Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Insanity Of Judaism: Israeli Man Seeks Restraining Order Against "God" (This Is NO Joke!)

I have constantly come under fire for my stance that ALL religion is a fraud and nothing but mind control for suckers.... There have been so many comments sent my way from those bible (the book of lies I call the "buy- bull") thumpers and other brainwashed fools that have called me every name under the sun and have even come in forms of "threats"... I always ignore these idiots and refuse to publish their trash... And of course I also get those weird and obnoxious comments from what I call my "favorite fan club", which is of course the members of the JIDF/Hasbara group of rejects from clown college that I mostly laugh at... It is insane as to how so many people out there have been duped into believing in the fairy tale "man in the clouds".....

And of course the real insanity of religion goes beyond the pale when it comes to the fraud religion called "Judaism"... Yes, these believers are of course the tribe members that have been destroying our planet and ruining our societies through their criminal Usury system of finance.....I have long said that their religion is a fraud and a phantom, based on pure bullshit fairy tales and outright lies.... 

But what I came across today really does "take the cake", when it comes to religion and especially the fairy tale lies of Judaism... For according to the following article from a fellow real truth seeker who writes the excellent blog "Birth Of A New Earth" at, apparently the psychosis of Judaism has reached a new and laughable height with a man in Israel now seeking a restraining order against the god "Yahweh" due to his "God's" torment and poor treatment towards himself!  YES, this is no joke, and I have the link to Birth Of A New Earth's article right here for all to see for themselves... I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, how ridiculous is this? 

I wonder what "Yahweh"'s response will be to this man's restraining order (LOL!)

Yes, the sickness of Judaism knows no bounds... But again, all religion is much the same, so why should no one be shocked that this silliness has finally reached this level of stupidity?

Lets be clear here... I have long said that to enslave people, you need one of three things.. Shackle them and make them slaves outright.... Give them un-payable Usury and shackle them into endless debt and thus enslaving them... Or finally the third option, which is to give them a "religion" and enslave their minds!

And for those religious nuts and fools out there that do not like what I have to say... Tough... If  you do not like it, then stop reading this blog and go to those religious blogs out there and scream hallelujah!  I am a seeker of truth and am not blinded by frauds and lies...

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