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This Is Troubling: Canadian Government Is Going To Extend Fraud "Hate Crime" Legislation To Protect Canada's Sexually Deviant Members!

I have stated my position in regards to this "transgender" issue already in so many of my weekend rants... I look at these "transgenders" as disgusting human beings and that they should not have any rights equal to anyone else.... To me, this rise in "transgenderism" is nothing more than another sad chapter in the criminal Jewish want to have us all enslaved by destroying the very social fabric that binds most of us together, which is our own families and our family values!   I care not what those who suddenly think that I am in anyway suddenly "disgusting" and "hateful" with this stance, for I am and always have been in support of true family values, and against these deviants that want to ruin our society...

But today, I really found something that I truly find disgusting and must be shared by everyone... For according to the following very important article that comes from Arthur Topham, over at the website: "Radical Press" at, apparently the Justin Trudeau regime now occupying Ottawa is pushing for changes to the disgusting "Hate Crime" legislation, that has already stripped so much freedom of speech away from Canadians, that will now include "rights" for those who call themselves "transgender" and in fact ANYONE living in Canada that has any form of sexual deviancy!    Here is Arthur's very important article right here for all of my own readers to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

CANADA: The New Sodom and Gomorrah? By Arthur Topham

June 4, 2016

CANADA: The New Sodom and Gomorrah?
Arthur Topham

On May 17th, 2016, a day recognized by the federal government as “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia”, an edict emanated forth from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office (PMO) stating that the Liberal government was planning to make additional changes to the “Hate Propaganda” laws (Sections 318 to 320) of the Criminal Code of Canada in order to “protect” the nation’s sexually deviant members.
The unabashed and strident manner in which the federal government is pushing forward with its controversial agenda of planned perversion and subversion of Canadian society (under the guise of supposed “human rights” for sexual aberrants) is an issue fraught with deep and troubling concern, not only those Canadians of the Christian faith who prefer to rely upon the eternal wisdom of God and Nature but also for millions of other citizens whose moral standards won’t permit them to accept the subversive and sinister hidden aim within the government’s mandate to criminalize public dissent and discussion on moral, ethical and health standards affecting the nation as a whole.
In the words of the PM, “To do its part, the Government of Canada today will introduce legislation that will help ensure transgender and other gender-diverse people can live according to their gender identity, free from discrimination, and protected from hate propaganda and hate crimes.”
The reality that the federal government intends to expand rather than repeal Section 318 – 320 of the Canadian Criminal Code is disconcerting  in itself given the excessively subjective nature of this draconian section of the Code. The concept of “Hate Propaganda” as a “criminal offence” is nothing less than a blatant example of government mind control; one that, here in Canada, has proven itself over the last half century of contentious litigation, to be extremely controversial, provocative and unjust and a clear and present danger to freedom of expression or “free speech” as defined by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
The alarm bells ought to be ringing across the country at the thought of this new “Liberal” government of Justin Trudeau pulling the Orwellian zipper of censorship even tighter over the mouths of Canada’s citizens than his predecessor Harper. It appears to be a new day but still the same old shit – of increasingly repressive laws and greater restrictions on individual freedoms theoretically guaranteed by our Charter.
5FeetFury copy
In fact the threat of expanding Canada’s “hate” laws to include ‘Tranny’(i.e. transvestite) protection has already angered and incensed Canadian bloggers as we see in the following reaction by Kathy Shaidle, one of the veterans of the previous “Section 13” wars that were ongoing during Harper’s reign.
As I’ve stated numerous times and especially in my essay Bad Moon Rising: How the Jewish Lobbies Created Canada’s “Hate Propaganda” Laws, these Communist-inspired laws were surreptitiously and deliberately put in place through the mendacious actions of various Jewish lobby organizations such as the Canadian Jewish Congress, B’nai Brith Canada and, more recently, the newly-formed Centre for Israel & Jewish Affairs, all of whom have worked in tandem for decades to ensure that issues to do with Israel and its Zionist ideological political system would ultimately fall within this section of the Code and therefore make any truthful and factual statements about important civil and national issues indictable offences.
What must be clearly understood from the start when discussing the issue of  “Hate Propaganda” laws is that the notion of elevating the natural emotional feeling of hatred into a pseudo-legal category wherein it becomes an indictable offence is purely an invention of the Zionist Jews and in certain respects an historical concomitant of the Bolshevik era’s Leninist/Stalinist totalitarian terror regimes. One could rightly state that its essential character is embodied in such classics of “hate” literature as Germany Must Perish!, a book written back in 1941 by the Jewish author Theodore N. Kaufman with the sole purpose of inciting America to hate Germany and then translate that hatred into the USA joining the Allies in their unjust war against the National Socialist government of Germany.
