my stating logically that the American people have NO choice left now but to vote for Donald Drumpf and cross their fingers and hope for the best...  This is due to the logical and very truthful need to make sure that the mass murdering psychopathic mentally unbalanced JEWESS known as Hillary "Killary" Rodham Clinton does not attain the US Presidency and turn the American republic into hell on earth....  With NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE ANYWHERE left for the American people, they must indeed vote overwhelmingly for Donald Drumpf to make sure that even with the massive vote fraud and fixing taking place, he gets into the Oval Office....  It is the only way to make sure the Clinton crime family does not destroy America!

Well, I stated many times that the fix was already in, and I showed in my last report about how many media outlets in America were already given the "election results" some 9-10 days PRIOR to the actual vote next Tuesday... That alone showed proof positive that not only was the fix in place, but these criminals were blatantly doing it in the faces of all Americans!

But now comes some further shocking revelations that show that the entire American election process has indeed been a massive farce... For I want to present the following very important report thanks to Jim Stone, from his website at, that shows the US Jew spew news propaganda outlet called "Newsweek" has already prepared NEXT week's issue of their tabloid, and it has the mass murdering freak of nature, Killary Clinton, all over its first page... And on top of that it is already calling this witch "Madam President" BEFORE she has even "won" the election!   Here is that report, and pay particular attention to the photos of next week's impending "Newsweek" edition... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


This is quite stunning. It really proves that there never was an election at all.

Trolls are saying this is pre-production and they "probably" have a Trump version too.  NOT SO, NOT THIS FAR BEFORE THE ELECTION DAY. There are boxes and boxes of these, which would not be needed if it was not rigged because with high speed offset web presses placed nationwide they can start distribution within hours in each local area and have it to the news stands a LOT FASTER than printing it up beforehand and trucking it everywhere. The fact it is already in print, COMPLETE WITH BARCODEwhen it should only be in PDF, or other computer file form SAYS IT ALL.

"Your argument is "well They have both candidates in print as winning so they are ready to go." Here is the problem with that theory. In 2012 the only candidate leaked magazine and tv polls showed winning was Obama. No one else! That kills that theory."


There are those who are saying this release of photos by a Newsweek employee is a psy op to make people give up and not vote. I SAY TAKE IT AS CONFIRMATION THAT YOU HAD BETTER GET OUT AND VOTE TRUMP, TO MAKE A STEAL ONE VOTE HARDER TO ACCOMPLISH.

There is a DDOS attack underway over this report, and it is getting banned everywhere (on average) within 15 minutes. WE NEED AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO RE-POST THIS, DO NOT LET THIS GET FLUSHED, ARCHIVE AND POST! (and I will deal with the DDOS attacks)

NTS Notes: Honestly when I first read the report, I thought it was not possible and that what we were looking at was one of two possible "Newsweek" issues, and that there may be an impending issue with Donald Drumpf on the front page..... BUT Jim Stone hit the nail on the head by the fact that this print already had the bar codes in place on the issues for sale... That means, as Jim Stone rightfully states, that this is indeed next week's issue and the fix is in no matter who the American people vote for come next Tuesday...

And is not this image of that psychotic witch revolting and make you all want to vomit?  "Newsweek" has the nerve to call this an "Historic Journey To The White House"... I would prefer to call it a journey of murder, death, anguish, and mayhem!

Well, America, there you have it... You are indeed so screwed... Your vote means diddly squat simply because no matter how much you vote overwhelmingly for Drumpf, it is the ones who COUNT the votes that are making sure that the mass murdering psycho, Killary, gets into the White House...

Lets again be honest here... I do agree with some fellow truth seekers, and especially Buelahman, that Drumpf is NOT the answer to America's woes.... But honestly, his campaign is for naught for the criminal Jewish elite that controls America has always wanted their pride and joy Killary as their next  minion sitting in Washington.... There was always no way in hell that Drumpf would ever see the Presidency, and if he was ever a threat to their control they would have simply put a bullet into his head a long time ago...

Therefore, America, your entire Presidential Election campaign has been nothing but a charade and the laughing stock of the world.... I hope you remember all this when you actually go to the "polling stations" next Tuesday and your vote means NOTHING!   You will always be nothing but slaves to the criminal Jewish pricks that have ruined your nation... And honestly again, you are truly FUCKED!

One last note... I fully agree with Jim Stone and others that the American people MUST see this report and that they must be informed immediately that not only is the fix in, but their vote next Tuesday means nothing.... Therefore, please take this information and spread it around immediately...

More to come


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