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The Article That Has Caused So Much Controversy In The Alternative Media: John Kaminski's "The Third Rail", And My Own Take....

With the momentary lull in the fighting in Syria (However, News reports already claim "ceasefire" has failed..) and with the attention of the American public so focused in on this being 'Super Tuesday' in the farce of the American Presidential campaigns, I figure I would take a closer look at one major article that has opened up so much controversy in the so called "truth movement".....

Just over a week ago, John Kaminski released a new article at "The Rebel" online site, at www.therebel.is, that has opened up a massive "fire storm" of dissent across the entire "truth movement".... I have looked at that original article and subsequent works by so many writers, and I cannot believe that people have become so petty and argumentative... This "infighting" is exactly what the criminal Jewish elite want, and I can guarantee that right now they are laughing their asses off at the ignorance and stupidity of it all!

Right now, I want to present John Kaminski's  article "The Third Rail" right here for everyone that has not yet been up to speed on this controversy to see it for themselves.... I will have of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Certain hazardous topics require risking our lives if we aspire to be real

I keep running into that phrase. The third rail. Of course it's a metaphor from the subway. You touch the third rail and you electrocute yourself. I have to explain that because the American people have become so dumbed down they might not know what the phrase "third rail" means. It means you touch it and you likely will end your life.
Unfortunately for all of us, the third rail of reality must be touched, or our lives will never be real. Right now our lives are not real because there are so many topics we can't talk about in public, and because we can't talk about them, all the decisions we must make are necessarily based on insufficient data, rendering our lives inauthentic, delusional and at elevated risk for both inadvertent injury and unexpected termination.
The social machinery that has put virtually the entire population into this coma of servile timidity must be short-circuited if any of us are to live authentic lives ever again. If this machinery is not short-circuited, the best we can expect of our radically shortened and polluted future is to be seedpods in a salmon farm for humans with no consciousness and no volition to deviate from the mandatory suicide course that has been prescribed for us by the invisible sadists who manipulate the international corporation that masquerades as our government.
For the past few weeks this mantra of the third rail — don't touch the third rail! — has stalked me like the theme song from a horror movie, which our reality so vividly resembles.
The first time I heard it, it jarred me. I was talking to a friend in Connecticut for the first time in about a decade, and I naturally got around to asking how he felt about the events of Sandy Hook, the much discussed alleged school massacre whose details have elicited skeptical scrutiny from those willing to examine the numerous criticisms.
He mentioned that he and his wife knew some very decent people who lived in Sandy Hook. So I asked him the follow-up question — what do they think happened at that so-called functioning elementary school, when supposedly a boy who may never have existed, a young hermit who nobody knew, who weighed 120 pounds yet carried 80 pounds of weapons and murdered 20 tiny children — first graders! — shooting some of them 10 or 11 times with phenomenal accuracy in a mere ten minutes or so — and then conveniently killed himself?
And yet nobody saw any bodies. There were no emergency helicopters on scene. No one explained who pronounced those children dead, or why no little bodies were seen being carried away. The parents were not allowed to see their dead children (which is something nobody believes! Would you, as a parent, permit that?). And the police said anybody who attempted to question their official version of events would be arrested.
Town officials wouldn't say who cleaned up the blood. Nor would they explain why the school did not appear to be open, a legitimately functioning school. It had no Internet presence, and right before Christmas, it had put up no Christmas decorations.
They held funerals, that's for sure, because people went to them. But the caskets were all closed. And nobody but nobody would explain about the millions of dollars received from both the local government and people contributing to the parents of these murdered children. Or why so many people got free houses on Christmas day.
Or the enigmatic remarks of the strange medical examiner who looked like he was high on crack when he said hoped this event would not come crashing down on the heads of the people who staged this macabre charade.
So I asked my friend what he thought about Sandy Hook.
Lowering his voice so his wife couldn't hear him, he said, "It's the third rail in our house. We can't talk about it." 
And so it seems to go across the entire country. Wolfgang Halbig asked questions that Connecticut officials refused to answer, and Jim Fetzer put together a book that Amazon wouldn't distribute. Yet the American electorate refuses to believe its government could be that evil, despite decades of deceptive events that have left everyone not knowing who to trust.

