Monday, March 7, 2016

The Syrian Ceasefire Is A Farce: US Establishing ILLEGAL Airbase Inside Syrian Territory!

I have been watching the so called "ceasefire" in Syria for the last week, and from my own observations, it does appear that the entire "ceasefire" agreement is indeed a farce... The criminals in the US/Israeli/NATO cabal have absolutely no interest of "honoring" the terms of the ceasefire at all, and have indeed been using this respite in the fighting to rush in new arms and men for their fraud terrorist groups.... I do wonder why the Russians and the Syrians even agreed to a "ceasefire" in the first place, when they have had every opportunity to finish off the US/Israel/NATO fraud forces and free Syria entirely?  

But something came to my attention today, and it shows again how the US and Israel are indeed working towards their ultimate "Plan B" scenario for the shattering of Syria into small fiefdoms.... For according to this report from the Global Research website, at, the United States is illegally and against all international laws establishing and building two air bases within Syrian territory right now!  I have that report from Global Research right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves about this latest atrocity, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Breaking: US Establishing Air Force Base inside Syria

“US Experts and Technicians Now Working on the Air Fields”, Establishing Airbases in Rojava

Airstrikes in Syria
The US is allegedly constructing two military airbases in the Syrian Kurdistan [commonly known as Rojava] to boost its presence and military support for the Syrian Kurdish forces.

A military source from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed to BasNews that USA is now establishing two airbases in the Kurdish areas of northeastern Syria which can be used for both military and non-military purposes.

The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, stated that scores of US experts and technicians are now working on the runway of a disused airfield in Rmeilan, Hasaka province of northeastern Syria. “The majority of the work is already completed.”

According to the source, the second airbase will be located in the South-East of Kobani where the construction is underway.

According to satellite imagery previously obtained by the security analysts Stratfor, USA started renovating and expanding a disused airbase near north-eastern borders with Iraq, where is significantly close to the IS major stronghold of Mosul in Iraq.

NTS Notes: This is truly unbelievable and shows the shear audacity of the American criminal government...

The establishment of air bases within the sovereign nation of Syria is not only a violation of all international laws, but because the US has never been invited by the government of Syria to have its forces within Syrian territory, these bases are nothing short than an invasion and an act of war!

THIS criminal act by the United States is a direct provocation of the Syrian government itself, and indeed will not sit lightly with the Russian Federation that unlike the US has been invited into Syria to fight the "terrorists"...

The United States will claim that these "air bases" are for support of the Kurdish forces, but in reality they will definitely now be used to put American aircraft and American soldiers illegally on Syrian soil and for these criminals to support their fraud "ISIS" forces....

Yes, the Greater Israel project is indeed alive and well... I knew that the 'ceasefire' was a farce and that the US would work for their Jewish masters for the eventual breakup of Syria itself... Establishing these illegal air bases in Syrian territory is indeed a stepping stone towards that result....

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