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The Ankara Bombing Was A False Flag Operation: The False Flag That Failed!

First, I had a bit of a relapse of having a severe cold these last few days.. That and over the last few days as well I have been suffering from a bit of insomnia.... I do believe that it is from being overworked and very run down...My better half has recommended that I take more time for rest and relaxation, and I may yet take her advise...But in the meantime, I have a few articles that I wanted to put up here at this blog to "catch up" on what has been happening around our sick world this last while.... And yes, things are definitely heating up!

Everyone knows by now about that terrible bombing that just occurred in Ankara, Turkey on February 17th... The reports are now of some 20+ Turkish citizens dead with dozens of others injured by the blast..... And right on cue the majority of the Jew spew media outlets around the planet tried to blame Russia and Syria for this "attack"... But again, anyone with common sense can see that there is NO REASONABLE cause or explanation for Russia and/or Syria to carry out such an attack....

The alternative media, including myself, instantly smelled a rat... We all know that the Turkish government under Erdogan is trying desperately to galvanize the public opinion of the Turkish people for any excuses to have their army directly intervene in Syria.... The facts are again that the good guys in that war for Syria, the Syrian government forces and their allies, are now almost certain for victory against the criminal US/Israeli/NATO criminal cabal and are now only days away from defeating the last vestiges of the so called "rebel" forces that are surrounded in the Aleppo pocket... With the fall of Aleppo, the war will be over and Syria will be a major defeat for the cabal....Therefore, and very logically, that criminal cabal and their puppet nation of Turkey have been searching for any excuses to blame the Syrian/Russian alliance.... Therefore logically the timing of this "bombing" in Ankara is too perfect and everyone should be smelling that same rat!

Yes, I am calling this attack in Ankara a "false flag" operation...  And right now I want to turn to a very well presented article that presents evidence that this was indeed a false flag that failed, and gives an excellent summary of what actually happened and what has happened since that attack.... The article comes from the Crimes Of Empire website, at, and is entitled: "Ankara Bombing: The False Flag That Failed" and I have it right here for everyone to read along for themselves... I do, of course, have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Ankara Bombing: the False Flag that Failed.

Army service buses burn after an explosion in Ankara, Turkey, Feb. 17, 2016. Defne Karadeniz—Getty Images
Army service buses burn after an explosion in Ankara, Turkey, Feb. 17, 2016. Defne Karadeniz—Getty Images
Euronews image of bus damaged in the Ankara blast.
Euronews image of bus damaged in the Ankara blast.
Rescuers and bystanders in the immediate aftermath of the Ankara attack.
Rescuers and bystanders in the immediate aftermath of the Ankara attack.

February 20th, 2016.

“After this, we hope our allies will see the YPG as the extension of the terrorist organization PKK. … Those who see an organization that is the enemy of Turkey as friendly will lose Turkey’s friendship.”

Turkish Prime Minster Ahmet Davotoglu. February 18th, 2016. (Source)

the Ankara False Flag Flopped.

In one of the most amazing investigations in human history the Turkish Government managed to wholesale solve the Ankara bombing attack within 24 hours of the blast.

The presumably mangled remnants of the bomber were positively identified, the cell supporting was found and arrested and the evidence was complied in a dossier to be presented to the United Nations as part of an attempt to have the YPG designated as a terrorist organisation. The overall goal was undoubtedly to cause the US to end their alliance with the YPG and rejoin Al Nusra, Isis, Turkey and Saudi Arabia in a war against Russia and Iran over Syria.

Erdoğan says no doubt YPG behind Ankara attack, urges allies to label PYD as terrorist group

The US treats the claims of Turkey with contempt.

Statements from the US State Department make it crystal clear that the Ankara attack failed in it’s objective to cause the US to cut ties with the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia and fall in line with Turkey’s interests in Syria.

State Department Spokesman John Kirby indicated in the briefing of February 18th that the US regards the identity of the Ankara perpetrators as “an open question” showing that the US does not accept the”YPG did it” narrative Turkey has manufactured.

“With respect to the claims of responsibility, we’re in no position to confirm or deny the assertions made by the Turkish Government with respect to responsibility. As far as we know, that’s – as far as we’re concerned, that’s still an open question. And we understand that there’s an investigation ongoing, so I’m not in a position one way or another to ascribe responsibility.”

