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What The Heck Just Happened In Ukraine? False Flag Interruptus In Crimea!

Once again, personal and business life has taken me away from posting any new articles at this blog over the last few days... Only last night I finally sat down to take a closer look at what has been really happening in our sick world, and especially the ongoing battle to free the Syrian city of Aleppo from the grip of the US bought and paid for mercenaries....

But one major and troubling incident happened just the other day (and lo and behold no reports from the Jew spew media anywhere...) that is most troubling and occurred in the Russian Federation territory of Crimea... Apparently from the information that is slowly coming out, the diabolical US government just attempted a major incident in Crimea that may indeed have been a brand new "false flag" operation to divert attention away from Turkey's President Erdogan and Russia's President Putin meeting to finally make peace and to possibly end Turkey's involvement in the criminal NATO operations against Syria....

Yes, there apparently was indeed a false flag operation that just happened in Crimea that has fallen flat and it is no wonder the Jew spew media is suddenly silent about this fiasco... But there are those in the alternative media, and especially my fellow real truth bloggers in Canada, that have been all over this incident... And in fact, right now I want to present a most excellent article from a fellow Canadian truth seeker who hails from the west coast of British Columbia, Greencrow, ( who has just released a fabulous article about this failed "false flag" attempt in Crimea... The article is entitled: "False Flag Interruptus In Crimea" and I have it right here for all of my own readers to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

False Flag Interruptus in Crimea

Russian Soldier on Crimea Border

In two posts written prior to the Turkey/Russian leaders meeting in St. Petersburg, yesterday, I predicted there would be a False Flag, likely in Russia, in order to distract from the meeting between Erdogan and Putin and put the leaders, particularly Putin, off their game.  Well, yesterday came and went, and I was surprised (but not dismayed) to find my prediction did not come true. It seemed that the usual suspects had decided not to perform their Pavlovian false flag ritual bloodletting.  Yes?  No!! Today it is revealed that there was an attempted false flag after that fell flat (just like the Turkish attempted coup and most of their other recent initiatives).  The perps are simply unable to deviate from their pathetic resort to the "terror option" being the only tool remaining in their kit. Otherwise, they have no credibility soft power...nothing of substance to contribute on this planet.

Here is what they attempted to do...but were thwarted by the FSB.  They tried to invade Crimea and perform a terrorist act of some sort there.  They brought with them some highly advanced weaponry. They no doubt wanted to kill a lot of people (preferably innocent civilians) but only managed to kill two Russian's the story from two press sources and I will have more comments to follow:

According to PressTV:
Russia's Federal Security Service said Wednesday it has thwarted an incursion by Ukraine’s military into Crimea, saying two Russians were killed in the incident.

The armed incursion into Crimea was meant to target critical infrastructure in the territory and took place over the weekend, said the security service, also known as the FSB.

It said a Russian soldier and an FSB employee were killed in the clashes, adding that the incursion was pre-planned.

A spokesman for Ukraine’s defense intelligence rejected Russia’s claim about the alleged incursion, saying it was based on “fake information.”

From RT
Kiev has turned to the “practice of terrorism” instead of trying to peacefully resolve Ukraine’s crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in commenting on an FSB report that it had foiled terrorist attacks in Crimea plotted by Ukrainian intelligence. 
Read moreRussian FSB foils terrorist attacks plotted by Ukrainian intel agents in Crimea 

Ukraine is “playing a dangerous game,” the Russian leader said when talking to reporters on Wednesday, while calling Kiev’s actions “stupid and criminal.”

Moscow cannot turn a blind eye to the deaths of its servicemen who were killed during special operations to prevent terrorist attacks in Crimea, Putin said.
Given that the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (HUR MOU) was allegedly behind the thwarted terrorist attacks in Crimea, it is “pointless” to meet with Ukraine’s current authorities to seek a solution to the country’s crisis, Putin said.

The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany were to meet in the so-called “Normandy format” to discuss the peace process in Ukraine on the sidelines of the upcoming G20 in China.

However, Kiev has demonstrated that it’s not interested in peaceful negotiations, the Russian president told reporters, adding that he would like to address the matter with Moscow’s American and European partners as well.
“I think it’s obvious that Kiev’s current authorities are not seeking for ways to solve problems through negotiations, but have turned to terrorism,” Putin said, adding that this new development is rather alarming.

We've been expecting something to happen along the Ukraine/Russian border for some time now...the Kiev Junta forces have been massing on the border.  Just last week, the leader of the breakaway former Ukraine Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, warned Kiev that if they broke the Minsk Agreement again, there would be no "Minsk III" and that the breakaway forces of eastern Ukraine would fight and beat them all the way back to Kiev.  Putin seems to have echoed this viewpoint in his speech of today.

Given the perversity of the globalist cabal...that might be just what they would like to see happen.  Ukraine now being an economic and political basket case and the West being financially responsible for the broken pottery in the potter's shop....perhaps they would like to see the fragments returned to the Russians...where Ukraine remained for centuries and where it belongs. Then they could ramp up their lies (their only stock in trade) and say that Russia..."invaded" the Ukraine proper and "stole it"...just like they've been falsely claiming for several years now about Crimea.

And of course, the idiot western sheeple would lap up the putrid, fetid, steaming hot slop poured on them by the rogue Deep State CIA via the JM$M ...and the world would be that much closer to the desired result....WWIII.

NTS Notes: I want to thank Greencrow for covering this latest incident fabulously....

Again, I take care of business for two days and it seems something major takes place that I miss....

Yes, I have stated for the last year that with the Minsk "ceasefire agreement" somehow still holding in terms of the criminal Kiev government still trying to find a way to reconquer both the eastern breakaway Donbas republic as well as Crimea, that they would try something diabolical... And apparently they did indeed try to pull off this incident in Crimea to get a reaction from the Russians...

The fact is again that the criminal US is looking for a war and any war possible anywhere around the world to save itself from economic collapse... And they also do not want to see Turkey and Russia suddenly make peace and form an alliance that would definitely put an end to their entire Middle Eastern debacle..

Luckily the Russians have not swallowed the bait on this one... Yes, two Russian Federation soldiers were killed in this fraud "terrorist" attack that was indeed fomented by the Ukrainian junta in Kiev.. But Putin and his leadership know full well that the US would use any Russian "retaliation" as their means of triggering a new war...

The best thing that the Russians can do is make Ukraine pay for this fiasco dearly through economic means.. Ukraine is still dependent on so much Russian supplies and raw materials especially natural gas supplies...And economically the nation is indeed a basket case... Russia could indeed pull the plug on the gas and go further in stopping any other economic trade with the Poroshenko regime... Those steps alone could indeed cause the Kiev regime to finally collapse and force the Ukrainian people to the streets to overthrow that regime....

And I am indeed not surprised by the silence out of the Jew spew media...Those liars were probably waiting for this false flag to "succeed" so as to again vilify Russia... Apparently they will have to wait a bit longer and the general public is once again left in the dark about exactly what just happened....

Lets face it... This is not the end to the shenanigans by the US/Israel/NATO cabal.... We must all be ready for when they do attempt their newest false flag operation and make sure that the real perpetrators of the crime are properly fingered!

More to come


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