Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: US False Flag Chemical Attack - Helicopter Drops Chlorine Gas On Syrian Town!

The evils of the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal knows absolutely no bounds it seems.... With the cabal about to be defeated in Aleppo, and thus having their nice little war to have Syria destroyed come to an abrupt end, there were many out there in the real truth movement that have long suspected that these criminals would come up with something "up their sleeves" to try to vilify Russia and hopefully turn public opinion in favor of the evil cabal's actions...

Well it did not take long for the cabal to once again come up with a new "false flag" attack in Syria to try to paint the Russians as the "bad guys"... For according to the following report, apparently an unmarked helicopter has just dropped several barrels of chlorine gas on the Syrian village of Saraqeb causing upwards of 30 injuries and deaths from this "chemical attack".... First here is that article from the Financial Express website, at www.thefinancialexpress-bd.com, for everyone to see for themselves, and I of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Published : 02 Aug 2016, 18:11:08

Helicopter drops ‘chlorine gas’ in Syrian town

A helicopter dropped barrels suspected to contain chlorine gas on a northern Syrian town, a doctor and rescuers said.

About 30 people were affected by the attack, which took place in Saraqeb in Idlib province. It is not clear who was responsible. Both sides in Syria's civil war have been accused of, and denied, using chemical agents.

On Monday, a Russian military helicopter was shot down near Saraqeb.

Dr Abdel Aziz Bareeh, who works in Saraqeb, said that two barrels of chlorine gas were dropped on the town late on Monday.

"We know it is chlorine because we were hit by it in the past and we are familiar with its odour and symptoms... We have 28 confirmed cases mostly women and children."

Separately, a spokesman for Syria Civil Defence said that 33 people had been affected in the attack.

The organisation of volunteer rescue workers said it suspected the barrels contained chlorine but were unable to confirm it.

Chlorine is a common industrial chemical, but its use in weapons is banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Symptoms typical of chlorine poisoning include sore eyes, irritated skin, breathing difficulties and bloody foaming from the mouth.

In 2013, there was strong evidence suggesting residents of Saraqeb were subject to a chemical attack by government helicopters, something denied by the Syrian authorities.

The downing of the helicopter on Monday was the deadliest single incident for Russia's military since its air campaign began last September. It is not clear who brought it down.

Pictures on social media, purportedly of the latest Russian helicopter downing, showed burning wreckage and bodies, with armed men milling around.

Meanwhile clashes are continuing near Aleppo, where rebels have launched an offensive to break a government siege, according to news agencies. –RH

NTS Notes:  It does appear that the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal is up to its old tricks again...

Many people so quickly forget about how over two years ago, Bashar al-Assad was vilified wrongly by the Jew spew media that he had launched "chemical attacks" against his own people... Every single "attack" that the liars in the media at that time claimed were done by Assad were proven beyond the shadow of any doubt to have originated from the so called "rebels" and provided by the US itself...

Now comes round two in this fraud "chemical weapon" bullshit, and once again we will have the Syrian government wrongly accused of gassing their own people... Yes, the evils of the cabal knows no end apparently...

Be ready everyone, for I can guarantee the Jew spew media will hype up this attack and try to sway public opinion into the false thought that "Assad has gassed his people once again" and thus have them blindly and stupidly support the criminal US government's actions in Syria... Yes, they will attempt this lie once again and we definitely must be ready to point the finger of blame where it rightfully belongs...

And for once people should be asking themselves this:  If Assad had gotten rid of all of his chemical weapons with the help of the Russians almost two years ago, then WHERE did this chlorine gas come from?  The answer should be obvious to everyone...

More to come


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greencrow said...

Some weeks ago now, John Kerry gave an ultimatum to Russia and Syria. Assad must be in the process of being transitioned out as leader of Syria by Augist 1, 2016 "or else". When Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov asked "Why"? al-Assad had to go....Kerry had absolutely no answer to give him. This is very strange. For the US to hold a position so strongly that it could go to further war over it...yet not to be able to justify the position in words. It's astounding, in fact...and smacks of insanity. The only logical explanation that I can think of is that some entity is blackmailing Kerry (and the US) into making the demand that Assad must go. That's why Kerry can't justify it...he is being blackmailed. Now, what tiny, borderless entity...obsessed with stealing more land in the Middle East, including from Syria... would blackmail their military pittbull to get into a fight with Russia?