It's not just a game

The next episode of third rail paranoia hit me during a recent conversation with a friend from Texas, who strongly advised me not to pursue further investigation of common law courts and the notion that our government is illegitimate, that it is in fact a corporation run by the International Monetary Fund, due to a sequence of illegal maneuvers dating from the Civil War, at which time martial law was declared and has never since been rescinded.
The reason for his warning was because over his long life he had watched a long line of well meaning people destroyed when their logical criticisms of government malfeasance resulted in serious damage or sudden death for jeopardizing the deceptive scams our government has foisted on us throughout our lives.
During the recent standoff at an Oregon wildlife refuge, advocates of common law courts sprung up across the Internet, urging everyone to study the major episodes of the great betrayal of American citizens, beginning with the two bills that President Andrew Johnson vetoed after the end of the Civil War, for which he missed being impeached by one single vote.
This series of underhanded efforts included the incorporation of the District of Columbia in 1871, which effectively ended all of our Constitutional protections; the passage of the Federal Reserve, income tax and direct election of senators (allowing international influence to take over our political process) in 1913; and the federal bankruptcy of 1933, when the puppetmasters stole all the gold and sold all American citizens to the IMF.
My Texas friend bade me think about people who have tried to expose the hoax that is our federal and reconsider what happened to them.
Former Congressman George Hansen is the poster child for what happens to well-meaning people who try to blow the whistle on the criminal corruption the U.S. government. In 1980 Hansen published a book titled To Harass Our People: The IRS and Government Abuse of Power. By 1985 he was in jail, and not only in jail, but the first and most famous victim of what came to be known as "diesel therapy", a form of punishment in which he is painfully shackled and then driven indefinitely from one jail to another.
Hansen was eventually exonerated but only after being permanently disfigured by the sadistic treatment he received.
More recently Irwin Schiff died in prison after many years of solitary confinement, punishment for consistently opposing the legality of the IRS.
Then there was Michael Hastings, a Rolling Stone reporter who died in a mysterious car explosion after writing a book about a renegade America general.
More recently we have the assassination epidemic among doctors who have successfully treated cancer patients by unconventional means.
And now we have the members of the Bundy family all expected to receive long prison terms for standing up for what they thought was right, and being smacked down by a government that doesn't really care what they thought, as they don't care what you think either, because America is no longer a Constitutional republic. It is a police state and if you oppose what it tells you to do, you will suffer mightily and have no recourse to the penalties it imposes.
There are many innocent people in federal prison whom you may consult about this.
Common law courts are the third rail. Advocate them at your own risk.

Has Trump touched the third rail?

Much of the nation held its collective breath when billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump started yapping about George Bush's invasion of Iraq and whether he lied or not. Aimed at fellow candidate Jeb Bush (who mercifully has finally dropped out of the race), Trump came very close to saying George Bush had covered up the real story of 9/11.
But just when many people suspected that Trump was going to blow the whistle on the inside job that 9/11 actually was, the casino-owning candidate of the Rothschilds backed off and fell back on that tired old story that the Saudis did it, a contention that has long since been discarded as it is by now common knowledge that Israeli intelligence and the Jews of Wall Street engineered the greatest crime in American history with the help of neocon traitors then (and still) in the White House.
Of course The Donald is not about to say that, because when all is said and done, he's just another Jew shill, just like all the other candidates who bend their knee when Netanyahu comes to town or Soros and Adelson open their wallets.
Still, for awhile there, it looked like Trump was going to latch onto that third rail and reveal one of the great secrets of American history, a secret that by now most Americans know, while everybody inside the government still pretends for public consumption that they don't know.
But there are other public officials who clearly grasped the third rail and wound up dead. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia comes to mind. Lots of stories are circulating about him, and some of them are probably true.
Among notable people who are steering clear of the third rail are the many inhabitants of Harney County, Oregon, who opted not to support the Bundys or the Hammonds being abused by the Bureau of Land Management, and instead keep their jobs instead because most of the jobs in that rural area are county positions, and to go against the government would be to forfeit your job.
I hope they'll be very happy as gagged slaves of the power elite, but this is a widespread phenomenon all across the country and the world, in which people holding government jobs or receiving government benefits will lose them if they choose to oppose what their benefactors demand they say — and think.
Of course, the 9/11 coverup has been the top third rail topic around the world for the past 15 years. The stark fact is that every member of Congress and every public official knows the fix is in and that our own government in league with the top Jew bankers and Israeli intelligence brought the Twin Towers down and blamed it on Muslims in order to conduct a state of permanent war against the Islamic world that Israel wants reduced to the condition of Palestine, a state of permanent rubble.
Already this plan has ruined large parts of the United States. You can thank the Jews for it.
So while Trump feints and postures that he's going to reveal the truth of 9/11, we now know he's going to blame the convenient patsies known as Saudis rather than the actual perpetrators known as Israelis, who dominate the U.S. government and American culture and are intent on destroying both.
Somebody who is much clearer than the prevaricating politicians about the central issue that undermines the political and social health of the world is the musician Roger Waters, who sheds a clear light on why popular music which is dominated by Jewish record producers is absolutely devoid of political content.
Waters, lead guitarist for the iconic band Pink Floyd, first went to play in Israel 2006 and ever since has been a leading voice for exposing the torture of the Palestinians and also why his fellow musicians are terrified about speaking out against Jews. <http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/roger-waters-pink-floyd-israel-boycott-ban-palestine-a6884971.html
As taboo as speaking out about 9/11 is, directing attention toward the world sickness of Jewish control is even more dangerous. Consider what happened to pop superstar Michael Jackson, who was murdered by his own doctor simply for using the word "kike" in one of his songs.
More dangerous than talking about 9/11, Jews or exposing the government as a robotic phantom by the UN and the IMF, might well be this topic which is sure to set off at least half the world in an eruption of outrage and denial. Yes, this just might be the ultimate third rail topic, leading you to be torn apart, like the legendary Orpheus, by a rabid mob of outraged women.

