Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Space X Falcon 9 Satellite Launch Blow Up Mystery: What The Hell Did Happen?

I have received a wide amount of emails and comments over the last few days asking my take on what exactly happened at Cape Canaveral Florida last Thursday, September 1st, when the Space X Falcon 9 rocket exploded on the launch pad during what was described as a "routine power up" test of the rocket's engines....

Yes, something most peculiar did occur just before the rocket "exploded" on the launch pad, destroying both the rocket itself, and its satellite payload that was listed as an Israeli  "Facebook satellite" package.... I have indeed seen so many of the videos sent my way, and first I want to present the following video of that explosion that has NOT been censored, that shows something very strange fly into the picture at around the 1:50 mark just before the rocket explodes.. Here is that video for everyone to see for themselves:

OK, I watched this and other videos about this "anomaly" that does indeed fly at around 500MPH across the screen just as the rocket does explode, and it definitely was NOT a "bird" as the criminals at NASA and Space X are trying to state.....  NO bird can fly at that velocity, and the object was definitely not some type of camera fault for it flies perfectly horizontal through the frames and close ups show it is not a camera "anomaly"... So what in the hell is it?

Right now, I do want to present the following interesting report from Jim Stone's website, at www.jimstone.is, where Jim has come out with his own conclusions that this was definitely an attack by "white hats" in the US military/government who wanted this satellite's payload destroyed... Here is Jim's report:

The Spacex rocket that blew up with a Facebook satellite aboard was definitely not a technical glitch

It looks like a UFO took it out, REMEMBER, UFO does not mean alien, it just means it is not identified and could be ours.

(September 1 2016) a spacex rocket with a $150 million dollar Facebook satellite that was a creation of Zukerberg and Israel blew up during testing, and not during launch. Before it blew up, a UFO showed up, fired something at the rocket, and then quickly flew away. The image here shows the UFO quite clearly. If Spacex can't explain what this UFO is, then I am going to say that either off world help arrived to keep Facebook grounded or white hats in American intelligence destroyed this rocket to keep something evil from being launched.

This UFO appears to be between the rocket and the camera filming the explosion, and the similar focus on the rocket and the object proves the object was close to the rocket and not close to the camera. It is not a bird, insect, or balloon or anything else of the sort. Its speed has been estimated by some people to have been about 500 MPH. It entered on the right hand side of the frame, fired something at the rocket when it was immediately in front of it, and exited the left hand side of the frame. 

Obviously there are those trying to say this was a bird or insect or whatever, but this is one case where we got an image that quite clearly shows that cannot possibly be what this was.

This explosion started at the top of the rocket, right where the UFO was, and not near the bottom, where virtually all rocket explosions start. No malfunction caused this, if this started at the top of the rocket only a fuel tank breach in an upper stage that was not being tested could have caused this, and that means the rocket was most likely shot with something. ADDITIONALLY, if someone knew how the rocket was built (U.S. intelligence would,) and they wanted to make darn good and sure the satellite was completely and totally destroyed, hitting the fuel tank immediately below it would be the most rational place because it leaves the least to chance.

Important: Original reports were that this happened when they were test firing the main engines before launch, and not during refueling, as is being said now, which could (tenuously) be used as an explanation for this. But original reports said nothing about refueling, and that there was an engine test underway, which means an explosion at the top of the rocket due to a glitch is not in any way plausible.

There are a few people in the alt media that are claiming that there a war going on in space, and that something off world is trying to help us. If this object is from off world and it blew up a Facebook satellite, I'd have to say someone is trying to help because I can't imagine what was actually on that rocket if it was a completely Jewish/Israeli project and cost $150 million. That would be a GOOD rocket blast as far as I see it, and as far as I see it the only question is, who did it?

I find it interesting that this particular object looks like a text book UFO. Obviously the video of this is going to get edited.

UPDATE: The original video that had this has already been blocked on Youtube, I can't get to it anymore, with links saying the connection failed. At least this is a nice clear screen capture. And I'd bet that if this video does appear again, the UFO will suddenly have flapping wings or some other B.S. In the original video however, what you see in this frame is what it was.

Some people are speculating that it was someone like Soros who blew this rocket up because they do not want space to be privatized. However, my take on this is that if this was a 100 percent Jewish project that was destroyed, no one in the world's power structure (which is now almost entirely Jewish) did this from the top down. I could be wrong, maybe there are disagreements, but I think it is far more probable that this was done by white hats, or "outside help", because nothing could be worse (or wanted by the elite) more than scamming Facebook going orbital compliments of Israel. We don't know what that satellite really was.

I have gone over the video again, and still say a UFO took out the Facebook rocket

It was NOT a bird!

