Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?

As a Canadian, all I can do is watch the circus that is the American Presidential race as it unfolds, and from my perspective most Americans are sleepwalking into a disaster...

Right now, all the American Jew spew media outlets are filling most Americans with the garbage that the psychotic mass murdering freak of nature, Hillary "Killary" Rodham Clinton, is somehow "leading" in all the polls..... Again as I have said before, exactly WHO is conducting these polls and where?  For the only way that demon seed could be 'winning' the race is if the polls were conducted only amongst the Democratic Party leadership and/or the American insane asylums... There is NO WAY in hell that foul creature can be ever winning these polls as independent polls are showing Donald Drumpf leading by a landslide...

But we all know by now that polls and the actual vote mean diddly squat... For it is the criminals that actually count the votes that decide this election and those criminals have already long decided to anoint Killary as the next President... And when that happens, the entire world will be at the mercy of that freak!

Right now, I want to present a most interesting article that comes from Paul Craig Roberts, through his website at www.paulcraigroberts.org... This one is entitled: "Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?" and asks that very important question to Americans that indeed still are so gullible and brain dead that they cannot understand the evil nature of the criminals that are in charge of their once free nation.....I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them? — Paul Craig Roberts

Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?
Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Wolfowitz and the lies that he told in the high government positions that he held are responsible for a massive number of deaths and massive destruction in seven countries. Wolfowitz has announced his vote for Hillary Clinton. Does this make you feel reassured?
The real surprise would have been Wolfowitz’s announcement in favor of Donald Trump. So why was what was expected news? 
Trump has said that he doesn’t see any future in the conflict Washington has initiated with Russia, and Trump questions the point of NATO’s continuing existence. These peaceful attitudes make Trump into a “national security risk” according to Wolfowitz. What Wolfowitz means is that a peace candidate is a threat to Wolfowitz’s doctrine of US world hegemony. In the crazed mind of Wolfowitz and the neoconservatives, America is not safe unless it rules the world.
Hillary is a warmonger, perhaps the ultimate and last one if she becomes president, as the combination of her hubris and incompetence is likely to result in World War 3. On July 3, 2015, Hillary declared: “I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president, we will attack Iran. . . . we would be able to totally obliterate them.” http://www.globalresearch.ca/hillary-clinton-if-im-president-we-will-attack-iran/5460484?print=1 The crazed Hillary went on from this to declare the President of Russia to be “the new Hitler.” Little doubt she thinks she can obliterate Russia also.
Hillary is the one who brought zionist neocon Victoria Nuland into the State Department to oversee the US coup in Ukraine in order to create more propaganda against Russia and force Washington’s European vassals to impose sanctions and place military bases on Russia’s borders, thus provoking a nuclear power and raising dangerous tensions.
This fits in perfectly with Wolfowitz’s intention. As Wolfowitz is Hillary’s likely Secretary of Defense, the two together mean World War 3.
When the Soviet Union collapsed, Wolfowitz, then a high Pentagon official, penned the Wolfowitz doctrine. The doctrine states that the principal goal of US foreign policy is to prevent the rise of other countries that could serve as constraints on US unilateralism. This means Russia and China,  The combination of Hillary with Wolfowitz should scare everyone in the entire world. The prospect of nuclear weapons being in such crazed hands as those of Hillary and Wolfowitz is the most alarming though imaginable.
The question is whether Hillary can be elected in the face of her violations of national security rules, for which she received a pass from corrupt Obama, and her heavily documented self-dealings that have produced a Clinton private fortune of $120 million and $1,600 million in their foundation. It is completely clear that the Clintons use public office for their private aggrandizement. Is this what Americans want? Two people who become even more rich as the world is led into nuclear war?
But with electronic voting machines, the question will not be decided by what Amerians want, but by how the electronic machines are programmed to report the vote. The US has already had elections in which the exit polls, always a reliable indicator of the winner prior to the appearance of electronic voting machines, indicated a different winner than the electronic voting machines produced. The secrecy of how the voting machines are programmed is protected by “proprietary software.” The machines have no paper trails, precluding vote recounts.
As both political establishments are fiercely opposed to Trump, how do you think the machines will be programmed? Indeed, the media is so opposed to Trump, the question is whether there will be exit polls and if there are, will they be misreported?
Republican operatives, not Republican voters, are all in a huff over their allegations that Trump is costing the Republicans votes. How can this be when Republican voters chose Trump over other candidates? Aren’t the Republican operatives saying that they, instead of the voters, should choose the Republican candidate?
If so, they are just like the Democrats. Some years ago the Democrat establishment created “super delegates” who are not chosen by voters. Enough “super delegates” were created in order to give the Party establishment the ability to over-ride the voters choice of presidential candidate. That it was the Democrats—allegedly the party of the people—who first took the choice away from the people is astonishing. Much information indicates that Bernie Sanders actually won the Democratic presidential nomination but was denied it by vote fraud and “super delegates.”
This is politics in America—totally corrupt. Chris Hedges might be right: nothing can change without revolution.
The demonization of Trump by the presstitutes is proof that Trump, despite his wealth, is regarded by the Oligarchs who comprise the One Percent as a threat to their agendas. The Oligarchs, not Trump, own or control the media. So the presstitute demonization of Trump is complete proof that he is the candidate to elect. The oligarchs who oppress us hate Trump, so the oppressed American people should support Trump.
The presstitute demonization of Trump did not work in the Republican primaries. Is it working in the presidential election? We don’t know, because the polls are reported by the presstitutes, not by Trump.
If the demonization does not work, and the election has to be stolen from Trump by the electronic machines, the consequence will be to radicalize Americans, something long overdue. Perhaps the expectation of this development is the reason all federal agencies, even the post office and Social Security, have acquired arms and ammunition, and Cheney’s firm Halliburton was paid $385,000,000 to build detention centers in the US.
Those who control us are not going to give up their control without a world war. In the United States evil has seized power from the people, and evil will not give it back.

