Monday, February 22, 2016

A Sad Day For Everyone: Daryl Bradford Smith Has Closed His "I Am The Witness" Website

One of the best researchers out there, and someone that I have long looked at as a source of inspiration for my own efforts, Daryl Bradford Smith, has decided to end his "I Am The Witness" website..... It is a sad day for everyone indeed...

Daryl has been writing articles over at that website for some 12 years now... But primarily due to the horrific changes in French laws, he has become a target for the French 'thought police' and has been in danger of being arrested for his works over at his website... Therefore he decided that for the safety of himself and his family that he would close his website and call it quits (for the moment I hope) in fighting the Jewish power elite that wants control over our planet.....

Right now, I want to present the following video where Daryl talks with "108Morris108" about his decision to call it quits.. He also discusses with Morris what his views are about what will happen to our world in the not so distant future... I have that video right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I never had the chance to talk to Daryl personally on any of his talk shows or during any of his many interviews over the "truth movement"... However, I have been following his "I Am The Witness" website for well over a decade now and I found the information to be most accurate and very informative....

I do agree with Daryl that there is going to be much upheaval all over the planet very soon.. However, I do hope that the American citizens' rights to obtain and bear arms does not mean that when the time comes that they do not turn their guns on each other... It is my hope that with enough information about the scoundrels responsible for their demise that they turn their guns against THEM!

There is still a chance that sometime in the near future Daryl will resurface and be posting his excellent material again..However with the horrific new "laws" that France has put on its citizens to muzzle any chances of the French people knowing the real truths about the criminal tribe, it is understandable as to why he has closed his website right now to protect himself and his family from harm.....

Thanks Daryl, for all of your efforts... You have definitely been an inspiration for my own efforts, and hopefully many others....You will be missed....

More to come



tmcfall said...

Very sad state of affairs, hopefully he will "resurface". I wish him well!
Tom in Tempe AZ

RickB said...

Very sad day for gentiles. Thank you Daryl for your invaluable service to your fellow man.

NTS, I work with the American public on a regular basis. I see no hope that Americans will ever wake up and become jew-wise. And even if they did, they wouldn't do anything to save themselves for fear of being labeled.... ANTISEMITIC!!!

RickB said...

Thanks for posting this, NTS. I noticed a few days ago that his site was down.

Anonymous said...

That's a real shame. I started following the website around 2005, I think, and watched all the crazy 9/11 things that happened between him, Christopher Bollyn, and Eric Hufschmid. Those were interesting times, but I believe that Daryl was the only one on the level, and came through it fairly unblemished.

With the deaths of Dave McGowan, and Michael Collins Piper, he was one of the few really tenacious truth tellers I really had any time or respect for, that were still standing.

But I understand why he is doing it. We are living in dangerous times. He's done a lot of good work, and maybe deserves a rest, anyway.

Hope he and his family are well, and maybe one day, he will find it safe enough to come back and carry on.

(just wish I had time to make a copy of his website before it went down ...)

All the best

Harvey P.

FC said...

According to Radical Press, because of new French legislation he has been forced to shut it down, see how well the anti boogieman (terror)laws work to protect the Jew Mafia

roninfreedom said...

It is a Very Super Sad Day indeed.

1st William Cooper and his Mystery Babylon series turned my world Rightside up.


Daryl Bradford Smith and thru him I was introduced to Christopher Bollyn(To Me the Best Investigative journalist on the Planet)and Eric Hufschmid.


Thru I am the Witness.
*Listened to the Benjamin Freedman(Jew former Zionist owned Woodbury Soap Company)
Tapes found out in Germany the Jews had it soo well.Also during WW2 hardly any Jews were harmed.Exposed the Kol Nidre oath for what it really was,which is an excuse to break oaths.That reason alone is why I can never totally trust a Jew.Exposed the Balfour Declaration the fraud it really was.That is to Stab Germany in the back.Soo they can steal Palestine.Convinent excuse to get the US envolved.

