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Excellent New Article From John Kaminski: Show Me!

I am still following the information that is coming out of the alternative media and from my fellow friends and colleagues in the real "truth movement" about the latest false flag shooting in Dallas Texas... Yes, it does appear that at this one, or so it seems, we have some real deaths including possibly as many as 5 Dallas police officers.... I am still looking at the evidence and trying to put the pieces together before I call this any type of set up or hoax, and I do have some reports at this blog coming very soon..... One thing of note of course is the fact that apparently this latest shooting could not have come at a more convenient time for both the criminal Obama administration and of course Hillary "Killary" Clinton, and indeed is diversion for the American public, who's attention span these days is almost non-existent..... I would also surmise that this shooting in Dallas may indeed be part of a most sinister plan to spark a 'race war' across America as well....

But in the meantime, I have been looking at so many amazing articles elsewhere and of course I just finished reading the latest work by none other than John Kaminski, who of course writes for the Rebel website at This one is entitled: "Show Me!" and asks the important question to everyone about what their excuses are for assisting the criminal Jewish elite in the destruction of our planet..... It is definitely a must see by everyone, and of course I have it right here in its entirety... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Show me!

What’s your excuse for assisting in the destruction of the world?

a note from your doctor will not be acceptable

By John Kaminski

Show me what you really believe, and how you think the world should be run. Do you think rich politicians should be able to break the law and get away with it? How can an intelligent person like yourself tolerate the corrupt way this world is run?
Just how far are you from the life you would like to live, in the place you would like to live it? Are you ready to confront the knowledge about the terms of your imprisonment? Are you ready to do something about it?
Show me your optimism! Show me that look that says you are eagerly looking forward to the future and confident that your world will hold together and provide you with the heaven on earth experience you always dreamed you would have. How far are you from that?
Can’t remember where you put it that dream, you say? Hidden in a dusty box in a closet, perhaps?
Show me your faith in humanity. Show me your steadfast belief in your government, and your unwavering faith in your country. Show me that you implicitly trust the words that come out of the mouth of your principal spiritual adviser, be it your preacher, your teacher or your best childhood friend. How about your state representative?
You open your mouth but no words come out, as your frozen thoughts contemplate the new normal for our pimple popping police state. Don’t say anything that the cops can use against you or you could wind up hanging in a jail cell in East Texas.
Show me the desire you have to repay the miraculous prize you were awarded simply by being born, initially free of the grime of civilization that now has wrenched your attention from what is really important to something else somebody else has convinced you is more important than paying attention to your own welfare, like religion, politics and those types of lethal vaudeville acts.
Show me the gleam in your eye powered by the knowledge that all humanity realizes the pickle we are in, and is willing to do something about it, except for the financial strait jackets that keep the vast majority of the human population occupied trying to feed themselves and oblivious to the subtle programs that have enslaved them, like welfare and the sale of incomprehensibly large weapons.
Show me the muscle and enduring strength of your physical and mental constitution, free of bombshells in your body the corporations have told you are good, and false ideas implanted in your mind throughout your lifetime, all aimed at convincing you that the fable of the home of the brave was not just a cover story for robbery and mass murder on a very large scale.
Show me the worth of your occupation? Does it make things better? Does it clarify the chaos? If so you should publicize it; if not you should try something else.
Show me the depth of your understanding that the Earth is alive and is nurtured by your thoughts and actions, and also ruined by your waste material, which is choking the pores of the planet.
Have the American people answered any of these questions? Have you?
Hang your head when the soldiers come home to commit suicide and be buried, along with the stories locked in their graves, about how they really died for nothing, like Cindy Sheehan’s son. It shows us what the Romans knew and practiced, that everyone should be a soldier instantly ready to defend what he or she holds dearest.
And, most especially, capable of defending it.
. . . especially not to be misled and betrayed by evil demagogues who deaden our minds with artificial intrigues and then slip in legislation that has robbed us of all our freedoms. This is 100 percent of TV politics. They will shoot you down without warning if you oppose any of their sleazy schemes.
Our individual human rights must be regained in a process that historically has always involved the shedding of some blood. Show me that you are willing to fight for freedom in the way that only you know best.
Ask yourself if you can functionally deal with the shedding of human blood. Then contemplate the crimes of those sick people we have been told are our leaders. We must ultimately take responsibility for THEIR actions, and do something about it, pronto!
Show me what you can do about all this. It’s the only game in town. To pretend to do something else is to deny what is most important to our survival. Neutralizing the parasites. Anything else is pretty much a waste of time.
The family you know is there will be cheering you on with great interest.
Free the Bundy prisoners, in solitary confinement for arguing that the federal takeover of farmers’ land is evil and illegal, which it is. The imprisonment of the Bundys and their friends is really the imprisonment of the minds of everyone in America.
The issue of our government publicly failing to obey its own laws creates the necessity for individuals to act according to their own well-established moral principles in order to rescue our government from itself. Ditto the churches.
The imposition of a totalitarian penalty by covering up so many crimes by the government, if it remains unopposed and unobjected to, becomes the de facto law of the land, and an intensification of the technological noose inexorably tightening around our necks as it rewards the perversion of the law with billions for the favored families.
This is how Obama wound up telling us he can kill anybody he wants to without a trial.
Hillary’s release from having to obey the law casts a direct shadow on all of us, who are now at risk for prison for any reason at all — or for no reason at all.
Remember that even the best mainstream politicians are still locked in the perceptual and financial prison of Jewish supremacy, an immovable object when it comes to achieving unfettered human freedom.
Donald Trump might not solve anything, but Hillary Clinton might kill us all. Both are slaves of the Jews.
Stop the Bankers from strangling us with the rules of the rich who are above the law.
Our government was taken over a hundred years ago by vampire parasites from eastern Europe who have usurped control of almost every country on Earth by mastering the dark techniques of swindling.
Show me that you understand. And make others understand. Otherwise this technopop hypoxia that has shriveled up our souls and murdered Mother Nature will be the end of us, as we devolve into citizens who don’t know what our government is doing, and don’t care.
On this path we will never know ourselves, and never freely control our own lives.
Making us much less likely to survive the travails ahead.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes:  I too have long been asking much the same questions about the mindless sheep that I encounter every day..... I cannot understand how people can not see what is happening around them and to their lives and yet doing absolutely nothing to stop these criminals from doing their damage to our world....

But of course I am also asked constantly for my own "solutions" to the problem.... I have stated so many times that the first step has to be for everyone to have the real facts about the problem and to understand exactly who the criminals really are.... The issue here is of course with the criminal Jewish control over not only our governments but the media, the brainwashing is so massive that many people are unable to understand let alone comprehend the facts that these criminals really do exist... The first step is therefore to break that mind control by telling the real truth....

The second problem, and this is the biggie, is what to do with the knowledge once people do get enlightened to the facts about these criminals.... Open violent revolution is out due to the fact that the criminal Jewish elite wants exactly that to happen!  If the people violently revolt, then these psychotic criminals will simply force their puppet governments to crack down and impose martial law across our countries.. Then they will turn off the internet, lock up all the "radicals" and the "dissidents", and our efforts will be for naught...

But peaceful revolution is such a slow process that we may not have the time to effect any changes before these criminals achieve their objectives of world domination... Many in fact say that is already too late due to the fact that with the Jewish dominant control over our lives now, they have already won.....

I do not disagree with John about how the mindless sheep out there are doing nothing to stop their own demise, and we are at a loss to understand their mentality and lack of both critical thinking and common sense... I am right now at a loss to see what else we can do as the messengers than what we have already been trying to do?   I am indeed open to other options......

More to come


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