Daily Press Briefing – February 18, 2016

Further to that, Kirby indicated that the status of the YPG has not changed in the eyes of the US, that “they remain an important ally against the Islamic State group.” The understudy followed this on the 19th with:

“They have been very effective partners on the ground in northern Syria, as part of a broader group of forces fighting in northern Syria, in pushing back ISIL. And we’ve not seen, in our assessment, any inclination for them to do anything else other than take the fight to Daesh.”

Daily Press Briefing – February 19, 2016

So it is over, they have failed again.

US has not yet assigned blame for Turkey attack, White House says

Turkey-US dispute over Syrian Kurdish PYD widens

Turkish Groups Claim of Responsibility Completely Contradicts Government Narrative.

After a silence that lasted several embarrassing days a claim of responsibility for the Ankara attack was made by a Kurdish splinter group named the Kurdestan Freedom Falcons (Teyrênbazê Azadiya Kurdistan‎) or TAK.

TAK claims responsibility for Ankara bombing

This group were last in the news in December 2015 when they were blamed for a mortar attack on an Istanbul airport that left one civilian worker dead and another injured. That attack was itself somewhat odd as there was a dispute as to whether the casualties were caused by a bomb or mortar attack.

Prosecutor’s office denies reports that mortar attack caused İstanbul airport blast

The previous incidents attributed to the TAK date back to 2011 and 2012, two bomb attacks on security forces targets that left two victims dead and several wounded between them.

So it seems highly unlikely that the TAK went from being able to kill one or two soldiers at best to being able to penetrate the major Government zone in Ankara near the parliament and launch such a devastating attack.

Never having heard of them before today I have not had a chance to investigate the TAK but I have previously come across the fact that the PKK were themselves the beneficiary of historical assistance from Turkish intelligence.

Abdullah Ocalan: Is The Famed Kurdish Leader A Double Agent Working For Turkish Intelligence Against His Own Party, The PKK?

Key Contradictions.

The TAK claim directly contradicts the claims made about the attack by the Turkish leadership in several core areas.

Turkey claimed the bomber was a Syrian Kurd named Salih Necar, the TAK claim the bomber was a Turkish native named Abdülbaki Sönmez a 26 year old from the eastern town named Van. (Source)

The claim also contradicts the Turkish claims that the Syrian YPG were involved and removes all the elements of the story that relate to Syria.

The claim is likely a face saving move concocted by an unknown intelligence agency. It is a compromise.

Either the TAK or the Government of Turkey are lying about the authors of the Ankara attack, that is clear.

Turkey should have understood that ISIS are the only currently acceptable all purpose patsy who can safely be blamed for almost any act of violence anywhere. False flags that do not support the core War on Terror Mk.2 narrative are given short shrift.

The Western media were completely bewildered,unsure what brand of propaganda message they were expected to deliver. Several in Australai chose to edit the US/YPG relationship from the story entirely and present to their readers the narrative of the YPG as a Russian and Syrian proxy. The local Murdoch rags printed a story(no byline,no agency even) that edited the core story, the dispute between the US and Turkey over the status of the YPG entirely, and framed the story this way: “(Turkish PM) Davotoglu…warned Russia, which Turkey accuses of backing the YPG that Moscow would be held responsible for future attacks.” etc.

They have completely mischaracterised the YPG, edited from the story the far longer and more extensive US/YPG relationship, which is the core issue, accepted at face value the laughable claim of the Turkish Government and then insinuated that the YPG are a Russian proxy, which is utter crap and anyone who pays any attention at all knows it is simply crap.

Syrian Kurds reject involvement in Ankara blast

The War in Syria is almost over and the carve up is underway.

The infantile nature of these people would be amusing were it not so dangerous, but the US has taken a position and it is that they will let Russia, Syria and Iran win in Syria in return for a pro-US Kurdish autonomous zone in North eastern Syria.

The Saudis and Turks can either try and stage another Neoconservative coup in the United States or they can come to terms with the reality of the situation. Hopefully the latter, but the point is a position has been taken. It is over, it is not happening so they should just accept defeat and try and salvage what they can of their own futures.

Legitimate Concerns?

As far as Turkey’s concerns about a Kurdish statelet on their southern border, these are legitimate concerns, however Turkey long ago voided that card when it cynically chose to support the Syrian jihadists in their criminal attempt to overthrow the Syrian state.

If Turkey valued stability they should not have been trying to destroy Syria with their army of mercenaries and brainwashed fools. Their actions created the vacuum into which the militants seized territory and opened the door to the Kurds of the North to fill the void assisted by the US.

