Tuesday, September 13, 2016

American Taxpayers Get Screwed Over As Their Government Agrees To New $38 BILLION "Aid" Package To Israel!

Right now, America is an economic basket case with some 94+ Million of its citizens out of work or unable to find employment... It is also a fact that in so many American cities, there are so many people living out on the streets in extreme poverty.... It has been so shocking to watch that great nation fall into so much despair and to be on the cusp of total economic collapse....

However, it does appear that the criminal American government in Washington DC is once again disregarding the needs of their own citizens, as it once again bends over and kisses the asses of their Jewish controllers... For according to the following article, from Jason Ditz, over at the AntiWar website (www.antiwar.com) it appears that these criminals have now agreed to a brand new "aid" package to the criminal and psychotic state of Israel for an estimated $38 BILLION over the next ten years!!!  First, here is that article for everyone to see for themselves, and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Report: US, Israel Agree on $38 Billion Military Aid Deal

Sen. Graham Reportedly Furious, Demands Even Bigger Deal

by Jason Ditz, September 12, 2016

Israel’s Channel 2 has today reported that Israeli officials have accepted the most recent US military aid package, which will see them receiving some $38 billion over the next decade. Israeli officials are said to be eager to finalize it, and it is expected to be signed in the next few days.

This comes just a day after a report in the Washington Post claiming that the deal was being held up by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC), who was planning to advance his own, slightly larger military aid bill through the Senate and accused Obama of trying to take over appropriations duties that are rightfully Congress’.

Graham says Benjamin Netanyahu warned him he was holding up the deal, and that he told Netanyahu to tell the Obama Administration “to go F themselves.” The White House was said to be reluctant to sign the deal with Graham so outraged by it.

Ultimately, this was resolved by Israel promising not to seek additional aid from Congress after signing the Obama deal, except for possibly during wartime, a concession that likely kills the Graham alternative deal, and is seen as Israel siding with the president against Congress.

Obama has been offering record deals to Israel for over a year, with Israel long demanding a little more and a little more. Ultimately, however, there was concern within Israel that extending negotiations beyond Obama’s last term in office risked politicizing Israeli military aid within the US.

NTS Notes:  Honestly, this should be an insult to every American....

Yes, this is in no way an "aid" package, but free money given to that psychotic state so that they can continue killing the Palestinians and wage more wars against its neighbors....

And what is especially insulting is how that Jewish butt kisser, Senator Lindsey Graham, is especially puckering up and bending over for his Jewish masters by claiming that this "aid" package should be even more!

America... You are indeed so screwed.... $38 BILLION could go a long way in alleviating the suffering of so many American citizens at home, and here you have your own government showing once again who they obey.... It begs the question then: Why are these traitors even able to sit in the US Congress and Senate when they do not abide by the wishes of their own constituents?

So once again while Americans are starving and destitute on the streets of American cities, even more money is sent to the Apartheid and criminal state of Israel... A travesty is putting it mildly...

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Steved D said...

But Isreal is our greatest ally and the only democracy in the middle east. (Thats what I'm supposed to say right?)

Lol. What do you expect NTS. The jews run Amurrica and if they choosebto take our money, eh, oh well, nothing we will do about it except grunt a little as the zionist dildo is pushed deeper and deeper into our rectum sans lubricant.

Steved D said...

Hahahaha, NTS, I just noticed the fucking AIPAC ad below on this page. They are a huge problem for us. Im sure you Canucks have something similar up there.