Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The "Social Media" Crap Known As "Facebook" Is A Spy Program: Blacklisting Of Right-Wing Stories More Proof That "Facebook" Rules The News!

I have received so many comments and emails suggesting that I further expand my reach via this blog by putting myself out there on "social media" sites such as "Facebook" and "Twitter"..... I am still shocked that so many people simply do not get it that both "Facebook" and "Twitter" are nothing more than very elaborate Israeli spy programs.... To this day I have never ever had either a "Facebook" or a "Twitter" account and never will.....

Recently, the "social media" program called "Facebook" has come under scrutiny where it has censored (no shock here) anything that the programmers behind the "Facebook" fraud consider "inappropriate" material for their site and their gullible users... This censorship has included many alternative media sites that openly attack and expose the criminal Jewish elite (again no shock here...)....

To show how truly criminal "Facebook" has become in its outright censorship of anything and anyone that it considers "inappropriate", I want to bring forward the link here to an important article from the Common Dreams website, at, that shows the blacklisting of what "Facebook" considers "Right Wing Stories" proves that this spy program rules the news!  Here is the link to that report here and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  WHY am I not shocked at all by this Common Dreams report?  I have said for years that "Facebook" was and always has been a fraud and only put out there to basically get the gullible saps and fools to give up their personal information for free!  

I also came across this interesting tidbit from a comment from "Bob" that was posted over at Incogman's website at that, though fictional, contains a lot of truths and does generally explain exactly what "Facebook" is all about and absolutely backs up everything that I have been saying for years about this fraud... Here is that comment in full right here:


Once upon a time, five Jews met to further their plan to control the Gentile and the world. 

The first Jew said, “In order to control the cattle, we need to know all about them; their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, names of all friends and relatives, where they work, play, and bank, the books they read, the organizations they belong to, the companies they patronize, what they believe, what they think. We need a complete dossier on every Gentile. Just like the Soviet secret police we started long ago. That way, once we gain total power, we will know who to come for.

But how do we do this said the third Jew?

The second Jew said,”I know!” We’ll send out teams of Bolshevik Jew thugs with clipboards out into every neighborhood. We’ll bang on every door and demand the information under the threat of injury, arrest, death, or "anti-semitism". We’re entitled. God chose us.

The third Jew said,”That won’t work. The Gentile will become alarmed and rise up with their firearms and there will be shootings and chaos and revolt. The cattle might stampede. We’ll never get all their personal information that way.” 

The fourth Jew said, “I know! We’ll set up a special social network website for the Gentile to join for free. We will entice him with great social privileges and interaction with other cattle — I mean other Gentiles — with the lure of hot sex contacts and lots of fun! Everyone can have their very own web page! All he will have to do is fill it up with all of their personal information which he can share with all his friends who will provide their personal information too. He will do all our work for us by networking all of his personal information and linking it with all of the personal data from his family and friends. It will all snowball. We will have the complete data hierarchy of everyone he knows and everyone they know. Then we will make it impossible for him to ever remove the information, keep it private, or close his account. 

The fifth Jew said, “Shlomo, you’re a genius! The gentile will trip over himself giving us voluntarily all of the private information we couldn’t ever have gotten through force! What will you call this website? 

The fourth Jew said, “I call it Jewbook.”

The third Jew said, “You can’t call it that! Then the Gentile will be suspicious. They have face like dumb cattle but they might stampede.

The fifth Jew said, “That’s it!! We call it Facebook!!! And all the Jews cheered! And so it came to be.

I am glad that others are waking up to the reality that "Facebook" is a scam... Mark Zuckerberg the founder of this fraud is and always has been a Mossad operative, and he has made BILLIONS off of the gullible and stupid Gentiles that have been foolish enough to open up a "Facebook" account...

Again, to protect yourself and to prevent these scumbag Jews and their agents from obtaining and using your personal information against you, never ever open a "Facebook" or even a "Twitter" account... If you have been that foolish to fall for this trap, then close those accounts immediately.... Never ever fall for this bullshit "social media" trap....

More to come



Sympathizer said...

Hello NTS,

I am a regular reader of yours and admire your effort and time spent to enlighten the situations throughout the world.
This comment I am posting is not really connected with the Facebook article. I agree on the view of the report you posted and the comments.
This comment is about other articles (mostly about the war in Syria) where you were questioning the actions of Russia in regards of the “ceasefire agreement” trap. I would like to bring some of the answers of these questions according to the information and knowledge I have.
I would like to state in advance that I am not Russian but lived there for several years and I think that I have some firsthand information about the country and Russians.
O.K., let’s go to the main reason of this comment. Why the hell Russia agreed to this “ceasefire agreement”? Don’t they know that this is a trap? Are they so gullible?
From my prospective, to answer these questions we need to divide the answer into two sides of it: political and military ones.
1. First we are going to explore the political side. Russia, at the moment, is in partial isolation with imposed economic sanctions from the West. In this light they need to be very careful not to allow for the West to drag other more or less neutral countries into the group “We hate Russia”. On the other hand, Russians and Mr. Putin would like to project new alternatives for the world, namely, that problems could be resolved with negotiations and compromises. If they want to be the example for the world they cannot act the same way as the ones they oppose (Jewish controlled America and the West as their minions).
2. And now the military aspect. As far as I know you like history (not the one they try to teach us or our children). You might or might not know that during the WWII Soviet Union were handling very successful partisan war against the invading army. They know very well the tactics and strategies of such war. This is what they are trying to avoid or minimize. Usually, at the end of any war we have remaining portions of the defeated army every here and there which depending on their motivation could be very distractive. Fighting such formations is quite time and resource consuming. When Syria and Russia agree for the “ceasefire”, as you correctly noted, it will allow for the mercenaries to regroup and rearm. This will, also, allow them to recruit more fighters. When they do so, they will concentrate their forces and this will allow for the Russian bombers more effectively destroying them.
With some observation I would like to finish this comment. It is well known that Americans like bluffing and they are very proud when they are able to deceive others. Contrary – Russians are chess players. They always play several moves ahead therefore having opportunity to predict the moves of the opponent. Do not underestimate them in such situations. Have more fate in them.
I hope that this comment will answer your questions about why the good guys are acting in this way.
NTS, again I would like to thank you for your courage and effort for putting together this blog.

Your Sympathizer

plutonia656 said...

Captured in a net. The interNET.

Some newts get captured and expire, Some escape to live another day..
Another get the message out.

WHEN will Critical Mass be reached?
(and ANOTHER round begin?)

REBoot on the Earth Plane.

Love you Lots NTS