By choosing to support the violent overthrow of Syria, Turkey lost the right to whine about the “wrong people” filling the vacuum they helped create.

Conspiracy Theories.

Stories in the pro “Caliph” Erdogan media suggest that the Government is trying to promote the “Russia and Syria did it ” conspiracy theory and it seems some people in Turkey are actually buying that nonsense.

“Some intelligence sources in Ankara believe the bombing could be an act by Syrian military intelligence, perhaps backed by Russia. After all, the explosion took place very close to the air force command, which could be taken as a message of retribution for Turkey’s Nov. 24 downing of a Russian fighter jet”(Source)

Logic and reality show us that Russia is not seeking a war with Turkey, it is doing the opposite.

If Russia wanted to attack Turkey they would have bombed the Turkish Artillery pieces sitting out in the open in the border region shelling Syria.

Raining Shells: Turkish army fires on Kurdish forces in Syria

Car bombs.

There have been apparent PKK car bombs in recent times, a massive attack in Diyarbakir tore the front off the local police station and left civilians and police dead in January.

Turkey: At least 5 dead, 36 injured in blast at Cinar police department in Diyarbakir

This is a regrettable incident but an attack on a security target (civilians died) in a war zone during a war is a completely different kettle of fish to a massive car bomb deep inside the security zone of the capital, within hundreds of feet of the parliament and military headquarters.

The Diyarbakir bombing was not a major news story in the West, on the contrary it was ignored and the Government of Turkey did not try and utilise the attack for political gain. The atmospheric difference between genuine guerrilla attacks and synthetic terror are stark and represent part of a broad repeating pattern.


We know from a fifty year history of synthetic terror that when a “game changing” event arises at the perfect time and is cynically exploited by people who solve the crime with remarkable speed that it is almost certain that these same people or their cut-outs were responsible for the event that is being exploited to achieve their stated goals.

Russia is not seeking to enter or attack Turkey, merely to defeat the enemies of Syria in Syria. Russia has decided to try and avoid conflict with Turkey. Multiple provocations have been ignored, Turkey’s attempt to end the US/YPG alliance and their repeated requests for the US to choose between they and the Syrian Kurds show how arrogant and deluded the Ankara Government have become.

This was merely another failed provocation and like the steady stream of media lies, can be expected to continue until the war is over.

Russia Defense Report – Feb. 20, 2016: Russian Military Grouping in Syria

NTS Notes: Honestly, from what I have derived from what has happened in Ankara,..This was indeed a false flag that has failed so miserably in trying to lay blame...And the proof is in how the Turks have been forced to change their stories about this attack on an almost daily basis......

What is truly amazing from this 'bombing', and almost laughable if not for the poor victims of this attack, is how Ankara and their masters in Washington and Tel Aviv are strangely at odds with the blame game for this attack.... It does appear that even these criminals cannot get their stories straight....

I am though not in the least bit surprised that Turkey has blamed a "faction" of the Kurdish uprising for this attack.... But of course nobody has even heard of this "TAK" arm of the "PKK" Kurds until now, and I like others suspect that it is just another fake group to take the blame for this failed false flag attack...

One thing that I am not sold on in this article is the statement that Syria will be "carved up" now that this "civil war" is almost over... It was never the intent of the Syrian government to allow their nation to be broken up into minor states as the Jewish criminal elite have always wanted, but to have their nation as a whole.... And with the good guys winning the war, the possibility of a "carving up" of their nation is actually failing.... I therefore am not sold on the notion that the US is "allowing" Russia to finish the job in Syria in exchange for an "autonomous area" in northern Syria that will be controlled by the Kurds....

It is indeed sad that so many people had to die in this latest false flag attack...But again at times some real deaths have to occur in these staged events just to give them an aura of legitimacy....

And one other note... I am still standing behind my assertions made last week that the Turks and Saudis are absolutely NOT about to invade or even attack Syria... The idea that there are some "350,000 troops, 2500 combat aircraft (I originally stated 3500 in a previous report, but that number is just a slight error...) and the ridiculous idea of "20000 tanks" amassed for an "invasion" of Syria is absolutely a MYTH and just more bullshit propaganda from the Jew spew media.....  The simple facts that due to simple logistics these numbers are clearly impossible and therefore the threat of an 'upcoming invasion' is absolutely laughable......

More to come


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