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The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Update On Situation In Aleppo, The West's Media-Driven Deception In Syria Is Falling Apart, And Other Good News

It has been another hectic last few days for myself as work and personal life has taken its toll... I finally have been able to sit down tonight and post up an article or two.... This one is to catch up on the situation in Syria...

Right now, the news from Syria is not great...But it absolutely is NOT bad.... The good guys, the Syrian government forces and their allies have stopped the latest "offensive" launched by the rebranded "Al Qaeda" bought and paid for US mercenaries known as "Al Nusra" in their vain attempts to break their ongoing siege of Aleppo... And with the city still encircled, it will indeed be a matter of time now before the criminal US bought and paid for mercenaries holed up there will either be forced to surrender or these criminals may try one last vain attempt to break the blockade.....

Yes, the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal's attempts to destroy and/or subjugate Syria is indeed failing miserably as their mercenaries are being beaten on all fronts.... And right now, I want to present a most interesting article right here that comes from the 21st Century Newswire website, at, that is entitled: "Falling Apart: West's Media-Driven Deception In Syria"... This article once again takes a shot at the lies put forward by the US Government and the Jew spew media in America as they desperately try anything to turn their failing fortunes, and the public's perception, in the Syrian war around.... I have that article right here for all to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Falling Apart: West’s Media-Driven Deception in Syria

AUGUST 16, 2016 BY  

The wagon wheels are already coming off of the NATO-GCC ‘regime change’ road show in Syria.
Now, foreign policy buffoons in Washington are resorting to some of the most desperate tactics seen yet, including more semantic maneuvers to try and conceal their lethal aid for jihadist terrorists in Syria and Iraq.
Washington’s latest PR thrust began last week when it was proudly announced in the US media Al Nusra Front (Al Qaeda in Syria) was ‘rebranding’ itself into a newer, supposedly kinder and gentler terrorist moniker, “Syrian Conquest Front.” Charming.
Washington spin doctors are now desperately back-pedaling, following an embarrassing challenge by Donald Trump to both President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – claiming it was they who “founded ISIS” (see article below). Contrary to all facts and multiple previous admissions, Washington are now claiming that it has never backed and armed terrorists, but rather ‘non-Jihadist Salafists’ (an oxymoron). The other popular lie that Washington and the other NATO governments have been pushing is that the Syrian ‘rebels’ are actually from SyriaThe reality is that the overwhelming majority of terrorist ‘rebel’ fighters are from outside Syria – soldiers of fortune and paid privateers from as many as 81 different countries of origin.
It’s clear now that Washington has dug such a deep hole with regards to its sponsorship of the dirty war in Syria that it simply cannot get out without losing face internationally – and domestically.
The domestic side is particularly worrisome for Democratic Party leaders Obama and Clinton, because it is an election year and Clinton has built most of her campaign on her ‘foreign policy credentials’ which now includes the prenatal and pediatric development of ISIS and Al Nusra Front. To say that Clinton was one of the architects of the current conflict is no exaggeration, as she was actively promoting ‘regime change’ by any means in Europe and the Middle East in 2011 and 2012 with her cynically titled “Friends of Syria” controlled opposition tour.
FRONT: Hillary Clinton fronted the “Friends of Syria” tour through 2011-2012, in order consolidate Gulf and other support for ‘regime change’ and the present dirty war in Syria.
To those who have been reading between the western spin on Syria over the last 4 years, the truth about this Washington-led Dirty War in Syria should come as no surprise: that the Obama Administration’s policy of supporting extremist armed terrorist “opposition” groups in Syria was part of a deliberate strategy explicitly designed to topple the government in Damascus and its elected president Bashar al-Assad. By doing this, Washington and its allies have facilitated the creation of Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, IS or ‘Daesh’) ‘caliphate’ in Syria and Iraq.
A recent Sputnik article confirms how Hillary Clinton pressed through the policy of backing the myriad of known extremist terrorist groups by just referring to them as “moderate rebels”:
In December 2012, only months after the defense intelligence report, President Obama caved to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the more hawkish wing of the national security establishment saying the United States considered the opposition to be “the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.”
By maintaining a strict policy of media deception regarding Syria, the US State Department believed that it could avoid any responsibility and obfuscate its own sponsorship audit trail by playing a sophomoric and highly cynical name game between ‘moderate rebels’ and known terrorist organizations like Jabhat al-Nusra Front (Al Qaeda in Syria), Jaysh al-IslamAhrar al-ShamHarakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki, the Turkmen Brigades and many more. Aside from those living in the reality bubble that is Washington and its media stable, most people are now well aware that there are no ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria – and no matter how many name changes are announced by operatives at CNN or SITE Intelligence – they are still all terrorists and they are all fighting (including ISIS) together to overthrow the government in Syria.
Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 16.02.24
 previously covered CNN’s sordid role in running PR for the jihadist terrorists groups in Syria, led by CNN’s star ‘journalist’, Clarissa Ward (pictured above, in her ‘Undercover Muslim’ costume), who has become one of the corporate media’s leading apologists for US-NATO and GCC-sponsored violent militant extremists presently running amok in Syria, as CNN and Ward have gone out of their way to try and rehabilitate US-NATO and GCC-backed terrorist suicide bombers in Syria.
Interestingly, CNN’s media operative Ward even took the PR roadshow to the UN, using her CNN-Pentagon profile to push out Washington’s new pro-Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) PR campaign. Sputnikadded here:
“Perhaps embodying the confusing about face of America’s foreign policy in Syria was when a member of the press, CNN’s senior international correspondent Clarissa Ward, testified before the UN Security Council on the situation in Aleppo that “the only ones who have emerged as heroes on the ground… are the Islamist factions, even to those who hate fundamentalism.”
Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 16.05.16
LEADING FROM BEHIND: Obama kept insisting that, “Assad Must Go.”
For years now, US President Obama, Secretaries of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton et all have been clamouring in unison that, “Assad Must Go”. Now it looks as if Assad might outlast all of them.
While the blatant distortion of reality continues by the US State Department and its media functionaries like Clarissa Ward and CNN, the West’s dirty war in Syria rages on – and with Washington, NATO and Saudi-Qatari money and arms still flowing – there is no end in sight…