Why women destroy nations

So watch the video and know without doubt that when you do, you will have your hands tightly wrapped around the third rail. How you deal with the realization that women like the idea of their country being destroyed by a rampage of virile men might just determine the viability of our future and the fate of the world.
Women don't care about the welfare of their country or their civilization. They seek to maximize their chances of bearing viable offspring. The feminization of the West has been a disaster.
The damage done to the West might be irreparably damaged. It might not be able to be repaired.
Based just on past history a civilization that embraces feminist values will cease to exist in a very short time. This is why we have never seen a feminist civilization aside from very short spans at the end of great empires.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

NTS Notes: YES, I put up that controversial video about "Why Women Destroy Nations/Civilizations" at this site a week ago (See article here), and I have come under constant fire from so many, especially my female readers, for that posting.. HOWEVER, if anyone takes the time to read my own comments and views on that video at that article, I absolutely have NOT agreed with the video's "findings" as presented... I have long said that the problem is the criminal Jewish tribe, period, end of story.... 

Yes, videos like this one are definitely out there to "poison the well" and to divert so much attention away from what really matters, and especially cohesion in this fight against the Jews..... I would therefore assume that the video was created and injected out there for the sole purpose of attempting to split our efforts... And guess what?  I has done exactly that.....

Right now we have such a serious split in our ranks with so many other fine writers now at odds with John Kaminski.... I have been asked again and again to say where I stand, and I have flatly refused to resort to petty bickering.... I again look at this as exactly what the Jews want.....

OK, everyone asks me once in a while about my views on John Kaminski... First of all, he is not a Jew, period... But he can be as stubborn as everyone else...But he has an intense fire in his personality and his writings, which to me are positives..... I have had no qualms in posting so many of his articles here because they are very important in our efforts....

However, I too had a bit of a falling out with John a while back due to his insistence that I am not a "true fighter" in this movement for my insistence that I stay as a private individual... I tried to explain to John at the time that as a Canadian and with the Satanic Jewish control over this once free nation, if my personal information went out and was wide known, harm could come to myself and my family thanks to the Canadian "thought police".... I made that perfectly clear to John and yet he refused to see it as valid....

Let me make it perfectly clear here.... I again absolutely do NOT agree with the terrible assertions made in that controversial video about women... I stated that YES women are indeed driven by biology due to the facts that they are the child bearers of mankind... That is fact.... But I do NOT see them as the "destroyers of civilizations".... The real destroyers are and always have been the Jewish parasites...... I therefore will again make it crystal clear here that I see that video as just another attempt by the Jewish criminals to split their opposition, and sadly it is at the present time working..... I sure hope that everyone sees it for what it is, dismisses it as pure garbage, and stops this silly infighting.....

And as far as John Kaminski goes.. I will continue to post many of his works here.... I see nothing wrong with so many of his past writings, and I can guarantee that so many in the future will be just as great...... It does appear that John himself definitely hit the "third rail" with this article.....

More to come


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