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The Egyptair Flight 804 Controversy Continues: The US Navy Is Treating The EA804 Search Like A Joke - Navy Knows Israel Did The Massacre

*I again have had to take care of personal and other business these last few days, and once again I am playing "catch up" on putting articles at this blog... My apologies to my readers, but again life does take precedence some times...

I have been watching all the bullshit coming out of the Mainstream media these last few days, especially the OUTRIGHT LIE that is being promoted that Egyptair Flight 804 "did not" make any "evasive maneuvers" before it disappeared off of radar in the eastern Mediterranean Sea on its final approach to landing at Cairo Egypt... This sudden change from the initial reports shows definitively that SOMEONE is trying to cover up for that disaster, and it has indeed caused me to smell a rat... And that rat may definitely have a huge star of david right on its behind!

Several readers and some friends have been sending me some notes requesting I look over the material at Jim Stone's website, at I have looked at his material pertaining to this Egyptair 804 disaster and his claims that Israel has actually abducted the aircraft and its crew and secretly flew it into Israel... I find his report to contain a lot of material that makes logical sense, including the report about how the plane's own telemetry was at first reported and then "mysteriously" disappeared which means that SOMEONE once again was trying to hide the real truth about this aircraft and that what we have been told by the liars in the Jew spew media is once again full of shit.... I have much respect for Jim Stone and his reports, but my being a pessimist and a realist requires me to attain more information and research before coming to conclusions......

Once again, I want to turn to a most interesting report that comes courtesy of Greg Bacon, who of course writes the blog: "Goon Squad" at, that shows that something is definitely all wrong with this disappearance of Egyptair flight 804 especially when the US Navy itself has been haphazardly and almost nonchalantly 'searching' for the wreckage of the aircraft, which is atrocious and ridiculous......Unless they know that they have to give the world this PR exercise knowing full well what actually happened to the aircraft itself!  Here is Greg's report, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The US Navy is Treating the EA 804 Search Like a Joke; Navy Knows Israel Did the Massacre

U.S. Navy LT JG Curtis Calabrese takes notes on board of a U.S. Navy Lockheed P-3C Orion patrol aircraft from Sigonella, Sicily, Sunday, May 22, 2016, searching the area in the Mediterranean Sea where the Egyptair flight 804 en route from Paris to Cairo went missing on May 19 (AP Photo/Salvatore Cavalli) ea804_5.25.16 photo joecool_zpsil8aevll.jpg

From the clouds, I'm guessing the Navy plane above is flying at around 6-7,000 feet. pretending to look for Egypt Air 804. So, shouldn't Joe Cool be using binoculars to search and not try looking like a hipster with his shades?
EgyptAir jet did not show technical problems before takeoff: Sources
Speaking on condition of anonymity, the sources said the plane disappeared without swerving off radar screens after less than a minute of it entering Egyptian airspace. Air traffic controllers from Greece and Egypt have given differing accounts of the plane’s final moments.

An Egyptian forensics official said 23 bags of body parts had been collected, the largest no bigger than the palm of a hand. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official said their size pointed to an explosion, although no trace of explosives had been detected.

There are too few [fault] messages to fit a typical fire, which would normally trigger a cascade of error reports as multiple systems failed, he said, and too many of them to tie in neatly with a single significant explosion.
If the human remains they're 'finding' are no bigger than one's hand, that wasn't a briefcase bomb, but something much bigger that should of been detected by the firm providing 'security' a de Gaulle, the Israeli firm ICTS.

Maybe the world should be asking Israel, who was conducting 'fighter jet war games' in the same area?
Egyptian Media Blame Israel for A320 Passenger Jet Crash
Al-Mesri al-Youm newspaper wrote that in its report of the plane's crash, Greece hasn’t mentioned Israeli warplanes' wargames in the Southern parts of Crete Island which was revealed earlier this month by Tel Aviv, adding that the maneuvers had started one night before the Egyptian plane's crash.

It added that the exercises are staged with the goal of training the Israeli air force pilots using Greece's airspace which is adjacent to Egypt and Libya.

According to the report, Israel started the maneuvers on May 18 and they will last until next January.
Egypt Air MS804 Update: Baffle 'em with Bull$h!t

Very late in mention "satellite telemetry" kills the "official" story dead.

NTS Notes: Yes, Greg and others have from the very beginning stated that Israel has either stolen and kidnapped the aircraft and crew, or that these diabolical criminals were the ones that actually blew the plane out of the sky! 

I did say in my previous report that the idea that the plane was stolen and flown to Israel did cross my mind due to the close proximity of Israel itself to where the plane "disappeared"... For these criminal Jews to steal the aircraft and cloak its radar is well within their capabilities... But the question remains as to WHY these monsters would want the aircraft at all?  Was there someone on board that aircraft that they wanted and kidnapped?

And again we have the big question about the telemetry data from the aircraft that definitely showed that there was nothing amiss just before the aircraft disappeared.. That does show the very strong possibility that the aircraft was indeed hijacked, stolen, and then flown to Israel......But again, for what purpose to the Israelis?

There is so much yet to show about this sad incident... 66 people are now missing and presumed dead.... There were definitely naval exercises and naval war games going on while this plane was flying over the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and that does lead us to the strong possibility of a shoot down by an "errant" missile fired from a naval vessel.... The US Navy's callous approach to the search does indeed show that they indeed know who did the deed and what really happened to the plane and passengers... And knowing the US's subservience to the criminal state of Israel does logically lead us to the idea that Israel is indeed responsible for either the stealing or the shootdown of this aircraft.... 

As more reports do surface that shows what indeed happened to Egyptair flight 804, I will bring them forward here.. Stay tuned..

More to come


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