That’s Awkward: Why is Washington Cheering al-Qaeda Linked ‘Heroes’ in Aleppo?

The Obama administration’s policy in Syria of opposing Assad at all costs has led the United States to make strange bedfellows arming non-Jihadist Salafist groups who are unfortunately led by a cadre of fighters from the former al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front.
This week Republican nominee Donald Trump caused an uproar by insisting that his Democratic rival former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her former boss President Barack Obama “founded ISIS” – a charge that led to an counter assault by Hillary surrogate Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) on Sunday who levelled a mirror accusation against Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
While a Pentagon memo supports the allegation that in 2012 the United States was willingly aiding al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) that subsequently metastasized into Daesh, the more immediate conflict of interest in Washington’s foreign policy in the Middle East is the support of the current so-called “moderate rebels” opposing Assad who, by their own admission on social media, are led by al-Nusra Front.
Al-Nusra Front, who just changed their name to the Syrian Conquest Front and renounced affiliation with al-Qaeda, with the open acceptance of the terror network, in a bid to garner new support from the West were the leading force in the surprise bid to break the Syrian government’s siege in Aleppo…
READ MORE SYRIA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Syria Files

NTS Notes:  For years now, I have tried to convince people that come here and read this blog that the real truth about this "Syrian civil war" was not as they were told... It was always a war for the US to have another innocent nation in the Middle East destroyed for their masters in Tel Aviv.....

It is also a fact that none other than that mass killing freak of nature, Hillary "Killary" Clinton that helped to get this war for Syria off and running back in 2011 by using her power as Secretary of State to foment the fraudulent "uprising" in Syria that triggered this ongoing conflict.... And of course "Killary" herself and her state department were indeed the creators of the fraud "ISIS" by helping create and finance the training and arming of these 'terrorists' while at the same time rebranding the failed "Al Qaeda" group as "ISIS" as well.....  Yes, Donald Drumpf, in spite of all his failings as another Jew run lackey running for President, is indeed right when he said that Killary was the founder of ISIS!

And yes, the so called "Al Nusra" group is also another "rebranding" of these US bought and paid for "Al Qaeda" terrorists.....Which begs the question for the American public:  If this "Al Qaeda" is supposed to be this big bad "terrorist" group that supposedly according to official US "documents" was responsible for the biggest act of genocide against the American public known as the "911" attacks, then why are the American people not arresting their own government for supporting, financing, and arming, these same "terrorists"?   The facts are that these "terrorists" can change their names all they want, for they always have and will ever be nothing more than frauds and high paid mercenaries doing the US and Israel's bidding...

And of course I too just laugh my ass off every time I hear about the fraud Jew spew news in America go off on their phoney tirades about this war in Syria... Their lies are now so blatant that it does make one wonder why ANYONE with any brains in America listens to their trash... It is no wonder that the mainstream Jew spew news networks in America are failing so miserably and nobody watches them any more....

One other note of interest about this ongoing Syrian conflict, and this one could indeed be a major game changer.... The government of Iran has finally agreed to let Russian bombers operate out of Iranian airbases in Iran itself... THIS is some of the best news to come out from this Syrian war for their freedom from the criminal cabal in weeks.... AND I have to laugh at the US governments ridiculous response of indifference to this important move by Russia...... The fact is that now with Russia able to move its bombers much closer to their targets in Syria, their effectiveness has increased dramatically and they indeed could now turn the tide fully for the Syrian government...

The war in Syria continues.... The city of Aleppo is still not free (yet) but unless the criminals in the US can try another deception to try to turn the tide of battle, it will fall.... And when Aleppo does fall, I will indeed post that good news here for all to see... Stay tuned...

More to come


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greencrow said...

Good post NTS. Hope I live to see this day:

"....For years now, US President Obama, Secretaries of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton et all have been clamouring in unison that, “Assad Must Go”. Now it looks as if Assad might outlast all of them."

The US military "intelligence" has dug so many holes for the US all over the world...none so deep as Syria. Iran is loaning it's airbases and now we hear that China is going to join in on the side of Russia, Syria, Iran and perhaps Turkey. It almost looks like a mirror of NATO is being set up...only with a much bigger worldwide population base.

Hmmmmm what will the acronym be? RICST (pronounced "Resist")...sounds like a winner to me.