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The Forgotten War: News Out Of Yemen

It has been disgusting to even watch 5 minutes of the Jew spew media these days without puking... The liars that call themselves "reporters" have been constantly putting out bullshit propaganda about how great that demon from hell, Hillary "Killary" Clinton is, and the so called "mainstream media"networks have all been constantly putting up equally bullshit poll 'results' that constantly claim that this psychotic mass murdering freak of nature is somehow "ahead" of Donald Drumpf in terms of exactly which criminal they will select to be their next President this coming November..

Then we have the constant bullshit news about the situation in Syria, where these same liars at these "networks" constantly put up lies that the Syrian government and their Russian/Arab allies are out there killing civilians, and even to go as far as to support the "terrorists" as these murderous mercenaries are actually the ones murdering Syrian civilians!  Yes, the news has definitely turned Orwellian these days and it is no wonder that people are turning to the alternative media for any sense of the real truth...

But one thing that I have noticed over the last while is the absolute lack of any news from the Jew spew media concerning that other important war going on in the southern Arabian peninsula... That war is of course the battle in Yemen by the Yemeni people, against the criminal Saudis who are being armed and supported by both the American and British governments...

Yes, I am not surprised by the lack of news from Yemen, for with the Houthis right now having the upper hand over the criminal Saudi government, it does not look good for the US and British governments who have been pouring in armaments and sending "advisors" to that conflict... And in fact few people are even aware that the Houthi forces have not only been holding their own against the Saudi Arabian invaders of their country, having repelled that invasion and inflicting terrible losses on the invading Saudi forces, but have in fact launched operations and an invasion of Saudi Arabia itself....  In fact, it has been so bad for the Saudi Arabian government that they have recently resorted to a genocidal attack on Yemeni civilians in the Yemen capital of Sana by launching a poison gas attack using US supplied chemicals.... First here is a report from the Global Research website ( about that atrocity here:

War on Yemen, Inhaling Poisonous Gas: Saudi Arabia Launches Chemical Attack on Sana’a, Killing Civilians

“A number of Yemeni people have been killed as a result of inhaling poisonous gases in the chemical attack,” Military Expert Major General Abdel Sattar al-Sa’deh told FNA on Monday.
He reiterated that Sana’a's Ninth district has been under artillery attacks of the pro-Saudi forces, yet it seems that the Saudi forces have been recently supplied with chemical weapons to exert more pressure on the district.
Al-Sa’deh said that the Yemeni citizens felt weakness, unconsciousness and tiredness after the Saudi forces attacked them with artillery shells containing white-colored substances.
“This is for the first time that this kind of poisonous artillery shells are fired at residents of the Ninth district and the villages of Qoubareh, Qoul Ali, al-Ma’di, al-Asarat and al-Aqran,” he added.
Al-Sa’deh reiterated that the chemical warfare used by Saudi Arabia only targets humans and animals.
On Sunday, fighter jets from the Saudi-led coalition hit Sana’a during a massive rally that attracted millions of people rallied in strong support for a political body recently formed to run the country in the face of a Saudi military campaign to reinstate a former president.
During the demonstration, Saudi fighter jets bombed Yemen’s capital, including the area around the Presidential palace.
The bombardment resulted in an “unknown number of casualties,” local officials said. People on Twitter said that at least three civilians were killed and a number were wounded.
Saudi Arabia has been repeatedly slammed for causing civilian casualties during its bombing campaign. In the latest case on August 13, at least ten children were killed in an airstrike blamed on the Saudi-led coalition that hit a religious school in Northwestern Yemen.
Doctors Without Borders (MSF) confirmed that 28 youngsters were also injured in that attack. After Saudi jets hit their hospital, killing 19 people, MSF announced on Thursday that it was pulling its staff out of northern Yemen.
Just days after the airstrike on MSF hospital in Hajjah, the US military announced it has withdrawn from Saudi Arabia its personnel who were coordinating with the Saudi-led air campaign in Yemen, and sharply reduced the number of staff elsewhere who were assisting in that planning.

It is obvious that the Saudis cannot beat the Houthis on the ground, and to try to make up for their botched invasion of Yemen, they have now resorted to attacks directly against civilians using chemical weapons....It is also apparent as to exactly WHO supplied these chemical munitions to the Saudis for this atrocity.....

I for one am not surprised by the Saudis now acting out of desperation to try to "save face" for their debacle in Yemen....The Houthis are presently beating the snot out of the Saudis on all fronts, and the Saudis are now looking for a way out of the conflict.... And right now, I want to present a new article that comes from the Aletho News online news site, at, where it seems that the criminal US Secretary of State, John Kohn, has stepped forward to try to save the Saudis' asses, by trying to push an "initiative for peace" to end the conflict in Yemen... But as the article here shows, it seems that the Houthis are no fools and have soundly rejected the criminal US Secretary Of States' "initiative"and with good reasons.. Here is that article for everyone to see for themselves here:

Yemen’s Houthis reject Kerry’s initiative for peace

Press TV – August 27, 2016
Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has rejected an initiative put forth by US Secretary of State John Kerry to resolve the crisis in the war-torn country.
Mohammed Abdulsalam, the Ansarullah spokesman, said Saturday that the offer aims at depriving the Houthis of their arms in their fight of resistance against the Saudi invasion.
“Whoever has a greedy eye on our weapons, we will have a greedy eye on his life,” Abdulsalam wrote in a message posted on Facebook.
Kerry earlier called on Houthis to hand over their weapons including ballistic missiles and to pull back from the capital Sana’a. In return, the US secretary of state said Houthis and allies can have a share in Yemen’s future unity government.
The proposal comes amid reports that Houthis have stepped up missile attacks on border regions in Saudi Arabia over the past weeks. The attacks are carried out in reaction to deadly Saudi airstrikes that the regime in Riyadh says are meant to undermine Houthis and allies and to restore power to Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, Yemen’s president who has resigned and fled the capital.
About 10,000 people have been killed across Yemen since the Saudi campaign started in March 2015.
The conflict in Yemen re-escalated after peace talks mediated by the United Nations and held in Kuwait collapsed earlier this month. The talks hit a snag after Houthis rejected a similar initiative proposed by the UN, saying it lacked any clear mechanism for transition of power.
Houthis had declared since the start of the talks in April that they were ready for disarmament and withdrawal from key areas they control in case a broad political agreement is reached in which Hadi would have no role.

NTS Notes:  Why am I not surprised that John Kohn's bullshit "Initiative for peace" has been rejected by the Houthis?  The Houthis are no fools and with them having the Saudis on the run and losing the war badly, they have the upper hand and are not rightfully interested in the US lies about "peace"....

Yes, the US has indeed gotten themselves into another fine mess as they have been pumping more and more armaments to the Saudis in their losing battle in Yemen... And it is no wonder that we do not hear much coming out of Yemen itself, especially from the Jew spew media, for this is one war that the criminal Saudis and their American allies are being soundly trounced....

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greencrow said...


Thanks for focusing on this forgotten war. You're right...while victory has many "fathers", defeat is always an orphan. What I've always wondered about the war in Yemen is: Is the combination that's fighting against USrael in Syria,i.e., Iran, Hezbollah, and the Rooskies...also fighting the war in Yemen? In other this just another front in the ongoing war for the "Greater Israel" project?

I've never seen a good reason for the war other than the usual "regime change" issues. I did a post some months ago about an allegation that the "West" used a small nuclear bomb against the Yemenis. Now it appears they're "gassing" the civilians? Why do they think they can "win" hearts and minds with such tactics?