There are five video frames that have the UFO in them despite the UFO going across the entire field of view. And all the video frames show the UFO quite clearly. This is only possible with an extremely high end video camera that had an expensive lens and super fast shutter. Why does this matter? Answer: Because it proves the UFO was very close to the rocket, and not a nearby bird. I'll go into this in detail:
Cell phones and cheap video cameras have tiny CCD sensors behind small lenses. This makes it impossible to get a clear image of a small fast moving object because the CCD needs time to gather enough light to expose a frame, and any fast moving object that crosses the entire frame in only five frames will look like a blur, and not a defined object. Why does this matter? Well, because:

Super expensive video cameras have large sensors behind expensive multi element optics that focus within a specific range the camera is set to focus on. The large sensor and wide open optics allows a fast shutter speed, which will put a clear image of a fast moving object in each frame. That is what we have with the UFO video, which proves an expensive camera filmed it. WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT? Because that alone proves that whatever this UFO was, was close to the rocket, and not a nearby bird. If it was a nearby bird, it might not have shown up in the image at all because the lens on that type of camera has a depth of field, which blurs anything that has a distance significantly different than what the lens is focusing on. Since the focus on both the rocket and the UFO are virtually identical, it proves the UFO was much larger than any bird and close to the rocket. Any bird that was close enough to the camera to show up that big would have been so out of focus it might not even noticeably show up in the frame if it was moving that fast. The way this was captured alone proves this video frame capture is legit. Now onto other details that are far more obvious:

The biggest giveaway that this is not a bird in any of these frames is the fact that the object looks the same in all frames and has a straight path across all frames. Birds flap their wings, and if it was a bird, that alone would have changed the appearance of the object. If any bird went across that large a distance without flapping it's wings, it would have fallen noticeably. Additionally, no bird could possibly fly that fast across a frame, relative to it's size on the frame. A bird would have had to have gone more than 100 mph to go that fast through the frame. There are no birds that can do that in straight and level flight.

Additionally, scam spam videos are rapidly being produced with a bird in the frames. That is not what this was, no ifs or buts. If it was a bird, this would not have been needed for debunking purposes.

This capture has an image of either a totally new type of drone, or an alien UFO. You take your pick, but whatever this was, it destroyed the rocket and that is all there is to it.

How do I feel about this? PRETTY FREAKING GOOD, it means we have powerful friends that hate Facebook.

NTS Notes:  I am not sold on the idea that this was an "extra-terrestrial" UFO that flew into the image and shot at the rocket.. .However, I am leaning on the "white hats" in the US military and I will briefly explain here why...

About 8 years ago, shortly after I first started writing this blog, I was sent a comment from an "anonymous" reader who stated that I was "on the right track" in terms of the evil on our planet and how they are wanting to see us all enslaved to them forever... AND that same comment contained some startling details about a group of individuals who have dedicated themselves , and have been working "clandestinely" against that evil and have had operations run all over the world to stop them in their tracks... I did not believe it at the time and I do regret actually pursuing that information sent my way at that time......These may indeed be the "white hats" that Jim Stone is alluding to.....

The answer to this enigma that we just witnessed may be in WHAT exactly was that "package" that was on board this Space X launch?  I for one am not sold on this being a "Facebook satellite" and knowing the criminality of the Israelis I do believe that this "package" was indeed NOT as we are being told and was being launched for a most nefarious military application.... If that is true, then the "white hats" did indeed want to have this justifiably taken out.....

More to come



greencrow said...


Another theory about this launch pad explosion is that it was caused by Americans themselves, but the reason for it was that the Israeli company behind the Space X satellite launch had recently been sold to the Chinese. The Americans were unhappy at this transfer of scientific know-how to the Chinese and...just like with the computer experts and their project that were on MH350 travelling to China to sell their wares, the project was blown up to prevent the Chinese getting hold of it. The sale, BTW was dependent on the successful launch of the satellite.

Jody Paulson said...

I do believe there are good guys out there. WWIII would have happened long ago if it weren't for them.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Actually Crow, I was indeed leaning that way, but there are so many questions still that need to be answered either way....

If your idea is right, then it leaves us with a frightening aspect that these criminals have this type of technology to do this and other criminal acts at their will.. I shudder to think of such evil with this type of power..

greencrow said...


I forgot to leave the link explaining the implications of the explosion of Space X


Yes, it seems they have any number of weapons to make life on earth hell...and nothing of any redeeming quality to give.

wallflower said...

Hi NTS...

First time ever hearing about white hats...sorry, I'm not into that. I have a question about a shot fired from this ufo toward the upper portion of the rocket. At precisely 2:25 (after watching it over and over)...there is an explosion to the upper part of the rocket. The ufo is not directly in front of the rocket (as Mr. Stone suggests)at that time and if it fired a shot...then where is that shown? At approx. 8 o'clock there is an object about the size of the ufo "in front of" the explosion. If that were the shot fired then it wouldn't have shown up in front of the explosion, but before the explosion. Yes I do agree that the payload was not Facebook for African frontier as I never believe given propaganda...ever. What that object is in the versions depicted...my first thought was some kind of special drone...but then again the shot fired doesn't match with the actual time lapse (if there was one at all)...and if there had been it would have fired horizontally instead from below the ufo. Please correct me if I'm wrong. A side note: SpaceX has had many lawsuits against it, one that's interesting is...
‘SpaceX Stole Our Best Minds’: Chip-Maker Sues Elon Musk Startup

...which discloses the poaching (or theft if you will) of 5 top engineers after rejecting a joint project.

The plot thickens...
Thank you for the updates.