NTS Notes:  My answer to this question is that presently most Americans  right now are just too brain dead, chemicalized, and brainwashed by the bullshit Jew spew media, to even consider their rights to overthrow the evil that has taken over their government....

Yes, sadly the so called "Neocons" (mostly Jewish criminals of course..) are indeed all putting their efforts into getting that war mongering psychotic Killary into the White House... And as a result have more wars and destruction take place across the planet....  Sadly, once again I must point out that most Americans are oblivious to what has happened to their nation and after this November that freak of nature Killary will indeed lead their once great nation down the road to destruction and possibly the end of the US itself....

I as a Canadian can still hope that most Americans can indeed wake up and stop that foul creature from getting the Presidency before it is too late.....

More to come



Greg Bacon said...

Only by using massive amounts of lead and the spilling of much blood.

BuelahMan said...

The world, including PCR, will be in for a big surprise when the anti-war candidate (Drumpf) actually continues and expands the wars that everyone says he is against after he is sElected.

Just like every other candidate to take office has done.

Personally, I am not fooled by it all.

RickB said...

Accurate depiction of the situation. Hillary will win on fixed voting machines. Here in Wisconsin Trump lost to Cruz in the primary on Governor Walker's fixed voting machines. Cruz had no presence here at all. Cruz's name was merely programmed in Walker's place and wallah... Cruz magically won... enough "deep pockets" of Cruz supporters were found to win him the day... as every time Walker has been involved in elections... he is going to run for Governor again... enough "deep pockets" of Walker voters are always found to win him the election... no matter how unpopular he is perceived to be. He is hated and despised by the majority of Wisconsinites. Anger is brewing.

RickB said...

WAIT!!! Just hold your horses!!!

Americans can't save themselves from the evil that rules them... IT WOULD BE ANTI-SEMITIC!!!

Geez, thank goodness Americans are so clueless that it will never come to that... them saving themselves and being anti-Semitic.