In a previous article entitled Canada: Hypocrite Nation Ruled by Zionist Deception & anti-Free Speech Laws I had the following to say about these despicable, sham legal subterfuges disguised as legitimate jurisprudence:
“The war to silence Canadians and stymie any public speech that the Jewish lobby felt might negatively impact them or Israel in any way (either on or off the internet), gained its foothold back in 1977 when the federal government first implemented the so-called Canadian Human Rights Act and created its attendant enforcement agencies, the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT). Both the commission and the tribunal were quasi-judicial, i.e. “crazy” judicial in that they basically set their own rules and guidelines and consistently changed the “legal” goal posts depending upon whatever case they were dealing with, in order to ensure a conviction. If fact, of the hundreds of Canadians dragged before these Stalinist style “Show Trial” tribunals, EVERYONE was found guilty for the simple reason that all it took was for someone to register a complain against them and that, in itself, sealed their fate. When I describe Section 13 as a “Bolshevik” type law I do so with the full knowledge that under the former Soviet system, Lenin, in one of the regime’s very first acts upon gaining absolute power, was to make “anti-Semitism” a crime punishable by death. Death, that is, without so much as a trial even. All it would take, (just as with the Section 13 “complaints”) was for someone to accuse another of said crime and the Cheka (soviet secret police) had the excuse to liquidate the victim.”
Reporting on this issue in Christian News Heather Clark remarks that apart from the criminal aspects of this proposed legislation there are those like Charles McVety, president of the Institute for Canadian Values and others who consider the bill to be “nebulous and reckless.”
Clark’s article goes on, “Bill C-16 is so vague, it is unenforceable,” he [McVety] said in a statement. “The fluid nature of gender identity is so nebulous that people can change their gender identity moment by moment. In that the bill seeks to change the Criminal Code of Canada, people may be sent to prison for two years over something that is ill-defined, and indeterminable.”
“It is also reckless as the proposed law will establish universal protection for any man who wishes to access women’s bathrooms or girls’ showers with momentary gender fluidity,” McVety continued. “Every Member of Parliament should examine their conscience over the potential of their vote exposing women and girls to male genitalia.”
In the context of our Charter rights Clark says, “There is also uncertainty as to how the law will be applied to free speech. As previously reported, in 2013, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld the conviction of activist William Whatcott, who found himself in hot water after distributing flyers regarding the Bible’s prohibitions against homosexuality throughout the Saskatoon and Regina neighborhoods in 2001 and 2002.”
As Charles McVety rightfully stated the proposed Bill C-16 is definitely “nebulous and reckless” but as past convictions in both the cases of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and Section 319(2) of the Canadian Criminal Code show, simply because it’s “vague” doesn’t mean that it isn’t “enforceable”. All it takes are judges and justices within the Canadian judicial system who will interpret and lend credence to subjective definitions of nebulous terms such as “hatred” so that they may then shapeshift into whatever meaning the Crown wishes in order to fit the charge. No better example currently exists than the latest and most severe case of Whatcott.
Conclusion: What’s coming next?
During the heated Sec. 13 Campaign here in Canada when the Canadian Human Rights Act was being wielded like a club by the Canadian Human Rights Commission and bloggers around the country were being bludgeoned and jailed, fined and nailed to the “hate crime” cross the Zionist element within the Conservative Right finally realized that the Sec. 13 legislation no longer was serving just their purposes but was being turned against them as well. As a result they garnered the support of Canada’s Zionist media monopoly and the lobbying to repeal the specious section of the Act was eventually accomplished back in June of 2012. Unfortunately they weren’t smart enough to realize that the “Hate Propaganda” laws within the Criminal Code were even more insidious than Sec. 13. They figured that as long as Sec. 319(2) of the ccc was there and could be used against critics of Israel and anyone else accused of “anti-Semitism” then that was just fine with them. To hell (or jail) with “freedom of speech” if it meant allowing bloggers to speak openly and frankly about the Jews or the Zionist empire builders.
But the tables appear to be turning once again as the new Liberal government of Justin Trudeau begins forcing their faggot philosophy down the throats of unwilling Canadians and then, on top of that monumental insult, threatens the nation with increased criminal penalties of up to two years in jail for anyone who doesn’t want to go happily and gayly along down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah carrying their little rainbow flag in hand.
Will they eventually start campaigning to repeal these anti-free speech laws contained in Sec. 318 to 320 of the Criminal Code and get rid of the last vestiges of Orwellian censorship in Canada?
Time will soon tell.
The upcoming challenge to this Zionist-created false flag legislation will determine once and for all whether or not Canada will adhere to the spirit and intent of its Charter of Rights and Freedoms or continue to bow down to foreign interests and sacrificing its citizen’s fundamental rights.
Please try to assist in this process by making a small donation to the cause. My GoGetFunding site can be found here:
Standing for Canada and our democratic ideals I remain,
Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”

