Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updates On Situation In Syria, And Is The US Preparing A "False Flag" Bombing?

Again, the situation in Syria is the most important event on the planet right now, and I will continue to file reports on the situation..... Basically, the battle for Aleppo is now almost over, with the US led "rebel" forces losing the battle for the eastern part of the city at a more rapid pace now.... Many so called "experts" have "predicted" that the Syrian army with its allies would not be able to take Aleppo before the end of this year, but apparently the fall may occur as early as this coming week!

The situation in Syria for the good guys is getting better by the day in fact right across Syria... Not only are the fraud "terrorists" being soundly beaten in Aleppo, but further south around Hamas and Damascus, the last vestiges of the US fraud "terrorists" are also being eliminated.... I also want to point out how the war against these "terrorists" has been going by the following link to an article from the South Front website, at, that states that over the last 6 months alone, some 35000 'terrorists' have been "eliminated" by the good guys, the Syrian army and their allies!  Here is the link to that good news here:

Yes, absolutely that is very good news and shows how the Syrians and their Russian allies are absolutely in this fight to destroy these "terrorists", and have made phenomenal progress in less than 6 months work... And this flies in the face of the US and their fraud "war on terror" which has made NO gains against the fraud "terrorists" in over 4 years of fighting!

A fellow real truth seeker from Canada, Penny, who has been writing about the Syrian war for its freedom at her own blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, has some interesting takes on what exactly is happening in Syria right now, and I want to bring her latest work to everyone's attention here... I have the link to her latest article, entitled: "Updated! Pentagon Considers Launching Limited Military Action Against Syria", right here for everyone to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

OK, I do agree with Penny's statements in her article, and it is interesting how the US would be that insane as  to consider launching "limited strikes" against Syria, when such strikes are never "limited" and would indeed to a further escalation in the conflict and very possibly a direct war against Russia itself...

I have to ask also on what grounds in the international community would the US have for this act of desperation?  To even consider launching "limited strikes" against Syria when they have NO rules of international law on their side for such an action, and would indeed be basically declaring war against Syria itself?

BUT... There is always a more sinister scenario and "excuse" that the US may try to use, in the form of a brand new "false flag" attack in Syria.... And from the history of the US in always using false flag attacks to justify their conflicts, I would definitely bank on one happening very soon......

And what form of "false flag" attack would it be?   The criminal US government tried a few years back with their fraudulent "Assad gassing his civilians" bullshit false flag that failed miserably.... And more recently we had the fraud "humanitarian aid convoy" false flag attack that was conducted by the US itself that failed just as miserably to convince the world that a direct war with Syria was needed... Therefore one may wonder what kind of diabolical action would the US consider at this time?

Well, to answer that last question, I want to present a new article from "Moon Of Alabama"website, at, that shows some interesting evidence that the US is going to attempt a brand new false flag attack in Syria by possibly using US aircraft PAINTED in Russian Federation aircraft colours and decals to carry out a bombing attack on innocent civilians!  I want to present the link to that article right here, and more comments of my own to follow:

OK, HOW low will the US go to try to get their nice little war against Syria going?   To even consider this scenario shows exactly how truly evil the US government has truly become!  

I again must ask my American readers to take note of these latest actions by THEIR government in Washington DC.... The facts are that while the US Jew spew media has been purposely filling most dumbed down Americans with the latest bullshit about that skank Kim Kardashian and her ridiculous and laughable "robbery" in Paris France, real news is not being told about how your own government is pushing your entire nation to the brink of nuclear annihilation....

Would the US consider trying to pull off a brand new false flag attack to fool the American people into supporting an open war against Syria?  ABSOLUTELY!

The bottom line is this... The Syrians are indeed winning their nation back and that fact does not sit well with the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal that has always wanted Syria destroyed and dismembered....  And we will indeed see over the next few days if these scoundrels are indeed insane enough to attempt a brand new false flag attack...... Watch for it, and be prepared to finger the real culprits immediately for the evil deed...

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