*Read"The Thirteenth Tribe"by Arthur Koestler(Jew himself) found out the Jews descended from Tomgarmah who's of the fmily line of Japheth NOT Shem.
That the Jews came from Southern Russia between the Caspian Sea and Black Sea Not Palestine.
The true language spoken by the Jews is Yiddish NOT Hebrew.
The Jews descended from the likes of Attila the Hun,Genghis Khan not Abraham,Issac and Jacob.


*I Spend hours listening to the Kay Griggs Talks video,ever since that time I've never looked at the Military Industrial Complex.
Found out all Special Forces and Services,that Homosexuality is way more rampant than we realize and if you want go far in the Military you have to screw fellow soldier to get there.
Those Kay Griggs Talks Tapes anybody whose served needs to listen to those tapes to find out what really goes on behind the scenes in the pentagon intelligence communities.
CIA=Army Intelligance.
After I got done listening to those tapes,The Military is nothing more than joining "The Mafia".

Plus many more including The "Protocals of the Elders of Zion"and I read and study them.Then I just started seeing thru and figuring out how the Rothschilds run things.

Thank You Very Much Daryl Bradford Smith.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know where to download copy of all the ebooks he had diligently provided on the site?
Is there a torrent with all of them?
I just discovered his site was down as I had planned to go and start reading all those books.

Unknown said...

But Daryl where are the "over 50 books" NOW????

Please we need them packaged in a torrent.

Catweasel said...

Paris attacks explained

Stephen Bennett said...

If you watch the youtube above in the comments there is a wayback machine link to the I an the Witness website

Unknown said...

Darryl, Read Eccl 4:2-3, regarding the only actual blessing, in all eternity, per brilliant truth-seeker, Solomon, who possessed more wisdom than, probably, anyone, ever. Also, see Eccl 9:5, Matt 26:38 & John 19:30.

Oh, The Catholic Religion was designed and founded by the very fake Sanhedrin which alone murdered Christ.

Masher1 said...

Way back, 2009 i copied and stored this site to a hard drive. After reading every thing this persona posted and having listened to all the audio he put up i saw the real lie. Daryl Bradford Smith was a construct. A vapor. As far as i can tell no video of him speaking is,or has ever been seen. The photo of him with Bollyn is a composite image. No proof of any of the identity of him has ever been seen. after many years of wondering about this series of questions i eventually deleted everything i had sitting around in connection with this construct. Operatives like him are scum and are a real danger to freedom. If you thought he was cool and was a truth teller you might need to rethink some of what you might think you know about the matter. I like many were sucked into thinking this man was legit and had to be studied. After long and careful study i found the truth about the Witness and they path he walked. Don't mourn, Spit on his memory. It is the only sane thing to do.


Unknown said...

Look on the wayback machine for shot of his web page

Unknown said...

The demise of the white man came when he created the airplane, tanks, and submarines. Why in the world did they create these war machines? They were going to destroy the race that created them. Before these modern machines. The Jews could only get the white man to kill 600,000 in four years of the Civil War. In WW1 they were able to kill 18 million in the same time period. In WW2 they killed 80 million. By 1917 Russia was so destroyed the Jewish revolutionaries were able to overthrow the Russian government and that caused 300 million to be killed and lead to all the other wars. WW1 led to the Jews creating the depression because the roaring twenties were very prosperous and the jews had to artificially create the depression so they could make the sheeple poor and would make them want to go kill for a paycheck. The same thing is occurring right now by the same cabal. The economic conditions we're facing has been created by the Jews and this is crimes against humanity. The whole Jewish investment banking industry should be investigated and bring everything down. The Jews have gotten us into a situation that will make the Great Depression and WW2 look small in comparison. What the white people should do we can't even discuss it. It would not be legal.

Unknown said...

link to download he books and other material

Jewels said...

Thanks Unknown. I've only just come across him and now too late. Can only grab scraps from a few places. If anyone knows of a site to go to, would much appreciate it. He is brilliant

Unknown said...