Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: US Purposely Launches Airstrike Against Syrian Troops Today, And Now All Hell Is About To Break Loose!

I have been busy all day taking care of some family business, and just over an hour ago I finally sit down to surf the Internet and find out what is happening in our world... And what I have found is shocking and what just occurred in Syria may lead to a further escalation in that conflict to a war between the US and Russia itself!

It is also so disgusting that NONE of the Jew spew media outlets are telling the truth about this incident that occurred earlier today....And to first bring my own readers up to speed about what happened, I want to present a report from a fellow Canadian blogger, Penny, who of course writes the blog: "Penny For Your Thoughts" at Her report shows that the US did indeed and very INTENTIONALLY attack a Syrian government troop emplacement today on behalf of their fraud "terrorist" ISIS forces... Here is the link to Penny's report right here:

OK, I will lay it out to everyone here in straight forward terms...The United States of America is absolutely fully responsible for this heinous attack and has ALWAYS been in full support of their mercenary forces in Syria that go by the name of "ISIS"... They had NO intention of ever living up to the newest "ceasefire" agreements as I clearly stated in a previous article... Only a fool would ever try to make an agreement with the devil itself, and that is exactly what the US has become....

Yes, the "ceasefire" agreement is a sham and basically was over even before it started.. The only party that was trying to live up to the agreement was the good guys, the Syrian government forces and their Russian allies... While the evil US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal had full intention to use the respite of the "ceasefire" to rearm their mercenary forces operating in Syria itself.....

And of course now we are headed towards a dangerous escalation in the war in Syria, thanks to the insanity of the US government... They purposely attack the Syrian army positions on behalf of their fraud "terrorists" and now have the nerve to state that it was "all a mistake"?

But of course the Russians are NOT buying the US excuse, and now are asking for an EMERGENCY meeting of the UN Security Council to try to discuss this horrendous action by the United States, and to try to ward off the possibility that this latest "accident" by the US could quickly escalate into a full blown World War....  Here is the link to an article from Sputnik News, at, that gives some details about Russia's attempt to convene that UN Security Council meeting here:

OK, Many may be asking what the US's response has been to their heinous attack on the Syrian army that did indeed kill 62 soldiers and leaving hundreds of others wounded.... Well, believe it or not, but the US criminal Pentagon has had the nerve to state that it was an "accident" and that their "coalition" believed that the positions they were attacking were actually "ISIS" positions!  This is an abomination, and you can read the bullshit that the US is trying to feed the world right here for yourselves from this report from the AMN online news source at

It is so laughable and yet sickening that the US puts out this "press release" and instead of accepting the blame for this attack says that they will "review" the incident and see if there are any "lessons to be learned"(!)

OK, enough of the bullshit from the US government and their Pentagon... They absolutely 100% KNEW that the positions that they were attacking were Syrian government positions.. The entire attack was absolutely in full support of their fraud 'terrorists'!  And the US leadership now does not care how much this affects the fraud "ceasefire" for they never gave a damn about ever following its terms in the first place...

Again, it is time that people understand the truth about the entire conflict in Syria... The US/Israel/NATO cabal are the criminals in this conflict and are absolutely not wanting this conflict to end until they get exactly what they want... Which is to have Syria destroyed and Assad removed from office... There can be NO peace and NO more "ceasefires", ever.... The Syrians are in the fight for their lives and the entire world must awaken to the reality of the situation in that innocent nation now and demand that their own criminal governments stop their involvement in the slaughter of thousands....

Hopefully this latest "incident" is a wake up call for everyone....

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torus said...

Perhaps it's just the ageing process, but time appears to be "speeding up". What is fascinating is the inversely proportional,mind numbing drudgery and sloth of time in regard to "current" events.
The fifteen years since 9/11 have elapsed rapidly. To the twenty somethings, a huge gulf of time has elapsed. We all know that from ten years of age to twenty-five is a huge span of perceived time and changes. So huge in fact that the twenty somethings I converse with don't really give a damn. Let alone trying to put the event into perspective regarding the carnage in the middle East, PNAC, etc.
We all witnessed an undeniable and despicable controlled demolition on 9/11. When two planes pulverized THREE skyscrapers. That event initiated all the carnage we're currently witnesssing, and none of the paid iff bottom feeders who pass themselves off as leaders have stepped up to force the issue. It's one reason why I don't give a damn about Putin. No, I don't trust a "former" KGB who has criminalized historical revisionism. From Bush to Obama to Clinton to Harper to Trudeau to Putin to Merkel to Trump to Blair to Cameron, Kissinger, Krauthammer and Kardashian; they can ALL take a hike. Every last one of them.