NTS Notes: Again, this is so disgusting to behold...

I, as a Canadian and one that wants to have true family values and principles upheld, sees this as truly a step backwards that will indeed turn Canada into a haven for these sexual misfits to call home.. As Arthur states, this change could indeed turn Canada into the modern "Sodom and Gomorrah"!

And here I am one that actually thought that the change in government last year that removed the despotic Stephen Harper from government and put Justin Trudeau in charge would be a "step forward" for Canada... Sadly, I am truly mistaken, and I feel so sorry for those much like myself that were "hoodwinked" into believing the new regime would be an improvement over the last!

Yes, Justin Trudeau is indeed a fool and an idiot... He is willing to make these changes to appease these sexual deviants and turn Canada into a cesspool of filth..... And rather than make changes for the betterment of all Canadians, he is extending the horrific "laws" that are in place that have destroyed so many of our values...

I truly hope this is a wake up call for all Canadians... We must save our families and our children from this attempt to undermine their sanctity.... I for one will not stand by and watch our families and the very values that we all want to uphold be destroyed...

And again for those that do not like what I have to say about this issue... Just go away... There are many sites out there that you can go to instead of this one.... I will never give into the bullshit of "political correctness" and giving "transgenders" rights, period....

More to come


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Greg Bacon said...

It's the distraction needed to replace the one that legalized queer marriage, at least here in Occupied America, which is sorely needed every 2 and four years.

Now they can try to fog our minds by telling us we're hateful bigots/sexists/??? for not getting on the Rainbow Flag train, by tricking ourselves into thinking there's more than two genders. What makes it worse is that gender confusion is used to take up valuable print space instead of telling Americans our nation's infrastructure is falling apart; outdated schools, worn-out highways, lead lined drinking water pipes, falling apart electrical grid and a dozen nuclear plants that are past their safe operating age, but got rubber-stamped for further service.

Can you say Fukushima?

And devious assholes like Clinton and yes, 'Mr. Hope and Change v 2.0' Trump will use it to avoid serious discussion about where Occupied America is heading, or maybe where were already at.

If they would bring up our rotting infrastructure, the question of funding the work would have to be dealt with and someone might get uppity and suggest we save money and stop illegally invading and destroying ME and African nations, based on lies.

And there's one ME state filled with ruthless SOB's that wouldn't like that.