Saturday, March 19, 2016

The REAL REASON For The Syrian "Civil War": Psychotic Hillary Clinton And The Syrian Shoah

I have absolutely been watching the American political circus with some interest this last while... I have long said that the Democratic candidate for the American Presidency, Jewess Hillary "Killary" Rodman Clinton, is a psychotic murdering freak and mentally disturbed psychopath. If this vile creature is selected, by the Jewish criminal elite that run America, to be the country's next President then the nation is doomed and will either force the world into World War III with billions of lives exterminated, or the nation will truly become a despotic police state with Killary as the supreme ruler, ordering the deaths of thousands at her evil whim.....

I also stated in last week's rant that I have had to reluctantly called for the American people to absolutely vote for ANYONE other than Killary... And that means that due to the fraud of the American 'two party system' and no alternative party with force in that nation, then they must vote for the lesser of two evils, meaning Donald Drumpf.......Yes, Donald Drumpf is still under the control of the Jewish power elite, but again there is sadly no other option here for the American people.... It comes down to continuing Jewish domination of their nation under Drumpf or constant war and misery under psychotic Killary!

It is time that I went on the attack against the most vile Killary Clinton, and one article caught my eye today that shows again how truly psychotic this creature is and how she will stop at nothing to support her tribe members in that equally psychotic nation of Isra-Hell.... And this one also shows exactly what I and others have been saying has always been the real reason for the US creating the Syrian "civil war" in the first place....For according to this report, from Jewish writer Gilad Atzmon, through his website; "Gilad Atzmon" at, Hillary Clinton was indeed involved from the very beginning in the creation and running of the Syrian civil war from its horrible beginnings back in 2012!  Here is the link to that important article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  WHY am I not surprised by this report?  Hillary aka "Killary" as criminal Secretary of State has caused mayhem all over the planet with her direct involvement in so many atrocities, and wars of death and destruction around the globe and especially in the Middle East... We cannot forget her direct involvement in the destruction of Libya as well as her infamous involvement in the debacle at Benghazi as the prime example of her evil ways... Therefore no one should be shocked to find out that she also worked to get the nice little "civil war" in Syria off and running for the benefit of her most evil Jewish tribe and henchmen...

Yes, the evils of psychotic Killary Clinton knows no bounds...She has been linked to so many deaths by her running of the "Clinton crime family" in America, and now we see her work in having thousands die as well in the innocent nation of Syria...  And yet we have the American people actually considering this vile creature to be their next President?

And yes, the "Securing the Realm" documents that have been the blueprint for Israeli Hegemony over the Middle East are very real and that psychotic nation has always been wanting to see their criminal little shithole state expand as part of their "Greater Israel" project that would see an Israeli empire from the Nile to the Euphrates Rivers... Syria just happens to be in the way of that expansion and the project has always called for Syria's destruction and breakup into small fiefdoms that the Jews would control and dominate....

It comes down to this... For these upcoming selections for the next US President, there is no choice in the matter... It has to be absolutely ANYONE but Killary!

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