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The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Why The Syrian People Will Not Accept A Deal To Remove Assad (Nor Should They!)

I am still shocked that the Syrians and Russians are now willing to accept a new "ceasefire" agreement to "end hostilities" in Syria.... To me, they should have never ever agreed to accept any deals at this point considering the fact that they are indeed only days away from finally eliminating the last vestiges of the US mercenaries aka "terrorists" that are presently holed up and on the point of complete collapse in Aleppo.... It would have been wiser for the Syrians to finish the job, wipe out the  last of these murderers, and THEN possibly sit down and talk....

But one thing that I know for a fact will happen with these new "negotiations" that are to take place after this "ceasefire" comes into force, will be the criminal US/Israel/NATO's ludicrous demands that Bashar al-Assad 'step down' to "allow" a democratic process for "regime change".... This demand has from the start been outrageous and so ridiculous when you consider the reality that Assad has the overwhelming support of the Syrian people themselves!

To show how ludicrous the demand that Bashar al-Assad give up his Presidency truly is, I want to present the following report from The Syrian Free Press, at  This report is entitled: "Why The Syrian People Won't Accept A Deal To Remove Assad", and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Why the Syrian People Won’t Accept a Deal to Remove Assad

By John Wight, Counterpunch

Once again a plan for democratic transition in Syria has been drawn up by a coalition of opposition groups meeting in London, supported by the usual suspects in the shape of Turkey, the EU, US, and Gulf States. It is described as a detailed plan committing Syria to democratic and religious pluralism. Predictably, and the reason why it is a non-starter, it contains the pre-condition of Bashar al-Assad’s removal from power.
The coalition behind this ludicrous scheme goes by the name of the Higher Negotiating Committee (HNC), and is said to comprise thirty different ‘moderate’ political and military groups united in the objective of removing Assad as the country’s president. Who exactly these people represent in Syria itself, nobody knows. What we do know is that Assad retains the support of the vast majority of his people, who will not accept any colonial arrangement to depose their president.
The gall of those who demand the removal of a government that has played an indispensable role in the country’s survival over 5 long years of unremittingly brutal conflict against the forces of hell, unleashed as a direct result of the destabilization of the region by the US and its allies starting with the war in Iraq back in 2003, is simply staggering. London, the scene of the colonial and imperialist crime of Sykes-Picot in 1916 – plotted, prepared, and organized to deprive the Arabs of their right to self-determination and sovereignty – is one hundred years later the scene of a crime to deprive the Syrian people their sovereignty and dignity under the guise of a plan for democratic transition.
There is no greater example of democracy than an army supported by a people refusing to bow in the face of unrelenting barbarism. As British journalist and Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk revealed earlier this year, 60,000 Syrian officers and men have perished in the most brutal and merciless conflict the region has witnessed since the Iran-Iraq war between 1980-88. Not only has the Syrian Arab Army – made up of Christians, Alawites, Sunnis, Shia, and Druze soldiers – faced along with its Lebanese and Iranian allies an enemy so barbaric and murderous it bears comparison with the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the 1970s, it has done so knowing that their fellow soldiers and civilians have been slaughtered by forces supported by neighbouring states such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, etc., along with their Western backers.
And these are the countries and governments the Syrians are expected to trust with their future?
The Syrian government’s crime in the eyes of the West is not the lack of democracy – [how could it possibly be given the longstanding alliance between Western governments and Saudi Arabia, run by a clutch of medieval potentates?] – but rather the fact that Syria under Assad has long refused to bend the knee to US and Western hegemony, especially with regard to the country’s support for the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, and its friendship and alliance with Iran. Together they make up an axis of resistance which Washington and its regional allies have long been intent on breaking.
Bashar al-Assad -Paris Match-990x260-HOME
Despite the courage and tenacity of the Syrian Arab Army and people, there is little doubt they would have succeeded in this endeavour without Russia’s intervention in the conflict, beginning at the end of September 2015. When Vladimir Putin addressed the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations days prior to Russian aircraft flying their first sorties against ant-government forces in Syria, he effectively announced the birth of the multipolar world demanded by Russia’s recovery from the lost decade of the 1990s, caused by Washington and its European allies’ attempt to impose a Carthaginian peace on the country in the wake of the demise of the Soviet Union, along with China’s ferocious economic growth and global footprint.
Russia’s military intervention was and continues to be a remarkable achievement of logistics, planning, and organization, necessary in the successful projection of hard power thousands of miles beyond its own borders. It has allowed it to showcase some of the most advanced aircraft, missile systems, and technologically advanced weaponry in the world today, beating Washington at its own game in the process. This, to be sure, is the real reason for the demonization of Putin that has been a mainstay of Western media coverage over the past year and more.
Vladimir Putin and Russia has staked too much in the outcome of the conflict in Syria to allow Assad to be thrown under the bus in service to a contrived and transparent attempt to depose him under the guise of a peace plan. This is not to claim that Assad should lead Syria in perpetuity. It is, however, to claim that the government of Syria is a matter for the Syrian people and that at this point Assad’s survival is coterminous with Syria’s survival as a non-sectarian, secular state.
But let’s not delude ourselves that the timing of the unveiling of this latest effort to depose Assad has anything to do with alleviating the biblical suffering of Syria and its people. It is not. Instead it comes as evidence of the desperation of those who are losing the war.
The objective of those who have suffered and sacrificed so much is victory not transition.

John Wight is the author of a politically incorrect and irreverent Hollywood memoir – Dreams That Die – published by Zero Books. He’s also written five novels, which are available as Kindle eBooks. You can follow him on Twitter at @JohnWight1

NTS Notes: I added in the title the words "nor should they" and it is a fact that the Syrian people should absolutely refuse flat out any agreement to have Assad removed....

I have been sick and tired of the lies from the Jew spew media over the last 10 years at least that have constantly claimed that Assad was a "butcher" and that he has been "killing his own people" ... From all the research I have conducted, I have found absolutely NOTHING to back up the lies from the Jew spew media, and I again dare anyone to prove me wrong...

I for one am sick of that fraud Jewish US "Secretary of State" John Kohn acting like a parrot over the last few years with his constant squawking that "Assad must leave... Assad must leave...).... I can therefore guarantee that this will be the first thing that will come out of that criminal's mouth when they sit down at the bargaining table.... And once that happens, any deals will be null and void....

Quite honestly, if the Syrians and Russians sit down to "negotiate" and the criminal cabal tries once again to slam the idea forward that "Assad must go", I would like the good guys to look at them and laugh their asses off....

The reality is that Assad is not and has never been the villain in all this... He has the love of the Syrian people and has held his nation together in the face of the criminality of the insurgents that have tried to destroy his nation.... And therefore I absolutely concur with the facts that the Syrian people should never accept any deal to have him removed from the office of President....

More to come


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