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Very Important Health News: Breaking Report Shows CONCLUSIVELY That Cell Phone Radiation Causes Brain Cancer!

I am one very pissed off researcher these last few days... I was informed by some people residing around a local telephone network centre here in Central Canada that the telecommunications company that runs that facility was going to erect a brand spanking new cell phone network tower adjacent to that centre and right smack dab in the middle of that residential neighbourhood!  

Lets be clear here... NO cell phone tower should ever be erected in the middle of a residential neighbourhood, period, end of story... Many reports are coming out of Europe (strangely none in North America...) that show conclusively that cell phone towers must be located at least hundreds of meters away from any residential buildings to ensure the safety of those residents.  This is a fact and very logical due to the short and long term effect of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and their effect on living organisms....

In my background in Physics and long studying and understanding the effect of radiation in many forms on the human body, I am absolutely flabbergasted that anyone would allow any cell phone towers to be placed anywhere where people preside...  Besides the fact that most of these towers are indeed an eyesore and an abomination, their massive EMF field outputs do indeed have a ghastly effect on human health that makes them a danger to us all!

But the tricky part here is for those area residents in that there is almost ZERO REPORTS and ZERO STUDIES conducted here in Canada and especially in the United States about the damage that EMF radiation does on human beings.  Those reports are almost non-existent, and I look at that done purposely.  Many of the telecommunication businesses in our countries have deep pockets and have powerful lobby groups that absolutely make sure that their plans for propping up these cell phone tower monstrosities everywhere goes unabated!  Sadly, we all are being used as guinea pigs in basically what is an experiment to see how much tolerance we all have to EMF radiation and to see if indeed the effect of that radiation is health diseases such as Cancer and even death!

Yes, I am against Cell phones in general and how they and the industry built around them has destroyed our social structure and how they have been pouring out radiation into our environment that has caused so much damage to our bodies..... And now comes even more ammunition against Cell phones in general, for according to the following report from the Natural News website, at, it appears that a recent government study has concluded that cell phone radiation does indeed cause Brain Cancer!   I have that report right here for all to see for themselves and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

BREAKING: Massive government study concludes cell phone radiation causes brain cancer

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(NaturalNews) After decades of denials and attacks by the media which called people concerned about cell phone radiation "tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists," a massive, multi-year study funded by the federal government now concludes that yes, cell phone radiation causes brain cancer.

The study is published here and it's entitled, "Report of Partial Findings from the National Toxicology Program Carcinogenesis Studies of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation in Hsd: Sprague Dawley SD rats (Whole Body Exposures)."

"The findings, which chronicle an unprecedented number of rodents subjected to a lifetime of electromagnetic radiation, present some of the strongest evidence to date that such exposure is associated with the formation of rare cancers in at least two cell types in the brains and hearts of rats," reports Scientific American:

The researchers found that as the thousands of rats in the new study were exposed to greater intensities of RF radiation, more of them developed rare forms of brain and heart cancer that could not be easily explained away, exhibiting a direct dose-response relationship. Some of the rats had glioma -- a tumor of the glial cells in the brain -- or schwannoma of the heart. Furthering concern about the findings: In prior epidemiological studies of humans and cell phone exposure, both types of tumors have also cropped up as associations. In contrast, none of the control rats -- those not exposed to the radiation -- developed such tumors.

Consumer Reports also authored this story published on Yahoo Finance, which states, "The tumors found were gliomas (in the brain), and schwannomas (of the heart)." That same story goes on to report:

[T]he current study, which found the same types of tumors in rats that the earlier epidemiological research found in humans, was a controlled clinical trial; it was specifically designed to simulate the exposures of cell phone users, and all of the important parameters were tightly controlled and carefully monitored. Rats and mice were exposed to the same kinds of radiation used in cell phones, for roughly nine hours each day, spread over the course of the day.

Another government cover-up shattered

In other words, the cell phone industry can no longer claim it's "bad science." This is rigorous science, and it shows a clear, dose-related causative link between exposure to cell phone radiation and the development of brain and heart tumors.

For decades, the government has actively conspired with industry to downplay any evidence linking cell phones to cancer. We see this across the federal government, of course, with the EPA downplaying the risks of pesticides, the FDA downplaying the risks of pharmaceuticals, the CDC downplaying the risks of vaccines and the USDA downplaying the risks of genetically engineered crops. The entire federal government as it operates today is little more than the science propaganda and marketing arm of private industry. (Corporate-government collusion, by the way, is better known as economic Fascism.)

In all this, the role of the government-controlled media has long been to ridicule anyone who questions the official science propaganda on all these topics. Think cell phones cause cancer? You're a kook. Worried about fluoride in the tap water? You're a nut case. Concerned about mercury in vaccines? You're an anti-science quack, we're told.

Except that now the truth is being exposed on all these fronts. Now, even the government's own study shows that cell phone radiation causes cancerous tumors of the brain and heart. At the same time, independent science is increasingly exposing the harm of mercury in vaccines, GM crop chemicals like glyphosate, toxic pharmaceuticals and the mass fluoride poisoning of the water supply. On all these issues, Natural News has always been right! (... and the establishment has always been in denial of reality.)

The CDC, for its conspiratorial part, yanked warnings about cell phone radiation from its website. (It's the Ministry of Truth, you see, and preventing the public from learning the truth is always the CDC's No. 1 priority...)

As Consumer Reports says in its story:

The results of this large, long-term study could dramatically shift the national debate over cell phone safety. The NTP's website says that the results may be used by the Food and Drug Administration and the FTC in determining how best to protect consumers from the potential harms of radiation that comes from cell phones.

The CDC might also consider reinstating the cautions it pulled from its web site. (We've reached out to the agency for comment, and will update our story once we hear back from them).

Likewise, the cell phone industry may have to alter its stance. The wireless association trade group CTIA has maintained that cell phones are completely safe, and has fought to block San Francisco from passing laws that would require electronics retailers to notify consumers about the proper handling of cell phones.

Sources for this story include:

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NTS Notes: Honestly, I am not one bit surprised by the findings of this report....

I have witnessed for years now our young people with their heads buried in their smart phones and now becoming social invalids.... Many have lost the ability to communicate properly and instead are locked into a world of "text messages" and the fraud of "social media" and now have become basically walking zombies.... This could indeed spell the beginning of the collapse of our society itself as this next generation has not a clue about proper face to face communication,  and knows little about life in general and the very world around them other than the fraud perpetrated on those sinister "social networks"....

I also have seen for the last few decades as people have been using cell phones by having them locked to their heads constantly... Those mini transceiver units have for decades spewed out their own EMF radiation that has been pouring into the user's brain unabated, and now we see that radiation is indeed responsible for an increase in brain cell cancer... The link between the cell phone and that brain cancer is so obvious.....

Yes, Cell phone usage continues to explode at an alarming and unabated rate...But with every new technology there always seems to be a price on everyone... This report should be shown to everyone and more independent research that is NOT bought and paid for by the telecommunications industry must be conducted and those reports' findings must be shown to everyone... If the findings show that cell phones are destroying our very health then appropriate measures must be taken or the industry must be curtailed.....

And for those residents that are having that cell phone tower propped up right in their neighbourhood, I would recommend a massive petition and meetings with local government officials and demands must be placed to make sure such an abomination is not put into their environment.... Public safety must be considered in all circumstances first and foremost....

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