Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Sickness Of Political Correctness: Black Lives Matter Is Ridiculous Because ALL LIVES MATTER!

I received some interesting emails and a few comments these last few days asking me to give my views about this "Black Lives Matter" crap that is all over the media, and to put in my own two cents worth on what I see is really happening... I figured I would oblige simply because all of this is again nothing more than the bullcrap of "political correctness" now gone wild.....

First and foremost, I do want to present a link to an article that was posted through Mike Adam's Natural News website that gives a great perspective on what this "political correctness" is truly all about and basically tears it to pieces.... Here is the link to that article for everyone to view here for themselves:

In my view, this "political correctness" bullshit is indeed a level of mental illness and is in fact being used for the ultimate destruction of the United States itself.... It is a fact that most of our societies these days are actually hampered due to people cowering in fear of failing to be "politically correct" in their every day dealings... That is a disaster and quite honestly I do picture it as a program for the breakdown of society itself....

Next, I want to look at this bullshit called "Black Lives Matter" or "BLM" for short that is all over the news... Lets face the truth here, for this "BLM" group is nothing more than a George Soros propaganda group that is being used to incite violence across America.... First here are a few interesting articles that shows proof that BLM is indeed bought and paid for by Dr Evil himself, George Soros:

Honestly, I am not surprised at all that one of the most evil men on planet Earth is behind this fraud BLM group... This master criminal has already done so much damage all over the planet in inciting violence everywhere and once again I truly have to ask WHY he is not behind bars in a jail cell for his crimes against humanity?  But the fact is that George is in fact Jewish, and he is doing his work as part of the Jewish master plan for world domination as laid out in their most disgusting Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion blueprint.. 

OK, someone asked me about what had just happened at the Major League Baseball game on Tuesday in San Diego California, when one of the singers of the Canadian music group, The Tenors changed the wording of the Canadian national anthem "Oh Canada" to put forward his honest views that 'All Lives Matter" and to take a shot at the fraud "political correctness" that ONLY "black lives matter" ... First, here is the video of that incident in San Diego for everyone to see here for themselves:

Let me make it clear here, that I fully applaud the efforts of this singer for taking a stand against the evil of this "Black Lives Matter" bullshit.... I do NOT see him as a "lone wolf" as the Jew run media tries to portray, and I agree with some of the comments made in this video..... I am also deeply saddened that this singer is now "suspended" for his actions and that he has been forced to "apologize" for his actions because I absolutely applaud his efforts in light of the "liberal" (Jewish) criminal attempt to force this Black Lives Matter bullshit in our faces....I do not see this "All Lives Matter" statement to be contradictory to the understanding that black lives matter just as much as other lives... I see it as a statement that truly ALL LIVES DO MATTER!

So, dear readers... Tomorrow, the fraud BLM group is indeed planning for massive riots right across America under the bullshit that black lives matter and to hell with everyone else... What we are about to witness is that ultra criminal George Soros turn his paid mercenaries loose on America in the hope that they incite so much violence that a full blown race war is now triggered... And THAT is exactly what that other ultra criminal, Barry Soetoro, hopes to happen to bring in martial law across America....

Yes, ALL LIVES DO MATTER, and once again, the hell with this political correctness bullshit!

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Mrex666 productions said...

tomorrow is 7/16/16. 7 1+6 1+6 = 777. More illuminati symbolism here.

Bri Pope said...

"[Political correctness] is a disaster and quite honestly I do picture it as a program for the breakdown of society itself...."

People have been saying this for a long time, especially about the lgbt 'agenda' and how these things will lead to the destruction of the family.
I'm just not seeing this happening at all.
I think once again the ruling class has hijacked a mostly peaceful movement, and desperately tried to make it into a war for their own benefit.

The way the media portrays this movement is just sickening. Not to mention pathetic. Their desperation stinks very badly.

Good article,
Thank you for challenging the official story