Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Fort McMurray Alberta Canada Wildfires: Something Is Not Right Here - Largest Water Bomber In Canada Is Ready And Available To Fight This Fire, And Yet Company That Operates Bomber Has NOT Been Called (!)

I stated in my previous article that I am not sold on this Clinton Foundation behind the Fort McMurray wildfires (yet), but as I read further and do more research into this fire and WHY the Canadian government has not accepted the Russian offer to bring in their fleet of water bombers to fight this blaze, I am beginning to question the ethics of the Canadian government itself... Basically something here stinks to high heaven....

But on top of the Canadian government refusing (stupidly) the help of the Russian Federation in fighting this enormous wildfire that has already destroyed over 10% of the city of Fort McMurray, I have come across the following very important video where it appears that the CANADIAN company that owns and operates the largest water bomber available to fight fires in Canada has NOT been called upon to fight this wildfire at all!   Here is the video for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  OK, yes I am a pessimist... I may try to have 'faith' in the Justin Trudeau regime that is operating in Ottawa right now, but for them to stupidly not even call upon the services of this water bomber to attack the wildfire that is still basically out of control in Alberta is beyond ludicrous....

Yes, something is not right here... Apparently the Alberta Canada provincial government has created a real mess in not even calling upon this resource when it has always been readily available... This is an emergency situation and yet the government in Edmonton Alberta is refusing to react accordingly?  This is bureaucracy at its worse....

And for everyone else to understand the ignorance of the Canadian government to not accept international aid in fighting this wildfire, here is the link to an important Investment Watch Blog article that explains Canada's position and its strange and disturbing excuse as to why it has "rejected" all international aid.... Here is the link:


Yes, there is something rotten here and I will continue to bring forward any further reports that get to the bottom of this situation....

More to come



Elisa said...

There's something fishy here, for sure. I managed to catch Global National last night, and they reported on the fact that there's a 'cone of silence' for everyone being allowed into Fort McMurray to shoot all the footage we are starting to see. Some vet spoke about about the NDA she had to sign, that would apply if she were cleared to go in. She signed, showed up, was denied so she went to the news (since the NDA only applied *if* she got in.).

What are they hiding?

greencrow said...

Good catch on the video, NTS. Trudeau's going up to Fort Mac on Friday...wonder if he'll ok the Russian and other aid to put out the fires after that.


wiggins said...

Crikey !!! Now I can understand why they blanked Mr Putin's offer of help. Where on earth do they find harridans like Notley? Honorable.....my ass.

Jay M said...

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